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This would be Reagan, Peter, Sawyer, and Nicole, along with
some of the town.

Title reveal coming March 31st
Cover reveal coming May 2018

UPDATE: Enjoy the collage one of my lovely beta readers, Anna, made because it is 😍


Reagan is a normal small town girl. She lives a normal boring life and she likes it that way. When her best friend moves back from Idaho to Texas, she's hopeful that things will go back to the way they were before he moved away.

Peter is ecstatic to be back in his hometown for senior year of high school. It will be the first time he's lived with his mom full time since his parents' divorce. He never felt at home in Idaho and is glad to be back in Bent Ridge. But with secrets he's hiding, things won't go back to completely normal.

Their lives change as the government gains power and starts trying to control every detail of life. Underground rebellions come forward and begin to grow. Betrayal makes all things seem lost.

Reagan realizes one thing: Trust no one.

Genre: Speculative/Dystopian/Contemporary
Status: Being edited by me and betas, looking for editor
Projected Publishing date: Summer 2018 *crosses fingers*


Gorgeous Mock Cover by Gray Marie

Pushing people away is what Jess does. The only person she hasn't 
removed from her life is her dad because he won't let her. After events
in her childhood left her traumatized and emotionally distant,
Jess wants nothing more than to hurry out of high school and never look back.
Too bad she's only in junior year. The only time she feels free is when she's running.
She runs track for her school in hopes for a scholarship. 
But then someone new moves to town and won't let Jess push him away.
She's stuck dealing with him and the ever constant panic attacks.
As life seems to come crashing down, Jess comes to realize that maybe she needs help
after all. 

Genre: Contemporary
Status: Editing

From top right to bottom left:
Faye(Fairy), Elwin(Elf), Serene(Siren), Damian(Intuitive), Sterling(Shapeshifter)

More info coming soon.
Just know there's Fairies, Elves, Shape-shifters, Sirens, Intuitives,  and Royalty.
Also epic adventures and gripping plot
Planned to be a five book series.

Genre: Fantasy
Status: First Draft
Theme: Listen to Battlefield by Svrcina

Edge of Survival

More info coming...eventually

Genre: Post-apocalyptic
Status: Planning
Theme: Survival 

Healing: A Short Story.

I entered this on Anna's short story contest. She featured it and I thought I would put it here. Maybe it will help someone out there.  Anxiety can be hard, but it isn't the end of the line. You can work through this with God.  
"With men, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible."

The Pain. It would hold me, bring me to my knees in tears. It wasn't a physical pain. It wasn't completely mental, either. It hurts the heart, breaks the spirit, leaves you feeling crushed, but never truly leaves. It stays. It waits for you to have a good day so it can ambush you.

   When you think you've gotten rid of it, when you think you're safe, it returns with a vengeance. It takes control of you. You become addicted to the pain. Addicted to how you feel. You make it normal. It has a name: Anxiety.

   Depression sets in. Stress moves in. The anxiety grips and shakes you. You're pretty much consumed with pain. It flows completely inside you.

   Now all you have is pain and tears. You let the pain take control and you end up lashing out at others, the ones you care about until you're all alone. But that's what you wanted, right? To be left alone to wallow in your misery?

   It's all gradual, but it happens. You feel no purpose, no point, no hope, hurt, lost, and depressed. You're not at a point of ending it all, nor will you ever be ... but you wonder what your point is.

   Why are you here? What was the plan? Why are you alone?

   But ... you're not alone. There's Someone who's been through it all before you did, and He did it to save you. 

   You know you are loved. You know there is a plan. You know there is a purpose made by an all knowing, all loving God. But the pain is still there. It will take time. It will take healing. But you'll get there. 

   This is why you should always have hope for tomorrow. Another day to get it right. Doesn't mean you will, but every day can be better. He placed you here for a purpose. There is a reason why you are here. Everything will fall into place.

   Look for tomorrow. The fresh page. The new day. You'll find your purpose if you keep pressing on.

I wrote this on a hard day. It was a few days before
Anna announced the contest. God wanted me to enter it.
Though my nerves went crazy with fear at being so vulnerable, I showed my mom the story.
She helped me polish a few word choices, but other than that, this is it. This is what it is. I may post the exact original, as I wrote it all by hand, but for now, it is only for me. 
I was consumed with anxiety, but I don't want to ever get that way again. 
If you suffer from anxiety, you aren't alone. Someone out there loves you. 
I want to shed a light on this. I want to show you that you are so loved. I'm here to talk to in the comments below. 
As always God bless y'all. 

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