My Mission

  I want to inspire
To make you think about life
To ponder your purpose.
To cause you to dream.
To believe.

I want to inspire free thought.
I want everyone to form their own opinions without the media.
Without worrying about what other people think.
To research the facts.
To know the truth.
To find light.

For writers, I want  you to dream.
To be inspired to chase that novel.
That short story
That poem.
I want you to find peace with your writing.

For believers, I want to inspire your faith.
To help you find God.
To see Him in what I write.
To encourage you in your walk with Jesus.

For non-believers, I want to make you think.
To know there's more out there.
But I don't want to push my opinions on you.
I want to have respectful conversation.
Understanding of viewpoints.
To inspire you to chase your purpose.

I want to help people know they are loved and needed. 
I want to show people kindness and generosity.
I want to show people that not all is lost on the younger generation. 
We still have potential.

I want to inspire you to take the road less traveled.
To show you college isn't the only option after high school.
To help you succeed the standard set for you.
 To show you that you're more than what society says.
Than what the bully says.
Than what the enemy or school says.

I want to fulfill my purpose in helping you achieve your dreams.
I can't guarantee you will or that your goals won't shift.
But  I can encourage you to try your best.
I can inspire you to do what you love.

We are young.
We are brave.
We are strong.
We are independent.
We are intelligent.
We are dreamers.
We are believers.
We are seekers.
We are what we are made to be. 

What God made us to be. 

©Ivie Brooks 2017-2018
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