17 Things About Me // Stuff You Didn't Know

by - February 10, 2018

I was tagged by Gray Marie as payback for tagging her in the #MyFirstPostRevisited Tag. Unfortunately for her, I like the idea of this tag. *evil laugh*

Anyway, I'm going to try and come up with seventeen facts that you don't know about me.

Before I begin, yes, I'm aware this is Saturday. I'm doing a bit of a trial run of coming back on Saturdays. Don't get your hopes up just yet, though. I know some of you have said you miss my Saturday posts. I kind of miss them, too. I figured with all the tags piling up in my name, I might as well put them to use.

Now, here's the tag.

1. I used to take ballet. I never did recitals because crowds and I don't mix well. I eventually stopped. Not much to it.

2. I was planning to be a chef for most of my life. Since very young, I wanted to be a chef. I wanted to have my own restaurant and I had my life planned out. I knew what I wanted. Around fourteen, I didn't feel peace with that plan. It was hard to give up my dream and let God put a new dream within me, but I'm okay with it now. I know I want to write for the rest of my life.

3. Instead of watching Disney or Cartoon Network, I preferred to watch the Food Network. This kind of plays into my last fact. I loved watching Rachel Ray and other cooking shows because I thought that being a chef was what I wanted. Maybe that's why I love cartoons so much now.

4. I wasn't a big fan of Toothless until the second movie and finding Race to the Edge on Netflix. I know, crazy fact. We didn't see the first movie until years after it came out. We recorded it on the DVR and the movie was pretty awesome. It was around the time the second movie was coming out and after seeing the first, I wanted to see the second. When we got Netflix, that was one of the first movies we watched. I found Race to the Edge around the same time.

5. I used to be terrified of dogs. You probably wouldn't have guessed it with how much I love dogs.

6. I don't like German Shepards or Pit Bulls. I don't trust them. Especially after a frightening run-in with two full grown German Shepards.

7. I have all nine Sister Grimm books with the original covers. I'm not very fond of the remastered covers. The first set seems to fit better with the story.

8. My favorite cookie is my mom's chocolate chip cookies. They are the best cookies ever. Many have tried to make them and follow the same recipe, but none have been able to make them taste like my mom's. *whispers* My mom is magical.

9. I wear glasses for reading and writing. Well, I'm supposed to. I have glasses, but I often forget to put them on. I'm trying to do better, though.

10. I used to have braces. I actually somewhat miss them.

11. I tried to make healthy pancakes, but they were a flop. Get it? A flop? *crickets*
Okay, that probably wasn't punny of me. 😂 I don't recommend any healthy pancake recipe that is just egg and bananas. Just don't do it. Some things aren't meant to be healthy and that's okay. Eat the real pancakes and feel no shame.

12. My favorite season is autumn. But I like all the seasons for different reasons.

13. I can't eat watermelon because it makes my throat feel weird. The fruit that's ninety percent water gives me a mild reaction. Go figure.

14. I like watching YouTube videos about taking notes. Okay, unless you look it up, don't judge. Nowadays, people use all kinds of markers, colored pens, pencils, shapes, and they do all this interesting stuff to remember things and I want to know where these videos were when I was in high school. A lot of this stuff would have been helpful in science. And here I thought I was cool by using different colored highlighters.

15. Ivie Brooks is my pen name. Some of you know this, some of you might not. I've had people tell me they thought Ivie was my real name. I have a pen name for privacy reasons.

16. My pen name came to me in a dream. Kind of. I'd been pondering different names, Ivy being one of them. Then I had a dream one night and the name Ivy was said. And that's all I remember. I felt like that was God telling me to use that name. This just shows you God is there in the smallest details of our lives, not just the largest.

17. My last name came later. I was using the username Ivie B, which stood for Ivie Blog. Creative, right? Brooks came to me later and I thought it sounded super professional.

I feel like this was boring. I'm not that fun, peeps.
But now it's time for the tagging to ensue. *evil laughter*

I tag:

Faith P.
Faith T. 

