The 4-Part Writing Special//Part Three

by - October 18, 2017

Welcome back to part three, y'all! Have you read the previous posts? If you haven't, I'll leave a link. In case you haven't clicked the link, I'll just summarize for you. This is a writing special created by Julian. There are four parts and we're already on part three. If you're interested in trying it out, Julian is still accepting sign-ups for the next round in February.

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Today's topic: Story World

1. Name a unique aspect of your story world.

I'm not sure if there's anything unique about it. I mean, its pretty much modern day Texas for the most part, but it does jump over to Washington D.C for a little bit. I guess that would be somewhat unique. Some of the story takes place in a headquarters, but I can't say where its located. HINT: It's not what you think. But feel free to leave your guesses in the comments below.

2. Talk about one of the important animals in the story (someone's pet or horse; or a fierce animal the MC must defeat).

Well, technically this doesn't happen until book two, but I can't go without mentioning the lovable fluff that is Peter's dog, Gunner. He's an Australian Shepherd and he looks like this: 

Image result for blue merle  with blue eyes
This pic belongs to someone else and not me.
All rights to the owner. 

3. A paragraph describing something in your storyworld (building, landmark, etc.).

I'll describe the town, Bent Ridge.
Bent Ridge came from a figment of my imagination. I've always wanted to live in a small town. I want to live where you can walk to everything and its just small and you might know everyone. So, I decided to build that place. Bent Ridge is fictional and was supposed to be modeled after Wimberly, but I decided I needed a town of my own invention. There's an area called Main Street Market. That's where all the stores in town are and its one giant square of land. There's a park nearby and the neighborhood is near as well.

(I'm terrible at description, obviously.)

4. Something dangerous in your storyworld.

The crazy president/dictator. He's just evil. Power got to his head and now he wants more.
I want to say something before we get any further. I see books with dictator leaders and people compare them to presidents, mostly Trump. I hope my book will be published one day. If you're reading this, I want you to know something. Stop making assumptions like that. You don't know what the author intended and most likely, this is a character that came to their head that they developed with sheer imagination. If I have any character based on someone, I wouldn't say who it is. While these characters may be inspired by something, they aren't one person from real life. So stop making assumptions because they're false and they tend to tick off writers and authors.
*rant over*

5. Something delightful in your storyworld.

The action and adventure. The characters sticking up for what they believe in.

6. A movie soundtrack that would complement the setting.

There is none. I made my own soundtrack for the book should it ever be a movie.

7. How does the geography impact the story?

It doesn't. There isn't much that affects it. There are some details I might have to change because of certain things in Texas, where my story is based. I did a basement thing and in Texas, you really can't have basements unless you want to fork over some money because the ground shifts way too much. So there are details I have to change and fix. Or maybe it will be enough suspension of disbelief that it won't matter.

8. Is there a particular location or time period your story you had in mind when creating your storyworld?

The present time. Most dystopians take place way into the future, but I wanted mine to take place in the present. I wanted it to be as the events of world shattering dictatorship were happening. I didn't want to go sci-fi with it. I just wanted to put a contemporary spin on my book.

9. What is the climate like, and does it play a role in the story?

Well, in Texas, its hot pretty much all year. Then you get to late October, early November, sometimes late November, and it finally gets cold. Now, because Bent Ridge is (fictionally) located somewhat centered in Texas, the weather definitely is hot most times, but begins cooling off around October.

10. Are there any traditions, and do they have an effect upon the plot?

As children, Reagan and Peter would climb this one tree. I don't really know why I wanted a symbolism of a tree in the book, but I have a love for trees in general, so that kind of became a symbol. They go to this tree often and obviously they can't do that when they're trying to save the world. This tree has sentimental meaning to them.

*The others' posts:

*links available when other posts go up

So that's it for round three. I can't believe we're almost done!
What do y'all think? Is there any thing in your life
that you love and have made a symbol in your
writing? Let's talk in the comments!

As always, God bless y'all.
With love,

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  1. This sounds great! I'm always interested when stories are based in the real world.

    1. Thank you! I love stories that have more realism to them, too. Thanks for commenting!


  2. Replies
    1. I KNOW!!! Its funny because I pictured a dog in my head without knowing that this was the actual breed. When I found the breed, I was like, "This is Gunner."

