Writing Adventures

This would be Reagan, Peter, Sawyer, and Nicole, along with
some of the town.

Truth Seekers (Title subject to name change)
(Cover under construction. For now, enjoy this collage I made.)

Reagan is a normal small town girl. She lives a normal boring life and she likes it that way. When her best friend moves back home to Bent Ridge, Texas from Idaho, she's hopeful that things will go back to the way they were before he moved.

Peter is ecstatic to be back in his home town for senior year of high school. It will be the first time he's lived with his mom full time since his parents' divorce. He never felt at home in Idaho and is glad to be back in Bent Ridge. But with secrets he's hiding, maybe things won't go back to completely normal.

Their lives change forever as the government slowly gains power and starts trying to control every detail of everyone's life. Underground rebellions come forward and begin to grow. Betrayal makes all things seem lost.

Reagan realizes one thing: Trust no one.

Genre: Speculative/Dystopian/Contemporary
Status: Being read by the Alpha
Projected Publishing date: Summer 2018 *crosses fingers*


Pushing people away is what Jess does. The only person she hasn't 
removed from her life is her dad because he won't let her. After events
in her childhood left her traumatized and emotionally distant,
Jess wants nothing more than to hurry out of high school and never look back.
Too bad she's only in junior year. The only time she feels free is when she's running.
She runs track for her school in hopes for a scholarship. 
But then someone new moves to town and won't let Jess push him away.
She's stuck dealing with him and the ever constant panic attacks.
As life seems to come crashing down, Jess comes to realize that maybe she needs help
after all. 

Genre: Contemporary
Status: Editing

From top right to bottom left:
Faye(Fairy), Elwin(Elf), Serene(Siren), Damian(Intuitive), Sterling(Shapeshifter)

More info coming soon.
Just know there's Fairies, Elves, Shape-shifters, Sirens, Intuitives,  and Royalty.
Also epic adventures and gripping plot
Planned to be a five book series.

Genre: Fantasy
Status: First Draft
Theme: Listen to Battlefield by Svrcina

Healing: A Short Story.

I entered this on Anna's short story contest. She featured it and I thought I would put it here. Maybe it will help someone out there.  Anxiety can be hard, but it isn't the end of the line. You can work through this with God.  
"With men, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible."

The Pain. It would hold me, bring me to my knees in tears. It wasn't a physical pain. It wasn't completely mental, either. It hurts the heart, breaks the spirit, leaves you feeling crushed, but never truly leaves. It stays. It waits for you to have a good day so it can ambush you.

   When you think you've gotten rid of it, when you think you're safe, it returns with a vengeance. It takes control of you. You become addicted to the pain. Addicted to how you feel. You make it normal. It has a name: Anxiety.

   Depression sets in. Stress moves in. The anxiety grips and shakes you. You're pretty much consumed with pain. It flows completely inside you.

   Now all you have is pain and tears. You let the pain take control and you end up lashing out at others, the ones you care about, until you're all alone. But that's what you wanted, right? To be left alone to wallow in your misery?

   It's all gradual, but it happens. You feel no purpose, no point, no hope, hurt, lost, and depressed. You're not at a point of ending it all, nor will you ever be ... but you wonder what your point is.

   Why are you here? What was the plan? Why are you alone?

   But ... you're not alone. There's Someone who's been through it all before you did, and He did it to save you. 

   You know you are loved. You know there is a plan. You know there is a purpose made by an all knowing, all loving God. But the pain is still there. It will take time. It will take healing. But you'll get there. 

   This is why you should always have hope for tomorrow. Another day to get it right. Doesn't mean you will, but everyday can be better. He placed you here for a purpose. There is a reason why you are here. Everything will fall into place.

   Look for tomorrow. The fresh page. The new day. You'll find your purpose if you keep pressing on.

I wrote this on a hard day. It was a few days before
Anna announced the contest. God wanted me to enter it.
Though my nerves went crazy with fear at being so vulnerable, I showed my mom the story.
She helped me polish a few word choices, but other than that, this is it. This is what it is. I may post the exact original, as I wrote it all by hand, but for now, it is only for me. 
I was consumed with anxiety, but I don't want to ever get that way again. 
If you suffer from anxiety, you aren't alone. Someone out there loves you. 
I want to shed a light on this. I want to show you that you are 
so loved. I'm here to talk to in the comments below. 
As always God bless y'all. 