Share a random fact in the comments below if you'd like.
Or maybe you have an idea as to why watermelon gives a mild allergic reaction.
As always, God bless y'all.
With love,

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  1. Ooh, yay! Thanks for the tag. XD

    And haha, this was fun! I agree with you about missing braces. I quite honestly miss mine too. Retainers are just so annoying.

    1. Retainers are very annoying. I have the invisalign one and it is mean. XD

      You're welcome!

      Glad I'm not the only one who misses braces. I thought I might be weird. XD

  2. Nooo! Not watermelon! I'm allergic to pineapple for some reason. It makes my mouth itch. Which is awful, because it tastes so good. But I have no idea why I'm allergic to it. :(

    Race to the Edge! That series was so good (until the most recent season, imo). I love the episodes with the twins best. XD Which ones are your favorites?

    D.G. Snapper | silverphoenixwriter.blogspot.com

    1. I love pineapple. I think watermelon tastes awesome, but I can't have it. Same about not knowing why. I have weird allergies. XD

      I LOVE RACE TO THE EDGE SO MUCH!!! I personally like all the seasons. My favorite episodes are probably ones with a bit of Hiccstrid. XD My all time favorite episode is The Longest Day, though. That one was hilarious. XD

      Season six comes February 16th, by the way. :)

    2. Haha! I have weird allergies too. But not watermelon... potatoes, yes. Pineapple, yes. Kiwi, sometimes (which is sad, because I love kiwi, and even have a WIP based on a kiwi...)

      YAAAS!!! Oh, The Longest Day. That was a good episode! Although I think my favorite is either Zippleback Experience (Twins) or Reign of Fireworms (twins)... XD New season!!!!

    3. The twins are the best! I do love the Zippleback Experience. That one was also hilarious. Or Matter of Perspective. Or Snotlout's Angels. Okay, they're pretty much all hilarious.

      Potatoes! That means no fries?! Kiwi is sometimes for me, too.

      I'm super excited for the new season. I'm just sad that it's the last one.

  3. I'm with you on the whole note taking thing. I mean, if I knew note taking meant using colorful pens and little doodles, I might have actually done well in sit-down classes. But NO! You had to make it boring and B&W. No pictures whatesoever. And definitely don't have a pile of colored pens sitting on the table. Nope. Can't have them.

    I'm with you on the whole 'watching food network instead of cartoons' thing too. A lot of people want me to start my own catering business, but that's not happening. I want to continue loving making food and I'm worried that if I started selling my food, it would go away. But I love watching those shows (even though I don't do it much anymore) and I adore cooking.

    AND FALL!!!! It's the bestest season EVER!!!!!

    If you couldn't already tell, I loved reading this post! It was super fun!

    1. Glad I'm not alone. I did well with just sitting down and learning. That was probably my favorite part, lol, but Science and Math did me wrong many times. XD If I would have known that I could take notes in fun ways, I might have actually done a little better in Science. (I would probably still hate it, though. XD)

      A catering business would be cool, but I see what you mean. I thought about starting a baking business and selling baked goods. (Still considering something like that for the future, but not right now.) I don't know if a love of food would go away, but being surrounded by it might get annoying at times, so I see what's you're saying. We don't have cable anymore (Netflix and Hulu for life!), so I don't watch much of the channel now, but I do remember loving to watch it when I was younger. Of course, I know they started broadcasting a lot of things that had nothing to do with cooking and more to do with personal lives. *Shakes head*

      I KNOW!! I love the leaves turning, but I also like summer because I need the sun and winter often doesn't have sun as much.

      Haha, thank you! <3

  4. Loved to read those little facts on you! I don't meet people very often who also like Autumn a lot. It's my favorite too! :)

    1. Thank you! Really? Most people I've met who like fall are online, lol. I just love the colorful leaves and the cozy feeling.

  5. Haha - thanks for the tag! I was just thinking what a neat post this was, and then took a double take at my name! But I really enjoyed getting to know these things about you. :)

    Wait - Sisters Grimm got new covers? *Looks it up* Okay, I see the covers I've always known and then some cheesy "modern-looking" images. Why did they even bother?! The first ones really captured the feel of the story and writing, and these tell me almost nothing about the book.

