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   Are you a writer or author who needs inspiration to get that draft or editing done? You've come to the right place. I put inspiring quotes here for writers who need inspiration.  You can copy the images and paste them somewhere to see if you'd like or save them on your computer to make as a screen saver.
*Note: I did not make these images or quotes. All rights go to the makers of these images and quotes. They are not my own.

Writing Quotes



Life Quotes



  1. I LOVE THESE!!! Can I save them, or are they yours?

    1. They aren't mine. I found them all on google images or bing images You can save them to your computer. I know I have They're inspiring. Feel free. :D

    2. Oh, okay. Thanks for telling me. :) They are very inspirational.
      You know what would be cool? If you printed them out and made a little collage of them on some poster board or on your wall. It could be an inspirational corner. lol

    3. Lol, that would be cool. Not sure I can do that with how my walls are, but I will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for the idea. :D

    4. You're welcome! You know what else would be cool? If you wrote down inspirational verses, pasted little pamphlet cuttings, or maybe even little notes from friends or family in a notebook, and made it an inspirational and uplifting notebook! That'd be really cool actually. For if you feel kind of down or hopeless, you could see the nice things people have said to you, uplifting verses from the Bible, or just designs or pictures you like.
      I might do that


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