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by - January 30, 2019

*letter spacing in title idea by Gray Marie over at Sunshine and Joy. I liked how it looked because it was aesthetically pleasing to me. thank you, Gray, for the idea!


still busy. still learning. still growing. that is life. i will always be growing and learning and changing. there will always be something else to find, to discover. but something that i've discovered, and maybe i'll do a separate post on, is that a lot of people want to know if i'll be going to college.

i'm going to be 20 years old soon and they all keep asking this question as if i might have forgotten an important detail to life. but i haven't. i've chosen not to go, not to do something i won't enjoy. i loved school and structure and learning. but... it isn't something i want to continue. i'm learning by living life.

another thing is how some of my bosses (really just two of them) were talking about how i'm getting a taste of what "humanity is like." they know i was homeschooled and seem to think i'm oblivious to what life is like outside of the home. I WASN'T LOCKED IN  A FRICKIN BASEMENT. i did my school in my room and at the kitchen table and sometimes outside. i went to the grocery store and to the zoo and to other places outside of the home. in fact, i had MORE time to go places.


haha, i didn't mean to rant peep. sorry.

and the all caps isn't me yelling. since i'm trying something i've seen other bloggers do, keeping everything in lower case, i needed to emphasize my passion about this topic.

being homeschooled does not mean i was stuck home all day, nor does it mean i was locked in a basement. it doesn't mean i couldn't go outside. i had more opportunity to go other places. i did school in a structured way. i didn't skip out on doing school. my mom was always making sure we did what we needed to do.

can we stop the stereotypes about homeschoolers?


haha, yeah, as if there's really anything to put here. i am discontinuing runaways for multiple reasons. 1. it gives away too much about uprising. i will definitely be using the idea, though, so don't worry. if i find a way to return to it without too many spoilers, i definitely will. as of now, the first part is back in drafts and it is not currently a project with my focus.

i had a goal for uprising this month, a goal i horribly failed. but you know what? that's okay. i'm okay with it. i will do better next month, set smaller, more attainable goals.

i started a pinterest, which is definitely fun, especially making boards for my books. uprising has a board and it is pretty awesome, even if i am saying so myself. also, how do you put boards in your posts? i couldn't figure it out, so if anyone knows, leave a comment or email me please and thank you. i do appreciate it.

i am trying to get a better mindset for uprising. sometimes i feel kind of down about it, but that's going to change.


you can find my pinterest here.

this is where all the aesthetics are, though i'm working on making things more pleasing to the eye. i had a business account for a little bit, but i was kind of annoyed with the marketing stuff that kept popping up, so for now i have a regular account, but that'll probably change in the future when i get the hang of pinterent a little more.

that's about it for today.

i've seen a lot of people blog with lowercase letters, but tell me if you find it cool or annoying. seriously, i need feedback because i'm not sure how i feel about it. grammarly sure isn't happy with me right now, but tell me what you think.

until next time, my friends.

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  1. Oh, I so agree about life - homeschoolers, I believe, understand life and humanity better than most people ;) I'd love to see you write a post on college! I've pretty much decided not to go to college /for now/.

    No caps and small letters look neat for poetry, but after that it's kinda a preference thing. In my opinion I like things neat and organized, not messy. Professional < trashy. But it's not that annoying - I mean it's your blog, your space ;D And I'll keep reading your stuff no matter how you format it (I think hahhahaha).


    1. Yeah, you're right. If I do poetry or prose, maybe I'll leave the caps out, but I think I want to go back to proper writing. It kind of bugs me now. xD I was feeling poetic when I was writing this. *shakes head at self*

      I want to do a post on college so bad! That might be my next post, honestly, because I have a lot to say about it. The debt, the time, the worthless degrees. (Not all degrees are worthless, but you know what I mean.)

  2. "I WASNT LOCKED IN THE BASEMENT" Ha, yes!! Sometimes that seems to be what people think... Like, um, NO.

    I decided not to go to college as well, though mostly because I got a decent job right after graduating.

    Personally, the lack of "proper" capitalization distracts me a bit, and I'm so used to all caps meaning "shouting" that it throws me off a bit. I could get used to it, and have it turn into "Ivie's style" but for the first few posts it'll probably confuse me a bit.