  1. FIRST! LOL!!
    I can't wait until you do, I always love hearing about other people's works.

  2. Second! Lol. I'm nervous about doing that. I really have to work on them first. Maybe soon, but probably not. Its working up the nerve to do it. :)

    1. I understand! I wouldn't show any of my work to anyone except for my family and best friend (at the time, but you know), but then one day my best friend let her friend borrow a first draft of a short story I had written, and that friend read it and gave to another friend, who read it and gave it to another friend, and so on. So then when twelve year old me went to my PEP co-op the next Friday, EVERY kid in my WHOLE co-op had read my story!!! And I remember being so angry at my friend and embarrassed, and then everyone started asking me for more stories... so I started writing short stories and mini series and handing out copies at my co-op, then later I self-published my first novella. All in all, I'd say I'm glad my friend shared my works. It did make me realize how much I loved entertaining people! XD

      Man, that was long! Sorry!!

    2. I love comments, so don't worry. Yeah, I'm just very insecure. I don't let my family read my stuff yet. Only I read it. My mom wants to read it and I'm thinking its time for a second opinion anyway. I just get very nervous.

      I think I would have been mad, too, but you're looking at where it brought you and that's important. I think it's amazing you're self-published and I think I might look into that myself. The traditional publishing industry just makes it too hard to for an aspiring author to even enter the field. But, I'll see where God takes me on my adventure.
      Have a blessed day! :)

    3. I meant to say I love long comments. *sigh* I type too fast for my computer. *shakes head* :)

    4. Not to interrupt this string of comments but I totally understand, Ivie! I let very few people read my writing, and only I have read the majority of it, although I'm considering asking my best friend if he would be an alpha reader for me and read it as I write because I think I need another opinion. It's helpful to have a critique partner who will both encourage you but be honest as well. I'd love to read something you've written sometime once you get up that nerve! :) You seem like an awesome person. ;)

      As far as publishing goes, my ultimate goal is to get picked up by either Bethany House Publishers or Tyndale. I'd be happy with a few others but those are my goals. (Yeah, I know it's not very realistic but I can hope, right?!) I mainly want a publisher for the publicity. I think it would be very difficult to get a wide audience by self-publishing, but that's just me. I see many self-published authors becoming popular, so maybe I'll go that route. We'll see!

      And I hope you really meant that you like long comments, because that was long too! hehe. I often type too fast for my computer as well. (Or think too fast for my fingers. It's one or the other! XD)

    5. I tell my family and friends that I'm cool with being an indie author (self-pubbed), but secretly I have hopes of getting my work published by Harper Teen one day.

    6. @Bethany, you're not interrupting. I really don't mind long comments. (Just ask LHE, lol) I don't think your dream is unrealistic. I don't have a certain publisher I hope for yet. I want publicity, too, because of the message I have. Thank you for the encouragement. You seem like an awesome person, too. Once I get the nerve, I'll probably post little excerpts on here. That might take a while, though.
      Having an alpha reader will probably help. I plan on sharing my story with my mom first since she's asked a lot to see it.

      @Gray, I think we all have a dream of being published traditionally. Who knows, maybe they'll see your book and like it and want to publish it. :)

    7. @ Gray, that would be super cool if you could!

      @ Ivie, thank YOU for YOUR encouragement. I would certainly recommend having your mom read it first. Parents often have a good sense of things and can suggest ideas that will improve our stories while still telling us that our work is good. Do you mind sharing just a tiny bit of what your story is about? If not that's totally fine! :) Just curious.

    8. Oh, I don't mind sharing what my story is about. It's about a teen girl named Reagan who enjoys her small town life. The government has been getting increasingly bigger, making life miserable and she realizes she wants to help, thanks to her best friend who just moved back to the town, Peter. (Her best friend is Peter, not the town, lol.)
      I'm making it a trilogy with lots of twists and turns, but I might also make it longer than a trilogy or have a spin off series.
      Anyway, I'm horrible at description and that's really all I can reveal right now.

      God Bless :)

    9. That sounds really interesting, Ivie! What genre would you consider it? Is it your first story? Thank you for sharing! (And your description was just fine!) God bless you as well!

    10. Definitely dystopian. I shared my story of how I started on Writing Wednesday # 1 if you want to check it out, but to sum it up, I've written other things and started on this one three years ago this August. I have more detail on my Wednesday post, though. :)

    11. I'll check that post out, thanks. :)

  3. THIS IS AWESOME. I love the simplicity of the cover and the story line seems SO GOOD! I would definitely read this book. <3

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure if this is how I'll keep the cover. For now, this is what I have in mind. I'm excited to get further. I have the first draft and outline. My mom's going to be my alpha reader this summer. So for now, I'm working on Book Two. :)

    2. Good luck on it all and God bless you on all your work! Keep us updated <3 I'm highly interested in it :)
      Right now I'm having two people Alpha reading my book that is progress, which is an interesting thing. I guess it helps keep me motivated and gives me a lot of wonderful advice. Initially it was really hard opening up my work to others but it's definitely paying off!