    And while I don't do it so often any more, I do understand why you enjoy watching videos about how people take notes. It can be so cool to see how people organize their thoughts or how they remember things better!

    I didn't know Ivie Brooks was your pen name! That's neat - and I think you picked really well.

    1. You're welcome! I can't wait to see your post for this. :D

      I know right! I'm not happy about this. The original covers were soooo much better. (I could fangirl about Sisters Grimm all day. XD) I think they did it because he "remastered" the books. XD

      Yeah, I watch them sometimes when I'm bored and actually use some of the ideas to take notes for writing.

      Thank you. My mom came up with the spelling since I like unique spellings. I wanted to have a pen name for privacy reasons, so it all worked out well. XD

  6. I so agree with the note taking thing! I am just now finding the fun in it.

    AND NO WATERMELON, what a sad world xD

    I enjoyed reading this Ivie :)))

    1. I don't know why it's so fun. XD It just is.

      I KNOW!! I wish I could eat it. :p

      Thank you!

  7. That's cool about the ballet, I always wanted to do some sort of dancing, I went to a cheerleading camp once... it didn't work out.

    I wanted to be a lot of things growing up... but chef was never one of them. Actually the main thing I wanted to be was an actress, but since crowds and I don't mix I decided to go for a way I could tell a story without having to do in front of a lot of people.

    That's so sad about being scared of German Shepherds, I have a pet German Shepherd and she is seriously the sweetest thing in the world (until the UPS guy drives past our house), but I understand what you mean. They can be pretty scary (I'm not speaking from personal experience but by how our guests react when they come over to our house ;P) we don't even leave our alarm on during the day anymore because her bark is loud enough to shake the windows and set it off (go figure)

    And duh, there is no cookie better than chocolate chip cookie :P

    I had to wear glasses for a short time whilst reading because I had an astigmatism which meant that I was both far sighted and near sighted in one eye so when I would try to read my eye would hop all over the page. I eventually outgrew it and now my vision is practically 20/20 though everyone keeps saying that I'll need glasses since just about every adult in my family wears glasses (even the people not related by blood) but I'm almost eighteen and still going strong so *thumbs up*

    I can't believe that you actually miss your braces?? I don't think I will when I get these doggies off, at least I didn't when I got rid of my first round of braces. They're a pain in the teeth.

    That's so sad about you not being able to east watermellon, and I don't really watch youtube that much.

    My pen name is my middle name and I got the last part in it by looking at how people in the Medieval Ages got their surnames.

    Random fact about me... I can be a little wordy sometimes (in case y'all couldn't already guess that ;P) also I talk LOUD, or at least my mother often complains I do, because when I speak I pull from the diaphragm which gives me extra power.

    1. I'm sorry that didn't work out. It's still cool you tried, though. :)

      I always thought I would be a chef, so it was hard to let go of the dream, but I am happier with figuring out what's next...sometimes. Sometimes I get discouraged about it. It's a daily struggle.

      I've had bad experiences. I know there are nice German shepards, but I still get nervous around them.

      Haha, I know, right?

      I have astigmatism in my left eye, I believe. Some days are better than others with my eyes. Sometimes they decide not to focus and other times they're fine. (I have to get my eyes checked soon, lol.)

      My orthodonstist was awesome. There's things I miss and there's things I don't miss about them. XD

      I know. I'm sad about it. I have weird food allergies, like avacodo and almonds. There's some good stuff on YouTube, like note taking videos, lol, and music. XD

      That's cool! I just always knew I would have a pen name. My original pen name was Paige Turner, but after a nice google search, I realized that wasn't going to work since it was attached to something undesirable. (Always google pen names. XD)

      I talk A LOT with people I know. I'm relly introverted with new people, but once I warm up, you can't shut me up. XD Haha, my sister usually talks really loud. XD

    2. It was really just a one week camp and all we did was stretch and pass around the cheer stick, but that's pretty much what ruined me for it. The teachers all seemed to know all the other girls so they would all get the cheer stick and shy homeschool me would be left feeling inadequate.

      I think my astigmatism was in my left eye too, weird...

      My orthodontist is pretty awesome too, but my braces are not.