    1. YES! I'm so tired of hearing it.

      That's awesome and kind of the same thing for me, but I decided no college before I graduated.

      Yeah, I'm not liking it much now. I think if I do poetry or prose, I'll use the no caps rule, but I'm going back to regular formatting, don't worry. :D

  3. Okay, so first off, your pinterest is so pretty! Mine is super not-aesthetic--I have almost 5,000 pins and most of them are memes xD But I'm working on that.

    Personally, I've never really been a fan of the all-lowercase stuff--I'm a super trigger-happy grammar policeman. But if you like it, go with it xD

    (And I could not agree more about the homeschooler stereotypes...)

  4. https://www.theedublogger.com/how-to-embed-pinterest-boards-and-pins-on-your-blog-2/

    1. also you really need to see this https://www.goodreads.com/user_status/show/207104222?comment=188942098#comment_188942098

    2. THANK YOU!!!

      And when I followed the GR link, I was like, "Uh oh, what's being said about me now?" XD So glad it was a HTTYD related post. <3

  5. Oh my word, I FEEL you on the whole college business. Oi, I'm not going to college currently and if I have my way I will never go to college, and I am getting soooo tired of having to explain my reasons to every flipping person and having them tell me that I still need to go to college anyway *smacks head into a wall* I'm not very keen on wracking up a huge debt, okay? Annnnddd, we're moving on because I don't want to start ranting now.

    Yes! I saw that you started a Pinterest *grins* you are so right, it's so much fun to make boards for you books, though I am probably guilty of spending TOO much time creating such boards. And I may have one too many of those boards too but who's keeping count? ;D


    1. SAME to everything you said times a 100000%


      I love making boards, but I am spending waaaaayy too much time on there now. XD

  6. OKAY YES TO ALL THAT YOU SAID ABOUT HOMESCHOOLERS. People are always surprised to find that I'm "pretty normal" (whatever that means...). I don't think they realize that homeschooling has been around way longer than "traditional" schools.
    Pinterest is fabulous for finding writing inspiration! I'll definitely check out your writing boards. :)
    Lowercase letters in posts don't really bother me. I usually do my poetry in lowercase letters, so I stay away from using them exclusively in blog posts (but of course it's up to the blogger).

    1. YES. Thank you! preach it!

      I love it. Yeah, I think I'll save it for the aesthetic poetry or prose that might be in the future instead of doing it on normal posts like this.

  7. Oof, I know how you feel on college and homeschooler stereotyping!

    Actually a few nights ago a guy asked me how I thought I was going to fair in "the real world" since I'm homeschooled, his friend was standing next to him and he turned to him and said "Dude, I was homeschooled."

    Funniest thing ever.😂

    Best of luck on Uprising, the board is hyping me up so much, it looks EPIC.

    1. Yes. It's so annoying!

      Oh my gosh, that's the best! I'd be like, "Well, I wasn't stuck in the same building all day, everyday, and I got to go do things besides school, so I don't know, I think I'll be fine." XD

      That' is the best!

      Haha, thank you! I'm excited now that I FINALLY have visuals for it.


    Personally, I much prefer proper capitalization. I can see how it's aesthetic, in a sense, but I can't help but be a little annoyed by it... Don't let that stop you from settling into that format if that's what you want, though! It absolutely would NOT stop me from reading and adoring your posts. <3

    Lovely post! I MUST check out your boards! <3

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. <3 <3 <3

      Yeah, I've changed my mind on this. I was in one of my "poetic moods" and thought it would be a great idea but no, it wasn't. XD XD I'll save it for any poetry that may be in my future.

