#Rebellious Writing

   #Rebellious Writing is a movement started by Gray over at graymariewrites.blogspot.com. A rebellious writer is one who will refuse to put in bad behavior in books unless it's to show the consequence of the behavior. In other words, the main character won't be doing bad things without the consequences to their action. If you are a rebellious writer, you will show consequence to actions and you won't be putting smut in your books unless to show the bad that comes with it.

   #Rebellious Reader is someone who loves to read books, but doesn't like the main character doing things that are wrong and getting away with it. So, if you're a rebellious reader, you can read books that are clean. You can recommend clean books to others.

   Together, we can be the change. We are the next generation of writers and readers so let's show the world that we don't want all the things they call normal.


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