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by - August 04, 2017


   Y'all, isn't this just beautiful. Well, before I get too far, any graphics in this post are made by the Rebellious Writing team and aren't mine. But they are gorgeous.

   This is my first blog tour and I'm so glad this is the subject. In case anyone is new or is unaware of what Rebellious Writing is, I'll link the original post at the end of this article. To keep it brief, because I could talk about it all day long, Rebellious Writing is a movement against the profanity and sinful nature of books. Lust, drugs, and abuse are all topics that the movement is against ... mostly.

   Putting these things in books to show their true nature, the harmful effects, is okay. Except the profanity. No one wants cuss words every few sentences.

   The Rebellious Writing team has put together some awesome social media. Can I just say, its amazing! I don't have any social media accounts, but I've been able to view them because they're open. I suggest you check them out. If you have any of the accounts, please show your support. The team has worked long and hard on everything. They are all amazing.

   I know the website will be awesome, too. They've worked long and hard. When it comes out, I'll be leaving a link here.

   All this being said, remember your writing doesn't have to be profane. The Rebellious Writing movement isn't trying to censor, either. All they're trying to do is show that we can have good writing, realistic writing, without vulgarity and explicit scenes. Its possible. The classics are classics for a reason. Some day, the books we write might become the classics of the future. Don't you want that generation to view our work as beautiful? Why lace so much profanity and other questionable subjects in that?

   Classics became classics because they showed the true to life topics without being vulgar. Its possible. All you need to do is write and write well. Write clean. I write realistically without lacing any of the aforementioned vulgarity. I'm doing just fine and I know that you can do it, too.

   So? What are you waiting for?

   Official message of Rebellious Writing:

We believe
In light 
In truth
In goodness
We believe in tomorrow's generation
In creating a better world
Through words
Through books
We believe in fighting for what we believe
We believe in high expectations
That we are capable of anything we set our minds to
We the youth...
Believe in Rebellion
Rebellion for Righteousness
For light
For verity in a world of lies
For beauty in a world of darkness

Isn't that beautiful and amazing? (I know, I need more adjectives.) This right here is inspiring.

Those headers are just so dazzling. (That's right, peeps. I found a new adjective.)

   Follow and share using the #RebelliousWriting on social media. Spread the word. We're the next generation of writers. All of us. You. me. That dude standing in the corner. (Just kidding.)

   As always, God bless y'all. 😁📚


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  1. Thanks for doing this!

    I also see you put a new comment description, I'm a fan! I shall leave messyges from now on, even if it isn't Monday, and even though I don't think you're Jordan!!! XD

    1. YAY, you've been upgraded to superfriend. (Get it? ;) )
      I had a lot of fun putting this post together and stalking the social media because it rocks. Y'all have been doing awesome things and I can't wait for the website to open. I'm really giddy just waiting. Also, the social media accounts y'all have set up really inspire me? Who's running them or is it a rotation of who runs them?


    2. Ummm, I don't really know who's running them to be honest, I'm not on any other social media platforms except for here and Pinterest.

    3. Oh, okay. I'll see what I can find out, then. :)
      This is my only social media platform. Whoever's doing it does an awesome job, though.

    4. You know what, I need to correct myself. Google+ is kind of like social media and that's how I made my blog, so I have that as well. On there, I'm always sharing the Rebellious Writing stuff or liking it. Just wanted to clarify. :D

  2. Thanks so much for doing this post Ivie! <3 :D I love your humor and just the whole post was beautiful and really appreciated, it makes it all worth it when people take up the call <3 :)

    1. Thank you, Anna! You're so sweet. I'm so excited to see the work y'all have done. I'm so happy this was my first blog tour. I just want to get the word out and help in any way I can. <3 <3

  3. Ivie, your support through this whole movement is commendable!! Great job on the blog tour, so glad you've joined us Rebels!


    1. Thank you! I want to do what I can and help in any way I'm needed. I've just been trying to spread the word and share articles and posts. You're post was amazing!

  4. So fabulous that you're a part of this, Ivie!! GOOD FOR YOU. <3 I totally love what y'all are doing with this writing movement. The world needs more books with morals and virtues!!

    rock on,

    1. Thank you, Abbiee! That means a lot. I'm not actually part of the team. I'm just doing my best to get the word out. I'm hoping to contribute more at some point, but I have to wait to contact the team when the website opens. I'm so passionate about this, though. So many times I've put books down because of content. Hopefully we can make a difference.

      Also, I'm about to buy your sister's book. I'm so excited! I can't wait to read it.

      Thanks for your comment! <3


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