    3. Oh I get it. I wouldn't let my mom read it and probably still wouldn't have if she hadn't helped me with a couple of blog posts
      (editing, proofreading) and I realized then that the wall I was hitting with my writing could be climbed if I let her help me.

      It is very hard to let anyone see my writing. I'll have to have her do it when I'm not in the room. XD

    4. Haha that's literally me! XD
      But seriously be proud of your work <3 not only is it you, you also put a lot of work into it. :)

    5. Thank you. It has been a long time coming with this book.
      Your work sounds lovely, too!

  4. WOW! That cover!!! XD <3 I can't wait to read this!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, I love it already! lol
    I just made the perfect cover and used a picture from Pintrest.....but then I remembered—copyright. It's so sad, because the picture was perfect and everything. I'm trying to look for sites to help me make a cover. I may have found one, but I'm not sure if it would work...the struggle is real. *heavy sigh*
    You're synopsis is amazing. i want to read it so badly. Everyone's so creative. It's crazy.
    God bless. <3

    1. Thank you! I used a website called piZap. It's free, for the most part. I just used the free stuff. I'm not going to buy something when I'm not serious about a book cover yet.

      I just grabbed a picture from google images. I don't think this will be the official book cover, though. Yes, the struggle is real. I had a hard time finding a website, but this one is nice. And if you buy the full version, I don't think it was that expensive, but I might be wrong. I just use the free parts, lol.

    2. You're very welcome. :) Hmm, I need to check it out. You're right about not buying one until you're serious. I guess designing a cover is a last step kind of thing. I mean, the more you write in the story, the more of an imagination you get from it. Sometimes that helps when you are trying to come up with more of a vivid picture. I dunno. lol
      That's neat. Freebies are the best. *cackle* Thanks for the recommendation. :) I'll check it out. <3

    3. Your welcome. The stuff that costs money will say pro on it or if you click it, it will ask you to pay, so there really shouldn't be a problem even if you confidentially click one.

      Sometimes visual helps people get more into their story. While I didn't need a visual, I really wanted to make one, so I did. It can be fun. There is a lot of stuff on there for free, so there is a lot of options.

    4. Ok, that sounds easy enough. :)

      Making covers and copyright don't exactly agree with me, so this will be good. Lol Thanks for your help. <3

    5. No problem. Hopefully you're able to make a cover you like. I've made a couple covers. I thought about putting the one for the second book on here, but it would give too much away about the first book, so I can't do that.
      Eventually, I'll be able to, lol. :)

    6. Hopefully.....*sob*
      Ohhhh, the anticipation you throw upon my soul!!! *flail* I know, drama....but who doesn't like a good ol' dose of...annoyance? Lol
      Good for you, girl. Hey, the world's waiting, friend! JK, tho really, I love your posts. Keep up the good work, and I hope to learn more about your secret writings *rubs hands together and stops, remembering that I don't want to sound evil* Lol
      God bless!

    7. You are so sweet! I will definitely put more up here soon. Maybe I'll talk about my other ideas. Who knows? (Well, God knows.)
      God bless you, too!

    8. Thanks! <3 No pressure....I can be...pushy sometimes. Lol I don't mean to be. It just...happens. Yeah, Lol. God knows.

  6. Just saw this! I LOVE the cover!! Are you going to keep it or is it a mock cover? (either way it's epic).

    1. Mock cover. I'm hoping to do something with people in the cover. But if all else fails, this might be the one. For now, it's a mock cover. Thank you, though. I wasn't sure if I liked it, but a lot of y'all were saying you did. Y'all make me :)

  7. "Depression sets in. Stress moves in. The anxiety grips and shakes you. You're pretty much consumed with pain. It flows completely inside you." —Only, the pain turns suicidal. I hate waking up and feeling so happy and full of value, but then all of my happiness turns into pain and thoughts of suicide. I'm so messed up inside; I'm tearing myself to pieces. The thing is, I know God, and I know I could never leave it all behind, but I can't stop thinking about the possibility. The anxiety is killing me.

    1. You've already taken the bravest step in admitting it. I'm sorry you're feeling so hurt. Life can be a struggle and while I can't say I was ever suicidal, I can say I wondered why I was here, what life would be like without me. I wondered if I had a purpose. I want you to know you are so loved and there are people in this world who need your impact. There are people who need you. Anxiety is a hard thing and I've lately been struggling with it once again. I know some of how you feel. Don't let these thoughts consume you. You have a purpose, an amazing one at that.

