Monthly Wrap Up: July

by - August 01, 2017

   It's August, which means its time for the monthly updates. A new series I'm starting even though a bunch of other bloggers do it. I'm a little late. In this post, I'll go over what my writing goals were for July and tell you how those went. This is a longer post, so stick with me, please. *pushes puppy with begging eyes in front of  you*

   Goal # 1: Write the full first draft for Truth Seekers 2

   So, I came pretty close, but unfortunately, it just didn't work out. I'll have to continue the first draft into this month, but that's okay. I should have started earlier in July. I didn't start until about July 11th, which is still a pretty short amount of time. I got further than I thought I would, so that's all that matters.

   Goal #2 : Figure out if I'm changing the title for Truth Seekers

   I don't know if I'm going to change the title. I feel like there is a better title out there, but I don't have a clue at the moment. So this goal was not completed.

   Goal #3: Work on my side project, The Bookkeeper

   I didn't really do this. I put most of my effort into Truth Seekers 2 that I never stopped to work on The Bookkeeper. So, this was not completed.

   Goal #4: Put up at least three blog posts a week

   I think I did pretty well with this. I put up a good amount of posts for July. I'm looking forward to where my blog is going and seeing what the Lord has planned.

   Goal #5: Do the book review post

    Funny thing is, this was supposed to be set for the previous review I had planned and wasn't enjoying. I forgot I put this on my goal list. I did end up doing a book review of a book that was horrible, so there's that.

   Goal #1: Edit and Revise Truth Seekers 1

   *crosses fingers* With having to finish the second book up this month as well, we'll see how far I get doing this. 
   Goal #2: Do the Of Cookies and Books Tag
  Funny thing about Goal Number two is originally, Julian asked me if I'd like her to tag me. I said no because I didn't understand the tag. I hadn't seen it around much and didn't know exactly how to do it. Well, a few days later, I'm going on over to Faith's blog. She has the tag. I read the tag. I see my name at the bottom. I smile and say, "Funny." Okay, enough of the play by play. I've seen a few more people do it now and I think I get the point. Hopefully. I'll be doing that tag this month once I finish up some library books.

   Goal #3:Work on The Bookkeeper or The Unknowns

   I hardly did anything for it last month. I need to continue building the world. Its fantasy, but different than typical fantasy. I'm also working on another project I call The Unknowns. It will be a battle on which one I work on when I'm not editing.

   Goal #4: Put up only two blog posts a week unless something really special happens

   I say this, even though its kind of going backwards, because I've been neglecting some things in life. I need to cut back a little. So, for the month of August, I'm going to cut back. Writing Wednesdays are definitely one of the posts. The other day could be either Tuesday or Friday. It may vary. 

   Goal #5: Read more books. Maybe stop being cheap and buy The Girl Who Could See

 (I actually have a gift card and I'm going to use it. Review will be up eventually. The Girl who could see is in my Amazon cart.)

   Goal #6: Finish up first draft for Truth Seekers 2

   We'll see how this goes. Maybe because I said it to you guys, I'll actually accomplish these. *crosses fingers*


   In the food category, I only tried two new things.  The first thing was hummus. I'm looking for healthy snacks and heard about hummus. So, my mom bought me some and I learned something that day. I don't like hummus. The texture is not good. At least in my opinion. Thankfully, we have a neighbor who just so happens to like hummus and the one my parents bought was his favorite kind. So that all worked out well.

The second thing was a smores flavored English muffin. It was amazing. I loved it. Yes, it wasn't a healthy snack, but its a limited time only flavor. :)