      <3 <3

  9. YES YES YES about homeschoolers! I get that a lot at work too and it bugs the heck out of me. <3 <3

    1. YES! My bosses all ask so many questions and my main boss implies that I don't know what civilization is, as if this job is my first time getting out into the world. It's so ridiculous. But, they've also talked about how articulate and well-mannered I am, so I just don't know. XD

  10. Omygosh the homeschool stereotypes—people are always asking me whether I have a life. XD I don't think most people realize that homeschoolers get the advantage of observing the "real world" from a distance before getting dunked into it. XD
    As for college, it's really optional now, especially since people don't NEED a degree to go into an indie business. I'm personally going to college because I want to pursue something that requires me to have a degree, but college is a waste of money if you choose a career that you end up not using the degree for. :/

    1. Exactly! Yes, I agree with that, too. I think some things should require a degree. (Doctors, Lawyers, people like that.) But some things don't require it. I think it depends. :D

  11. I totally agree with you about college. It kinda makes me uncomfortable to say i'm not going, because then I get a pity look.. :/ Homeschool stereotypes are awful!!


    1. I get those looks all the time, like I don't know what I will do with my life. And you know what? I don't actually know, for sure, what direction my life is going. I know that we are here for more than one purpose. My purpose, right now, is to make people smile at my work, to remind them there is positive hope and good people. To understand how frustrating it is to deal with bad people.

      My other purpose is to write books and inspire with words.

      Another purpose will be to start a business, and some day God wants me to use my words in a public speaking kind of way, which I will do.

      It can be hard to say you're not going to college, but sometimes, college if for people who don't know what else to do, either. And you have a bright future ahead, with or without it. If I recall right, you wanted to act, to write music. So do it. Because you are already great at it. <3

  12. Don't have much time but I want to say that your posts are my favorite.

  13. Yea being homeschooled is awesome! My homeshcool is in the basement of our house but I'm not uncivilized lol!
    I like the look of lower case letters!
    They way I put boards on a post is to make them on Canva.


    1. Okay, that's actually cool to have a whole room for it! I just did it at my desk in my room.


      Oh that's cool! I'll have to remember that!

  14. So I'm brand new here (and to the blogging world XD) but I saw your blog and I like it a lot! I totally agree with the homeschooled thing. My cousins think my day consists of laying around (not true) in my pjs (sometimes true) watching tv and skipping out on school (also not true.) :) I like the lower case letters, although it can be a little distracting. I couldn't ever do it though. My brain is too trained to CAPITALIZE that I simply could not do it any other way :)
    Emily | growingintofriends.com

    1. Welcome to the blogging world and to my blog!

      So true! I know some homeschoolers do that stuff, but I never did. I worked hard (and still have the hardworking value in me today.)

      Yeah, I'll be capitalizing the letters again unless I do poems or something. XD
      Thanks for stopping by! <3

  15. Homeschool: DITTO!!! I'm totally with you on despising the stereotypical label homeschoolers are thrown into. (Now, there are some who DO fit that unfortunately...but certainly not all!) That was the best decision my parents made for me & my younger siblings. We had so much more FREEDOM to learn & DO. I honestly don't know what my grandparents would have done had we not been available to help on the beef cattle farm. We made so many great memories, had incredibly fun outings & field trips, and met other like-minded families (not to mention that's how I met my husband ten years ago---not that I knew it then).

    I totally agree on the college thing as well. I took a year off after graduation to seek out my desires & to pray for God's guidance. That was the best decision for ME. I didn't have a CLUE what I wished to pursue, and my greatest desire was actually to someday get married & care for my family as my mission field (and now I'm doing just that! tho I certainly have SO MUCH TO LEARN). A post in regards to college would be great!! And it might be fun---maybe---to do a collaboration with some other bloggers on the same subject...? *shrugs* I dunno :D So proud of you!

    As to the lowercase format, I agree with Keturah in that it's totally preference. I prefer the standard formatting simply because it's easier for me to read. heheh But I love the different looks of formatting and honestly don't mind it a bit on your lovely blog. :] <3

    1. I know people who fell into that description, but I know there are a whole lot more that are hard working. It was the best thing my parents did for me, too! I'm so happy and I feel like I have the upbringing to face anything in my path. I'm closer to my parents than a lot of people my age.

      I so wanna do a post and collaboration is a great idea! I will definitely let you know more info when I'm ready for that post because I'd love to hear from your perspective. Thank you! <3

      Yeah, I decided I need my proper grammar/spelling and I'll leave the lowercase aesthetics for poetry bloggers. XD But thank you! <3


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