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by - July 11, 2018

I'm not going to lie, I totally considered making the title of this post in all caps, but that would end up killing my "professional" title thing I have going. BUT I CAN GUARANTEE MOST OF THIS POST WILL BE IN CAPS BECAUSE I AM FREAKING EXCITED TO BE PART OF THIS BLOG TOUR!!!!!

I also considered making part of the title "In Which I Fangirl The Whole Time," but y'all know when it comes to these books, I'M FANGIRLING! So, that didn't need an introduction. Anyways...

Y'all when I was reading the ARC for Worlds Beneath, it was literally the only thing that would distract me long enough from the nerves and anxiety I was having during the day of a job interview I had (the first ever job interview I had. Nailed it, by the way.)

That was back in March. Did you know I'm still fangirling about this book? Like, it pops in my head at least once a day, probably.* EVERYONE NEEDS THIS BOOK IN THEIR LIFE!

*Yeah, okay, it doesn't pop in my head once a day, but seriously, I could fangirl about it all day. 

In so many ways, it's like The Blood Race, but in so many ways, Worlds Beneath dives deeper into the emotions of the characters and down to their core. It's so beautiful. Trust me, it will NOT disappoint you.

Anyway, that intro was super long and I have a special interview with the one and only K.A Emmons aka Kate.

I didn't really know who Kate was before I read The Blood Race (TBR) BUT CAN I JUST SAY I'M SO BLESSED TO KNOW WHO SHE IS NOW?!

Kate has been so kind and helpful to me, offering advice and help with the self-publishing industry, as well as encouragement and kindness when I need it. So, let's begin the interview!

Question #1: How did you come up with the plot for Worlds Beneath? Did it flow naturally after The Blood Race, or did it take some time to figure it out?

Kate: It flowed super naturally after The Blood Race. I typically already know what the next book is going to be about and what it will be like by the time I get to the end of the book before it. Actually, I have this quirky mental image that helps me describe the process: it’s kind of like heading down a dark, winding staircase with a flashlight in your hand. You can't see all the steps in front of you, but you see the next, and the next, and finally, you see the end when you’re just about there. That’s what the writing process is like for me. So by the time I reached the end of The Blood Race, it just clicked, like, OH, COOL, that’s what the next book will be like.

Question #2: That's really awesome! I feel like in some ways, that's how sequels come for me. It feels like picking up where you left off and being able to interact with the same characters is always comforting. Speaking of characters... How do your characters come to you? Is it an event or something that triggers the creation of a character in your head?

Kate: Hmm. That’s a great question. I’m wondering the same thing, actually. Jk, although that’s 50% truth, because hindsight is a bit blurry when I look back on how I actually got all of these ideas. This movie came out about Charles Dickens over the winter - The Man Who Invented Christmas, and whether you’re into Dickens or not, oh man, the way they portrayed his character-invention process was hilarious as all get out and quite relatable! Charles pouring over his messy desk, pacing around, grumbling various names, until at last, with a great burst of wind and old gent with a top hat and a cane bursts into existence from thin air, and Charles laughs maniacally and screams with gusto, “Scrooge!”

So sometimes that happens, and that’s great. And other times I’ll hear a name and see a face/personality in my head to match it. Or I’ll see a person and be like “dang, you look like someone I’d invent.” This happened recently at a Starbucks with a barista named Elliot, but I didn’t say it out loud because that probably would have been awkward. And staring down a barista while they prep your macchiato is already awkward enough.

Question #3: Sticking with the character theme, I have to say Hawk is probably one of my favorite characters from the book, so what gave you the idea for Hawk's backstory?

Kate: Hawk’s backstory came so naturally and out of nowhere. I’m glad it is what it is and that it came the way it did, because I feel like there’s a lot of people out there like her, a lot of young women dealing with stuff like that, whether its on the same scale or not. And hey, we all deal with carrying stuff - dragging mistakes around and owning them so hardcore until they become part of who we are; or at least that’s what it feels like. But in reality, no, no, no, we are NOT the things that have happened to us. We are not our pasts. Letting go is hard, but one of the most important things you will ever do.

Question #4: So true. Hawk's journey always seemed so beautiful and inspiring to me and way you wrote it was just so amazing. Speaking of writing, what is your favorite thing about writing?

Kate: HOT DANG, this is a tricky question. Not really: drinking coffee, hands down.