      I wish I could make things better for you. If you ever need to talk, feel free to drop a comment anywhere. I will see it. <3
      Do you mind if I pray for you? <3

    2. Thank you for all your encouragement and kindness. It means so much. <3

      I know I have something big ahead and that God has plans for me, but I'm just afraid that I'll let go. It seems like I'm fine, but then it all crashes over me like a wave. Then, it feels like I'm drowning in my own depression. I hate it; I hate it so much. The worst is that I finally come to knowing my value and my place in life, but then I'm ambushed. I'm trying to think of Romans 12:2 that talks about being transformed by the renewal of your mind. It helps so much.
      I know that every day is a chance to make it right and not to be consumed by the depression, but that'll take surrender. I have to give all of me, and that healing will come by and by. I just need to take that step forward.

      You already are making things better. ;) I'm sure you'll see me every now and then, and thank you for taking the time to talk to me. It means a lot.
      No, it would mean the world to me if you prayed. Thank you so, so much. <3

    3. I want to help in anyway I can. Never give up. You are so much stronger than depression and it can be hard. I know how it feels to be fine and then not be fine. It makes things harder and sometimes, it brings you down more because you thought everything was okay. But you're right about Romans 12:2. I think the best thing is to continually seek God and pray to Him whenever you feel down. Immerse yourself in the Word and it will transform you. It helped me tremendously last year when the anxiety had become too much.

      And everyday is a new page in the book of your life. If it help, whenever you feel down, come here. Even if you don't talk about it, maybe just reading something and distracting.

      I've already been praying for you because I know there's so much ahead of you. Life is a hard thing and when we look at the condition of the world right now, it can be discouraging, but Jesus has overcome all of this. And I know you'll overcome this, too.

      Whenever you feel like you need someone to talk to, please feel free to come here. Even if I don't get back to you right away, I usually check the comments at least once a day and I'll reply.

      Just remember you are loved and there is so much out there for you. <3

    4. Your prayers would help. I hate smiling at someone just because I know that I'll break down if I don't. I hate saying that everything's alright when it isn't. I just want all these feelings and thoughts to leave. You're right, I just want to feel alive again so much that once it comes, I feel like it'll be here for good. Then when it doesn't go on the way I thought, I get so crushed.

      Seeking God is my only answer. It's all I want. I just feel so unworthy. I don't deserve his love, and I don't deserve his grace. He gave everything and all I can focus on is myself; It's not right. I feel so selfish. I don't want to disappoint him. I feel like every time I sink into depression, he's disappointed in me. I want all he can give me, and I know that if I just give my all to him, he'll give me all he is.

      I want to fill those pages. I don't want to end the story when there's so much more. I really don't. Thank you, and I'll come around. It does help to distract myself when I feel this way.

      Thank you for caring like you are and taking the time to pray for me. I really, really appreciate you doing what you're doing. it means so much. <3 It gives me strength to walk onward knowing that Jesus has already won this battle inside me. That he died for ME when in this time I have nothing to give.

      Thank you again for talking like this to me, and I'll make sure to come around. Don't feel like you have to answer right away or anything. I'm just thankful for you taking the time to talk to me when It might be an inconvenience.
      I'm looking forward to what's ahead. ;)

    5. I understand. Last year around this time, I hid the fact that I wasn't okay. And when I finally turned everything to God, it was slow and steady, but the peace came. And it was so fulfilling.

      God isn't disappointed. Though its hard right now, this moment is somewhat of a test. He wants you to give your all to Him. It is extremely hard when we want to just take control. Its not easy, despite all that He's done. (Trust me, its just as hard for me, too.)You are not selfish for these feelings. You are human and you are strong. :)

      Its not an inconvenience at all to talk to you! Don't feel that way. You are always welcome to comment and its never a bother. I love comments and I love helping people when I can. If talking helps you, by all means comment away! :)

      I'm glad its helping. I just know there's something more for you around the corner. I will continue praying for you. You will get through this. <3 You're already being strong by talking about it. <3

    6. Sometimes it just gets to be too much, but I'm going to be okay. I'm going to surrender and I know he'll keep his promise and give me all he is. I'm looking forward to that peace. :)

      " But ... you're not alone. There's Someone who's been through it all before you did, and He did it to save you. " —Just to think that he went through all he did for ME is so hard to comprehend. It's so amazing. I can't repay him, but he still cares and he'll never stop. I don't want to neglect him anymore. I don't want to ignore him. I want all he is and I want to surrender completely.