      That's basically all we use the Youtubes for, listening to music.

      Everyone complains that I talk too much, but then when I try to talk less, they get worried about me XD

    3. Kind of happened to me with ballet. I started getting left out with things and the other students were rowdy while I was a goody two shoes. XD

      Haha, twins!

      Lol, yeah some things aren't awesome.

      I watch some videos (sometimes about HTTYD), but a lot of music, too.

      Haha, can't win for losing. XD

  8. I also use to take ballet! But I am super clumsy, so looking back at my old performances that my parents filmed I basically tripped and flailed across the stage. *face palms* XD

    We have a german shepherd and Australian cattle dog mix. She's the sweetest, but she scares new comers do death because she smiles... with all of her teeth, it looks like she wants to eat you but it just means she's super happy. XD

    I have reading glasses too! But I also forget to wear them.

    Okay, as someone who has braces, how could you miss these things?!?!? XD

    Great post! Not boring at all. ^_^

    1. Same. I'm clumsy. I've run into walls that have been there my whole life...

      Aww, she sounds sweet. I love dogs that look ferocious but are the biggest teddy bears.

      Haha, same. (I said I was going to do better, but guess what I'M NOT wearing right now...)

      I miss my orthodontist. He was awesome. Always made me laugh.

      Thank you. <3

  9. Really, you used to take ballet too?? That's so cool! I took ballet as well as Broadway jazz and tap for a couple of years and I still occasionally dance around the house :)

    I LOVE the Food Network!! Iron Chef is my favorite show of all time still.

    Really? You miss braces? That's a surprise to me - I couldn't stand the things. I love my retainers (I can pop them off whenever I need to whereas braces were stuck on). I actually am wearing a splint retainer right now to stop my jaw from cracking, it's not too bad.

    I don't eat watermelon either - mostly because the flesh is too gritty and I don't like the feel of it in my mouth - reminds me of beans *makes face*

    Awesome post, Ivie!!


    1. I did tap with the ballet, but I remember liking ballet more. XD

      I loved Rachel Ray and a few others, but Iron Chef was cool, too. I don't think I watched much of it, but it was a great competition.

      My retainer is annoying. If I don't wear it for a while, my jaw starts moving in the wrong way. (Haha, that's more a problem from me than the retainer, but oh well. xD)

      I like beans, actually, so that wouldn't bother me, but I know the flavor wasn't always my favorite when I would eat it. Last time I ate it, my mouth felt weird. Honestly this whole post could have been filled with things I'm allergic to. XD

      Thank you! <3

  10. Very fun tag! Interesting about the chef ;) I don't really like watermelon. It's ok in small portions. I didn't realize Ivie isn't your real name ;p


    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's amazing how God changes things. XD I think it's one of those things where people like it or they don't.

      That's why I added that because a good portion of my followers are people who I don't talk to on a super regular basis. Some have said they didn't know this was a pen name, so I wasn't sure who else didn't know. I have a post about pen names from a while back. My original pen name was Paige Turner and I went by PT on GTW during my pre-blogger days. Then I googled Paige Turner and decided a new name was needed. XD

    2. Haha! That's so funny! I actually did a post on pen names once, too. It was about why one shouldn't use a pen name, lol ;)

    3. That's cool. There's pros and cons, but for me there were many pros. It's a personal kind of thing, so it may work for some and then not work for others. XD

  11. I always wanted to take ballet! I took Irish dance for five years but I had to quit. :/ I used to be TERRIFIED of dogs, but now I only have a slight fear of terriers. (Jack Russel's will send me running for the hills! XD) My favorite seasons are autumn and spring because the colors are just splendid—when the pretty flowers aren't trying to kill me. I think pollen is the earth's prank on humanity. XD

    I used to think that Ivie was your real name! It's such a pretty pen name though. When you publish, will you publish under it? I also write under a pen name, but I didn't have any cool experience with it. It's just what my cousin called me in a story we wrote together when we were younger. :P

    Your watermelon allergy is interesting...maybe it's the sugars? I honestly can't think of anything else. I have a slightly stronger allergy than most people to pineapple, (it makes my mouth hurt) but other than that I am allergy-free. As for boring-ness, I actually enjoy these types of posts—it's interesting to read other people's life stories. :)

    1. I think it's the small dogs that are the most ferocious. XD YES! Pollen is horrible, especially in Texas, omw.

      Haha, that's why I included that as a fact. Thank you! Yes, that will be the name I publish under. That's still a sweet way to find a pen name.