Alright, kidding, kidding. GETTING UP EARLY AND JUST… WRITING. Until I feel refreshed. That’s basically my routine, and coffee does figure in. I typically get up, get comfy with a cup of jo, pray, open the laptop and write for however long I want to until I feel like “mmm, that was good. I put out everything I needed to for now.” And let me tell you, that feels soooo good afterwards. It’s like that great, charged-up post-workout feeling.

Question #5: That post-workout feeling is always so epic! Okay, so because I am such a HUGE FAN of your books, I have to ask... do you have other fiction books planned after your TBR trilogy has concluded?

Kate: Ohhhh, yeeeah. ;) In fact, I think about those projects all the time. There’s some stuff in the works that I am pretty darn excited about. But yes, expect more books from me always, forever, 200% of the time.

Question #6: YAY! I can't wait to see what else you're coming up with and I know it will be EPIC! Sticking with the writing theme, what is your writing routine?

Kate: Short version: what I mentioned a moment ago. But, there is a bit of variation from day to day, depending on what’s going on, and what I feel like.

Some days I will wake up early, go for a run or practice kata (traditional Karate), or do yoga, or anything active. If I’m super pumped up and itching to get moving, sometimes it can be hard to settle down and sit at a desk for hours on end. So first things first, I get these jitters out by doing something active, then I grab some breakfast, water, coffee and boom - time for words.

On a Sunday, I might just say a prayer, drink some hot coffee, and get right to it.

Question #7: That's so cool. Writing first thing in the morning is always so freeing. So, everyone usually has a bit of a routine on how they do things and that all depends on how they function with writing. Are you a plotter, a pantser, or somewhere in between?

Kate: 200% pantser. I never write anything down, I just remember everything and think about it all the time. Sometimes I’ll write a thing or two on a post it and line them up on a piece of cardstock if I want to have a visual of how a sequence of chapters fall, but that’s about it. My sister is quite opposite, being an incredible plotter and writing some KICK-BUTT stories, so needless to say, I believe there is absolutely no right or wrong way to write. Both are awesome talents, and I have mad respect for both extremes and the in-betweens. Do what works for you -  there is no “cool” one. It’s whatever. Write your story, have fun, get after it.

Question #8: Very true! I tried to make myself into a plotter because I thought that's how I was supposed to be, but I've found that I work best writing some things down about the book and then sitting down and getting after it. Speaking of writing books, how long did it take you to write each book? By that, I mean in comparison with each other.

Kate: The Blood Race took about 4/5 months, Worlds Beneath took about a year, and book 3 in the series took 4 months. Each one is like a child; different journey, different experience, different personality. Worlds Beneath was a slow-cooked story that was very therapeutic to write and I enjoyed every moment of it. I learned so much.

I was also writing this book at the time that my husband (then fiance) was away on deployment, so there were definitely full weeks that I needed and took breaks. There’s nothing that will pre-occupy your mind like a loved one being deployed to the other side of the planet for half a year (or longer, for so many others). That’s just another thing about Worlds Beneath that makes it extra special to me though - it helped me through that journey.

That's so cool! Thank you, Kate, for answering all my questions and for giving me the opportunity to participate in the blog tour! This book has become my favorite book (besides the Bible, of course) and I know it will remain to be my favorite series.

Well, y'all, how much more convincing do I need to do for you to read this book? Hopefully not much, but I've come totally prepared. While this was not a requirement of the tour, I took it upon myself to make a collage because I LOVE THIS BOOK, OKAY??

Feast your eyes!!

Honestly, I'm still working on my ability to make collages. The aesthetic queen, Anna, is much better at that. (And I do suggest you check out her blog for amazing aesthetics and beautiful posts.)

My Review of Worlds Beneath:

~Plot~ 10/10
~Characters~ 10/10
~Storytelling~ 10/10
~Prose~ 10/10
~ Romance~ 10/10
~Aesthetics~ 10/10
~Overall~ 10000000/10

Worlds Beneath is one of those books that hits you deep down, making you feel emotions you didn't know you had. While The Blood Race was a book with fresh starts, action-packed beginnings, and struggling characters, Worlds Beneath takes those same characters on a journey of the mind and soul. 

This is a bold thing to do, however, K.A Emmons does it well! Everything felt tangible and real. The emotions were high and the characters were each going through some form of turmoil. I especially loved Fin's character arc. A few of my friends and I even started a hashtag. #FinNeedHugs. 

