Writing Wednesday #6: Writer's Block vs Writer's Rut

by - July 12, 2017

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  Today, I'm going to go into the differences of writer's block and writer's rut. Both are an annoyance to a writer, but they're annoying in their own, unique ways. 

   Writer's Block:
   Writer's block is when you have every intention to go into a writing session and then ... wait for it ... nope it's coming ... no, you can't come up with an idea. You go through your brain for an idea. Something interesting. Yet, nothing. Nada. Nothing comes to mind and  your eagerness to write becomes frustration. I honestly have not suffered from much writer's block in my writing sessions.

   Writer's Rut:
   Writer's rut is when you aren't motivated to write. You have ideas and maybe even have started a project. You just don't feel like writing and this goes on longer than you should allow. I suffer most from writer's rut. Goodness knows I have plenty of writing projects to work on. I just have a hard time being motivated to write them sometimes. 

   Each are an annoyance to the writer. Both are a hindrance to your creativity. Both stop you from fulfilling your goals for that day. You can't let them get to you, though. Sometimes, we just need a break. 

   I've been going through a bit of a writer's rut lately. I haven't wanted to work on any of my novels. I just don't feel motivated. But writing on here? Piece of chocolate cake. I like writing on here. I get to talk with all of you in the comments and I enjoy every conversation we have.

   So, now you might be wondering, "Ivie, how do I fight each of these writing problems?"
   Well, to be honest, since I'm not familiar with writer's block, I decided to do some research. One website I found suggested going for a walk, eliminating distractions, changing your environment, reading a book, and more. I'm going to leave a link to this article. However, I don't know everything on this particular site. Exercise caution if you choose to explore it more.

Writer's block: tips to overcome it.

   As for writer's rut, it seems to me that the solutions are similar. For me, taking a break is effective, but if you have deadlines or goals you have for yourself, such as I have for myself for this month, you can't just avoid writing all together. You have to suck it up and just write. It can be hard, especially when the Muse isn't there.

   Reading a book or blog that inspires you can always help. As much as YouTube can be a distraction, it can also be a tool. There are many writers who make videos. Some are more vulgar and I choose to stay away from that, but there are clean speaking writers on there. I've mentioned her before, but Vivian Reis is an author and I've never once heard her say a swear word. There's also Kristen Martin. I've never heard her swear, either. Plus, there are many booktubers on there who might inspire you.

   Other inspiration may come from non writers. Yes, you heard me right. I will get inspiration from videos of artists. One who does amazing paining, drawing, and just art itself is Art a la carte. Her videos are amazing. The drawings are wonderful. (I'm not great at drawing, so people who are amaze me.)

   If you're suffering from writer's block or writer's rut, don't stress out. That will only make it worse. Just breath and understand where you're at right now. Give yourself grace and try to move forward. I'll leave a link to writing prompts so you can get yourself back in action. Even if you're already working on a project, taking a break from it and doing a prompt might just be what gets you back in action.

   God bless y'all. 😁

Writing Prompts
Go Teen Writers
(While they have some prompts, I selected them because their blog is inspiring. A lot of posts inspired me to write, especially the WeWriteBooks series they did last summer.)


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  1. Oy! Someone else who doesn't get writer's block! When I don't feel "in the mood" to write, I usually just re-read some of my writing, which tends to get me back in the mood. Or I just force myself to write, which also works well. Because I write at the same time every day (right before bed) (and have been doing so for over 5 years), my mind is usually focused pretty well on the task at hand.

    Usually when I don't feel like writing, it's because I'm tired. So I'll just read for a bit and go to bed early. So the next day I usually can get some good writing in!

    Thanks for this post - and I'll have to check out the links!


    1. I have no control over the plot bunnies and they attack me left and right. This is why I can't have writer's block. Just last night, I had turned my computer off and went to brush my teeth. As I brushed my teeth, I realized that there was something that I wanted to change in my WIP. Trusty kindle to the rescue because I put a notepad on it. (I totally recommend ColorNote if you need a virtual notepad because you can set reminders for things you want to write down. It's awesome.)

      Anything can inspire me and sometimes its more of a curse than a blessing. I totally understand those moods. I get where I don't feel like writing, but its not a block. I just don't want to write. Usually looking at quotes about writing gets me back on track.
      God bless you!

  2. Wow, I didn't even hear of writer's rut! I definitely get it more than writer's block, too, but my brain has behaved well so far this summer, so I haven't had trouble lately.

    I really like to read when I do get writer's rut! It actually inspires me to write :)

    1. It can be the most annoying thing because you know what you're working on. You know where you want your story to go. The motivation to write it isn't there. I suffer from that a lot more than writer's block and I'm always generating new ideas, which could be part of the problem.

  3. I'm suffering from a Writer's Rut right now, but I'm also super busy this month, so hopefully I'll get over it when I have more time to breathe!

    1. Yes, I think July is the busiest month because next month people go back to school. They're trying to squeeze in every last moment of summer.
      Hopefully you get out of the rut soon. :)

  4. Oh gosh, I get writer's rut all the time! I hate it so much.

    I will have to check out those youtubers you mentioned, they sound interesting


    1. Yes, they have been a big help to me. They're also very cool to watch. :)

  5. I've been suffering from both. Though, I was saved last night with an idea at 2 in the morning. I know, it's kind of late for writing, but I get the most inspiration then. I don't even know why. Lol
    I feel like i'm wasting summer away tho. I mean, I wanted to write so much, and even finish a WIP, but that's not happening. *sigh*
    I'm more of a Writer's Block person, but Writer's Rut seems so weasel its way in at times. *glares at both*
    God Bless. <3

    1. Some people work better as nocturnal writers and others work better in the day. I think I would probably do better at night when everyone is asleep and I am alone with my thoughts, but I also know I need sleep. With how my schedule works during the day, there's no way I could become a nocturnal writer right now.

      Sometimes, writing just doesn't come easy. You may have to force yourself if going with the flow is frustrating you too much. Other than that, I suggest to just go with the flow. Set aside time each day to free write, be it on your WIP or just a little side project you feel passionate about.

    2. Me as well. No disturbances.Lol

      It gets so hard at times! It's so frustrating. I try to go with the flow, then I come back later, reread it, and think of how stupid it sounds. Meh.
      Thanks for the help, I'll try to just push forward and not backslide. ;)
      I wish you the best of luck on your WIP.
      God Bless. <3

  6. I never get writer's block, but I certainly get my share of writer's rut! It's not fun AT ALL. But you have some great tips for overcoming it! :)

    1. Yes, writer's rut seems to be more prominent. At least from this comment section. Hopefully my suggestions are helpful. Thank you for reading! <3


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