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   Unfortunately, the emails aren't going out to subscribers. I really don't know what to do. If any of y'all are skilled with FeedBurner, please contact me or comment below. I need to figure this out. Its kind of stressing me out.

   Until then, I've removed the widget to subscribe as it wouldn't be fair. Once I get this cleared up, I will replace it.

   If y'all know what I should do, it would be a big help.

   God bless y'all. 😁

Update: I contacted Google. I don't know if they'll get back to me or not. Hopefully they do. However, if they don't, I won't be replacing the widget. Those who are subscribed will stay subscribed unless they choose to unsubscribe. It won't hurt my feelings. I totally understand. This just frustrates me. But, God has a plan and this is happening for a reason, whatever that reason might be. Thank y'all for your support. I really appreciate it. Thank you for continually coming back and seeing what I have to say about life, writing, and everything in between. It means a lot that there are people who actually want to see what I have to say. Y'all mean a lot to me. God bless y'all.

Update number 2: I haven't heard anything back and I probably won't. Sorry to those of you who subscribed. But you know what? I'm not going to stress about it any more. God has a plan and He knows waaaayyyy better than I do. I was never about the subscribers. I was about the purpose that Christ set for me. It wasn't about a quantity, but a quality. I've met really awesome people on here that I'm so thankful for. Y'all are so supportive and nice. I look forward to every comment and conversation. Thank y'all for everything. I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. God bless y'all. 


  1. I'm not email subscribed to you, since I prefer blogger, so no problems here!
    But sometimes feedburner delivers emails late, if you removed it, I would suggest putting it back on and having everyone re-subscribe just to make sure they're still in.
    BTW, I love the picture you found! :)

    1. I'm subscribed with my personal email and I did all of that. It didn't work. I removed the widget because it would be unfair if anyone else subscribed. It's missed five emails. Supposedly, it says it would tell me if there was a problem. I can't find an actual contact form for google, either. *sighs*

      On a happier note: Thank you! It looked a little more like me than some other ones I found. I have my hair braided a lot, especially over my shoulder. I saw another cartoon with a hoodie. (I am obsessed with hoodies when nice weather finally comes) but she had some weird thing in her mouth. I didn't know what it was and was not about to put it up on here.

      Anyway, I'm going to see if I can contact google. If not, I may just unsub everyone since it isn't fair.

      Thank you, though. Maybe I will try that. :)

  2. Lately, I've been using Blogger more. I'm even considering unsubscribing to all the blogs I've followed by email because I hardly need the notification anymore. So I guess I wouldn't mind. But I hope you fix it, and if you can't, that's okay! Don't stress about it! :)

    1. Thank you, Lila. I'm thinking about not replacing the widget if I can't figure it out. The only thing is my parents are subscribed and that's how they could read my posts, though I suppose I could just show them when they posts are published.

      Thank you for your support. :)


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