The Political and Social Series: Part One

White House

   Today, I'm going to talk about the story of "Morning Joe" vs President Trump. Recently it was all the media wanted to talk about before the CNN revelations. I'll get to CNN next week. This week, I want to talk about "Morning Joe" vs President Trump. (At the time I began writing this post, it was the current headline.)

   Headlines in the mainstream media talked about Trump fighting with the hosts of the NBC show, "Morning Joe." Joe Scarborough and his co-host, Mika Brzezinski,  have said many nasty things about President Trump, such as calling him a thug, saying he's crazy, and questioning his stability.

   President Trump and the two co-hosts have been going back and forth on Twitter. President Trump can get annoying with the tweets, but he is trying to reveal the truth on a platform many use. I, myself, get annoyed by the "Trump Tweets," but if they help, then I won't complain too much.

   Back to the point at hand, a headline in my local news, which inspired my rant, was talking about President Trump still fighting back despite the fact Mr. Scarborough gives bipartisan criticism. Now, I don't watch the mainstream media much because they lie. I do get my news online from more reliable sources and alternative media. I don't know if "Morning Joe" criticizes both sides.

   Here's an analogy. If you and a friend are standing somewhere and this guy comes up and punches you in the arm, punches your friend in the arm, and then only punches you in the arm repeatedly, who's going to fight back more? Seriously, if President Trump is being slandered, he has a right to defend himself. So does the other side if they're slandered, but they don't because they aren't usually lied about.

   The focus is on making President Trump look bad. Why? They want him impeached. They don't like that he's taking power away from government. Government officials have become corrupted with power and are addicted to it. President Trump has done many great things that aren't reported.

   President Trump has been working on the border security, not just the "Great, big wall." He's getting the illegal aliens deported back to where they belong. He's created jobs and improved the economy, despite what the mainstream media wants you to believe.

   I'm going to leave a link to a trustworthy website that tells the facts exactly how they are. If they give an opinion, they'll tell you its an opinion.

  Reliable and trustworthy news

  Now, I just want to add something before I end this article. I support President Trump. Why? Because I want what's best for America. If you didn't like President Trump or currently don't like him, that's okay. I want open dialogue and healthy debate on my blog. We can have a good conversation without being rude to each other. We can all get along if we try. I just want y'all to form your own opinions about things by thinking and researching them. Don't let the mainstream media tell you what to believe.

   I support our president, but I don't agree with everything he says or does. I'm very vocal when I don't agree. You're never going to agree with a candidate 100%. If you do, you might want to look into that because they're probably faking their views to get votes.

  God bless America and God bless y'all. 😁

   I'll leave a link when each part is published. There is a chance there will be more than three parts.
   Part Two
   Part Three

(Quick note: The link I gave to a reliable news is very useful. However, the internet might try to boot you out at times. There's also been times when it tries to convince you that you have a virus. Just close out the site because there is no virus. It is not the website, but people who hate that this man is telling the truth. Don't do what the virus claim tells you because that's how you get the real virus. Alright, I'm out. God bless you.)


  1. I agree with this post. News these days has gotten so depressing and delusional that I never read anything but headlines and the occasional click of bravery. Even when I enter our local Y and see the TV's playing CNN I can't stand to look. Thanks for standing up and speaking your mind, it's well done Ivie! <3

    God Bless you <3

    Anna -

    1. Thank you! My mom helped me edit this last night, so I want to give her some credit. News is just so fake and they don't report the truth. I'm so happy to have met you through here and all the other people I've met with similar views as my own.

      God bless you! :)


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