      It is very interesting. I'm also allergic to avacadoes and kiwi makes my mouth feel weird. I'm a weird human bean. XD Thank you! I really liked doing this post. :D

  12. Fun post!! My sister actually came up with a pen name for me, and I adore it. I googled it to make sure the name didn't match anything revolting, and it's all good. xD

    1. Thanks! That's awesome! Google is a good thing when it comes to names. *nods* XD

  13. I love Food Network, but it makes me super hungry.

    1. I remember wanting to eat a lot more when watching it. XD Especially if chocolate was involved. XD

  14. Ooh, I love learning about other bloggers! People are so interesting.

    I wonder what the allergen is in watermelon. I know a few other people who have the same problem, and now I'm very curious. :D *makes a note to research that*

    A random fact about me: No one knows how to pronounce my real name. XD

    Oh, and I've tagged you for the Nameless Book Tag, over at my blog. If you don't want to do it, that's fine, but I'd love to see your answers. :D


    1. I do to! It's always fun to learn more about other people!

      Glad I'm not alone. I thought I was weird. XD

      Really? That's kind of cool, though. With my real name, people have a hard time with the spelling. xD And sometimes for the pen name, too. They'll spell it Ivy instead of Ivie.

      FUN! I was tagged already by Lila, so I have part of the post ready for that! I'll add your name to people who tagged me. I'm going on a tag spree. XD

  15. Fun post, Ivie! I agree with you--I LOVE watching the Food Network. :)) That and HGTV (although I can't take too much of home reno shows, I need to ration them, lol)
    random fact, hmmm: I can't stand yogurt or hummus. yuck. :))

    1. Thank you! Haha, I think the only show I was able to stand on HGTV was Fixer Upper. XD

      Yuck, hummus. I do not like hummus. XD

  16. This is a fun post!!! I love learning about people!!!
    Few funny memories that this evokes...
    I took ballet when I was little... I stopped when I was seven for a good reason. My star performance was when my little group was at a downtown ballet recital (we were little little) and instead of doing the dance like the rest, I picked up pixie dust off the floor the whole time. My parents were dying of embarrassment, and everybody else of laughter.
    YES!!!! The cooking channel is SO AWESOME!!!! I love making cakes, so Cake/Cupcake Wars is super fun to watch when I'm waiting somewhere and it's playing.
    Oh... Don't try making Trim Healthy Mama ice cream with frozen okra. Worst thing I've ever put in my mouth (and I've eaten octopus).
    Super fun post. I thought the way you got your pen name was really special!!! <3

    1. Thank you!

      Haha, I never did recitals because I was freaked out. I only took the classes, which is probably why they started to exclude me on things. XD

      I love making all kinds of baked goods, but cake is super fun!

      That honestly does not sound like that would be good. Do you like octopus? Even if you don't, I admire that you actually ate some. I would be too afraid. XD

      Thanks! I feel like the way I got my pen name was special, too. It really taught me that God is in big and little things. <3

  17. Well.... Seeing that I was under ten, I guess I just wanted to do something odd at the Chinese restaurant. Now, I would never eat that... As far as I can remember (I'm going to exclude details because they are gross) the octopus tasted like rubber. ;)
    Amen to that!!! <3

    1. Haha, still braver than me. XD Thank you for excluding some details. XD
      Yikes, I can imagine that was gross.

  18. I now have a temptation to go watch videos on how to make notes... xD

    A random fact about me? Hmmm... I suppose that I'm allergic to high-quality band-aids? My skin is fine with the cheap, children's ones, but put on an expensive one and my skin gets itchy and bumpy all over. xP

    1. Haha, they're addicting. XD

      Really? That's crazy. But at least you get the cool designs on the children's band-aids. XD

  19. You miss braces?!?! O.O I've had them for eight years and they're soooo annoying. It's kinda funny, because when I was little girl I used to think having braces would be cool. I guess God answered my unspoken prayer for them XD

    Random fact about me: I hate mash potatoes. I've gotten over being a picky eater, but I will never eat mash potatoes.