      Thank you so much, Ivie for being here and for all you've done for me. <3 I'll pray for you as well. Sometimes I don't have much hope for tomorrow, but if God is with me how can I fall? <3

    7. The fact that I'm alive means that there was something so real and so loving that held me back from ending it all. There's no room for the doubt or the thought of God not being there. The peace he gives IS fulfilling and it's so loving. There's nothing else that feels that way.

      I want all of him and I want to give him all of me. I don't want to live every day wishing I was dead. I want to live my life to its fullest; not for me, but for God. I don't want to take control; with me, nothing's possible, but with God, all things are possible. I pray for his strength to move forward when it seems impossible.

      Thank you again for what you've been doing for me. <3 Your encouragement and prayers mean so much! ;)

    8. You have a purpose and it's amazing. You'll be in disbelief when you see it. The love Jesus has for each of us is astounding and He loves us unconditionally. Just stay strong. It will get better with every step forward. Some days, you'll feel like you're going backwards, but sometimes to climb a mountain, we have to go down a little and find a new path.

      I will keep praying for peace over you and I thank you for the prayers you say for me. Living life for Jesus is the only way to be fulfilled. He cares and has only the best for you.

      Find one thing you love to do and focus on that in every day if it brings you peace. I don't know if you're a writer, but maybe you can write about your feelings. It might help bring closure. Just remember to combat any lie you tell yourself with truth.

      You are loved. 💛💛

    9. I’m trying to stay strong and move forward when I feel like I’m going backwards. Sometimes life just gets so overwhelming and everything jabs me at once, but with God’s strength, I can push through that no matter how hard it might get.
      “sometimes to climb a mountain, we have to go down a little and find a new path.” —This hit me really hard. It’s so true. It feels like you’re going backwards when really, that’s the only way to go back up. It’s kind of like when a trail is covered in roots and rocks; we decide to turn around. It feels like we’re giving up, but that’s the only way to find a new path to take.

      Thank you so much! I want that peace very much. You’re welcome. ;) I’ll continue to pray for you as well. I believe that with all I am. He’s the only way to truly live.

      I think writing about my feelings would be a great idea. I do write a good bit, but haven’t been doing it lately. I’m sure it will help distract myself from all those feelings. I’ll remember that. <3

      Thank you, and the same to you. <3

    10. Some days will feel backwards. That was today for me. But, the important thing is to find one thing that made you smile in that day. You will get through this. You have been in my prayers and I know He has so much more for you.

      Writing is a great release for emotions.

      What you experience now will help you guide someone else going through something just as hard and also help you to help them keep going. <3 You are so needed in this world. Just remember that. :)

  8. Oh my gosh, the bottom right picture you used in your collage for Guardians is the same picture I used for my main character in my Beauty and The Beast retelling, The Rose Dagger! How funny is that?

    Thank you for writing that piece about anxiety. I have severe anxiety and have had it ever since I can remember. I don't have panic attacks too often, but there's still something to be said about how it's always there, like a voice inside your head that you can't escape. Thank you for being vulnerable and allowing others the chance to see what it can be like during the darkest and lowest points with anxiety. It's a constant battle, but when we spread the word, have faith in God, and believe that this is something we can conquer, it's possible to live freely. <3 <3 <3

    1. Really? That's awesome! That's my character, Sterling. He's a shape-shifter, but shhh. XD He's not a main character...yet. ;)

      Thank you for taking the time to read it. I wrote it awhile back during a very low point. Two days later, I was better and a friend was doing a short story contest and I knew God was telling me to enter. It is hard and honestly, I've had panic attacks, but they were in my sleep. I would wake up because I wasn't breathing. It had been a while since that has happened. God is good and He has healed me. Though I do fall back sometimes, He is always there to pick me back up. <3

    2. Haha, you're thinking the bottom left guy. I meant the bottom right girl with the long brown hair. That's my main character in my novella. Her name is Bella Rose. ;)

      I'm so sorry that you had panic attacks while you were asleep; that's really scary. I'm glad you're doing better now. Yes, God is so good and will always help us through those dark times! He loves you, Ivie; never forget that.

    3. Oh, whoops. I guess I'm terrible at directions. (No, I am terrible. There is no guessing. I would get lost very easily. XD)

      That would be Serene. She's a Siren. (There will be more to come about her, too.) XD

      It has gotten so much better, all because of God. I'm one of those stubborn people who want to fix their own problems, but God gets all the credit with that one. :)
      (Really, He gets credit for EVERYTHING)

      Thank you, I won't forget. Don't forget that He loves you, too!!

    4. Haha, I'm not very good with directions either.

      Ooh, sounds fascinating!

      Yes, God will always get the glory! He's got us right where he wants us and He will always take care of us.

      Thank you, Ivie! I won't forget.


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