  3. This story just keeps sounding better and better! <3

    1. Thank you!! <3
      I'm hoping to do some more work on it soon. :D

  4. All right, Ivie, let's go to Bent Ridge. You drive. I'll be ready in five minutes! XD

    1. Deal! XD But seriously, doesn't it just sound so awesome? (Not to praise my own work, but a small town is so dreamy right now.)

  5. You made a soundtrack, that is so cool. That dog is adorable!
    Set in Texas, sounds awesome!

    1. I figured I should probably stick to the state I know. I love dogs and if I ever have one of this breed I will name him Gunner. :D I just gathered some songs that will be in the movie that will eventually be made. XD

  6. Ah! The dog is adorable. HE NEEDS TO BE IN MORE OF THE STOREEEE

    Now I want to go to Texas and just see what it's like.

    Or perhaps add some more buildings to my small town. Like...we've got a post office, a grocery story, and a hardware store (cause it's a farm town). That's it. Not cute or romantic.

    (Guess I should mention I'm kinda not doing the October challenge. I forgot about it, and then I've been busy with NaNo prep...)

    1. He will be the main character then. (JK, but he'll have his moments. Trust me.)

      Texas is the best state ever! I can't imagine living any where else. I mean, I'd love to live in a different part of Texas, but I love Texas.

      That's okay! A lot of people seem to be winding down. Some had technical difficulties. Others got busy. I even had to stop thanks to getting sick, but I'm back now. It happens. I hope NaNo goes well for you! :D

  7. I like that it's contemporary as I don't see that often.

    Gunner is perfection. 'Nuff said.


    1. I didn't know a lot of dystopian was sci-fi, but I didn't want to change my story to be sci-fi when that kind of annoys me about other dystopians. And it will be more unique that way.

      Yes, he is. :D

  8. D'awwww. Gunner's cute :)

    I think you described Bent Ridge rather well. A lot of small towns are set up that way.

    (PS Please forgive that I haven't been doing the challenge lately. Suddenly my family figured out that there is an idle person and a lot of STUFF is being handed my way. *glares*)


    1. Gunner might be my favorite character. XD
      Thank you! I'm terrible at description, so this means a lot to me. :D

      That is the story of my life!!! XD Seriously!

  9. AHHH reading these posts makes me want to read this story even more :D. Also I adore trees, something about them fascinates me, I seriously do believe if they could speak, they would be the wisest creatures on the planet.

    and that dog.. adorbs.

    ~ noor

    1. Thank you, Noor! Trees just have some type of pull to me. I don't know what it is, but I just like them a lot. :D

  10. Bent Ridge sounds lovely! And I love how you're doing dystopian without the sci-fi or futuristic elements. I'm curious about the rest of your story now! :D
    I always weave symbolic meanings of stars into my writing for some reason. I like how you used the tree as something sentimental. :)

    1. Thank you! I don't really know why I picked trees. I just like oak trees. :D
      When I started writing my story, I didn't even know much about the genre, so I didn't know most dystopians have a sci-fi element. Hopefully that will make my story that much more unique. Stars are a wonderful symbol! :D

  11. I love how you created Bent Ridge because you want to live in a small town! It's great when authors take little things of their personality like that, and put it into their stories. :)

    1. Thank you! I think when authors add a personal element, it helps make the story more relatable. :D

  12. I like your comments about being careful not to assume we know who someone is in a book. Good point. And that your book is about action and adventure. Folks want to read that!!

    1. Thank you! I see comments on books all the time comparing them to a political figure and it bothers me because most likely, that book took years to write and isn't based on anyone. Thank you for your sweet comment, Mrs. Baldwin. :D

  13. Gunner is gorgeous! But "Australian Shepherd" confused me a bit - I've never seen a dog like that. (Not that I know EVERYTHING that is or ever has been in Australia ;P) When I Googled it, turns out the breed was developed in Western USA. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR NAMING THIS. THEIR LICENSE HAS BEEN REVOKED. xD

    I love your combination of contemporary dystopian and the small town!
    - Jem Jones


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