    I loved this tag!

    audrey caylin

    1. Well, I had them for just shy of two years, so that could be why. XD Eight years?! I can see why that would be annoying.

      Really? I love some mashed potatoes, but not all. I'm kind of a picky eater, lol.


  20. Not really into ballet, but I love tap dancing (read: I obsess over Riverdance).

    I'm fairly sure I knew Ivie was a penname, and that you used to be scared of dogs, though.

    But the watermelon one...that made me laugh. It probably shouldn't have, but your comment on it was golden. XD

    1. Haha, that's okay. Best thing to do is laugh. XD

      Some people did know it was a pen name, some didn't. I might have talked about my fear of dogs before. I still have a slight fear, but when I can tell a dog's not aggressive, I'm fine.

      Haha, I used to take tap with ballet. Lol!

  21. GIRL, saaaaaaaame about the Food Network!! I kind of hate Cartoon Network... I mean, their shows can be so crude sometimes. :P It makes me sad to think how many kids' brains are being fried.

    Lol, my little sister wants to become a chef. I'm honestly hoping that dream will fade and she'll become a writer like me. She's already writing some stories for fun, so that's an excellent sign!! *crosses fingers* xD

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. Well, back when cartoon network was What's new scooby doo, Teen Titans (original) and ben ten (also original), it was pretty decent. Now it's such a crude channel. Like, what's the point of Adult Swim at night, you've got it playing all day.

      Lol, she could end up doing both. I personally believe we're all supposed to be multi-talented. And who will end up bringing you food when you're writing all your awesome books? XD

    2. Those were the days! I've been meaning to get the original Teen Titans and binge-watch it, because that show was AWESOME. Now it's Teen Titans Go and Steven Universe and Amazing Gumball, and I'm just like WHAT IS THIS??

      That's true! I never thought of it that way before... Writers use a lot of energy for the development of their awesome books. *nodnod* And she could feed me her amazing food creations whenever I'm feeling uninspired. xD

    3. YES!!! They have season one at my library, but we'd only have four days. :p

      I KNOW! Teen Titans Go is a rip off and those other shows we weren't allowed to watch, but I didn't want to watch them anyway. Actually, I don't think we were told we couldn't watch them, my family just all came to an agreement that those looked inappropriate. XD

      *nods* Food is important. XD And when she's not cooking, she could be writing if it's still something that she wants to do, too. XD

  22. Hi Ivie!

    I loved reading your answers in this tag! Being a ballet dancer myself, I often here of people that did it when they were younger. XD I did take a break from it, but I have always loved performing and decided to come back. And I have to say that I cannot understand how someone could miss braces, lol. I’ve had braces for almost 2 years and I am so ready to get them off!

    We’ve been friends for awhile on Goodreads, but I just now found your blog. XD You design is really pretty and I have really enjoyed looking through some of your posts!


    1. I know who you are! Welcome to my blog!! Thanks for stopping by. :)

      I think I would probably still like dancing, but the studio wasn't a good fit and I had joined because a cousin was teaching there. It was fun and I do kind of miss it.

      Haha, everyone keeps saying that. I just really liked my orthodontist. He was awesome and funny. There's things I don't miss, but I find a retainer to be annoying. XD

  23. Great post, Ivie! Wow, that's really cool that you have enjoyed cooking from such a young age! I used to HATE cooking! Then I started cooking Korean food...and now I really enjoy cooking. I basically only cook Asian now. *shakes head*

    But I can totally understand growing up watching stuff most people don't! I grew up watching old 4 hour black and white art films in Russian. Ahh, that was the life....:)

    1. Thanks! Haha, I just love to cook and bake, though I don't know if my waistline appreciates the baking as much. XD Stir-fry is good, though. I think that's Asian. Lol. XD

      Haha, that's definitely not something I watched, but to each their own. That's awesome that you understand Russian. And to be interested in films like that is really cool.


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