The journey wasn't all based on emotion, but also courage and strength. I loved this book so much. The wolf symbolism was definitely my favorite. I love wolves and that was another thing that drew me to this book. 

Also, the little peeks into a different perspective, which I won't name here because of spoilers, were brilliantly done.

This book deserves every shiny five-star rating it has, plus a million more. 

If you'd like to see more of my thoughts on this book, check out my Goodreads review. On Goodreads, I have a scale of five points to tie in with their five-star system. On my blog, my scale is ten points, which will explain the slightly different scales for my reviews there in comparison to my reviews here. 



About K.A Emmons:

When she’s not hermiting away in her colorfully-painted home office writing her next science fiction, passionate story-teller and adventurer Kate Emmons is probably on the road for a surf or hiking trip, listening to vinyls, or going for a power run. Emmons’ debut novel The Blood Race is the first book in her YA science fiction/fantasy thriller series. Get connected with Kate on your favorite social platform, and be sure to check out!

 Social Links:
Twitter: @emmonswrites 

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  1. Awesome interview!!! I absolutely loved hearing more about Kate's writing and stories. I CAN'T WAIT TO READ WORLDS BENEATH!!

    1. Thank you! SHE'S SO EPIC!!

      YOU NEED IT!!!!! XD

  2. So I was excited to hear that Kate's a pantster. I'm sort of in the middle but lean slightly towards being a pantster myself. So I love hearing when people who wing things still end up with AMAZING stories and can publish them. :D :D I can't wait to start reading The Blood Race (cause I'm so behind, lol)!!!

    1. It was very encouraging to me, too, because this book is SO AMAZING and written by someone who has a similar process as I do. I do have some plotting tendancies, but when it comes to actually writing, an outline is NOT happening for me. XD I just can't work with one. So it gave me hope. Plus, high school language arts was totally wrong. That's another post, though. XD


  3. Wonderful interview!! Beautifully done!

    Elly Lily

  4. Your excitement for this book is contagious...that interview was AWESOME <3

    1. That is, like, the best compliment EVER! I've never thought my excitement was contagious, so THANK YOU!!


      Thank you!! <3 It was a lot of fun! Kate is SOOOO inspiring!

  5. IVIEEEE :') SO BLESSED RN. Thank you so much for everything you said and for being a part of this journey, my friend!! <3 AND YOUR NEW BLOG DESIGN IS AWESOME!!

    1. THANK YOU!!!! <3 <3

      Thanks for having me!! This was so EPIC!! I can't wait to see where your future as an author leads! I will always be a loyal fan, ready to buy your next book! <3

      THANKS! I'm actually getting ready to change it again, lol. I have some ideas.


  7. Okay I absolutely need this series!
    Great Interview, Ivie!

  8. I really like the covers for these books! Great job on the interview! So would you recommend this book to someone who doesn't read fantasy? Like what kind of book would you say this is?

    1. I would definitely recommend these to someone who doesn't read fantasy, not just because I like these books, but because I'm not really big on fantasy. While many genres are used to describe these books, they don't fall into a niche of any one genre because they have so many fantastic elements to them. So if you're like me and you don't like fantasy or sci-fi, chances are you will still love these. :D

      I hope that helps! If you're still unsure, I know the first nine chapters of The Blood Race are free online. I can provide a link if you want. :)

    2. Here you go! Took me a little bit to find the link. You'll put in your email and the first nine chapters will be sent to you. And you don't worry about security because I know Kate will be very careful and keep your info private. :D

  9. YES, WORLDS BENEATH!!!!!!! I just finished The Blood Race this week and it was great!

    (Also, it turns out I’ll be posting that review during this blog tour.......... *shrugs*)

    Anyways, this was such an awesome interview!! And the book review was encouraging! Overall, this was great. Excellent post, Ivie!

    1. Thanks!!! I'm so glad you loved The Blood Race. (If you think the ending to that one was harsh, just wait. XD XD XD)

      Thank you so much!!!

  10. I have read the book and it was an amazing experience. I agree with the fact that Worlds Beneath takes those same characters on a journey of the mind and soul. Thanks for you review.

  11. I loved this interview!!! Kate is such a good writer, and it shines through even in her interviews! ALSO I CAN'T WAIT FOR HER FUTURE BOOKS EEEPPP


      She is an amazing writer! <3


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