My (Overdue) Closet Project

July 24, 2017

   What is the best thing to do when you finish school and you're bored? Redo your closet, of course! I had a lot of stuff piling up in my closet and decided it was time to clean it up. I had just finished school and my summer vacation had started. This was in June. I meant to do a post about it sooner. Priorities, am I right? (I forgot.)

   Anyway, The first thing I needed to do was pull everything out. My closet threw up in my room. I had so much energy. I was like, "I'm getting this done, people."

   My mom and I had talked about me painting my closet. As I had everything out of the closet, I figured what better time than now to paint my closet? So, down the garage to find a paint color I wanted from our endless collection of Oops Paint. (Oops paint is discount paint from Home Depot. If you're planning on painting, look into Oops Paint as there might be a color that you like for a discount price.)

   First, we thought green. I have a couple of accent pillows in my room that are green and my comforter has a floral pattern with green leaves. As I looked at the paint, I settled on one. It wasn't really what I wanted, but it was what we had and I didn't want to clean my closet only to pull everything out again.

   Before I really began, we decided to check one more time for a tan color. Lo and behold, a peachy tan color. Y'all know peach is my favorite color. My excitement grew and I began prepping and painting my closet.

(Actually, these are more in-progress as my before pictures weren't great.)



   (Complete with a cowboy hat.)

 (The stuff on the top shelving is for my Hope Chest.)

   I painted the closet pretty much by myself. My mom helped me out with touch ups when I was too sore to move anymore and she helped me when I needed it. I love the paint color and how it turned out.

   So, to Gray and Catherine, whom I had talked to on my breaks between doing this project, here's the outcome.

   This is overdue since I started this in June and finished it in like three days. (Getting my closet back together took three days, including the day of painting.)

   My room was an obstacle course as I navigated through it just to get some sleep. I'm petty happy with the outcome.

  That's it. No rants. No life lesson. Wait, maybe I have a life lesson. *Ahem* You can do projects yourself and save money instead of hiring someone. Yes, it takes time and painting will cause soreness that you've never experienced, but it is so worth it. DIY is fun and keeps you productive.

   God bless y'all. 😁

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  1. Coolio! I love your new closet (the color is nice!) - and the cowboy hat is just great! Mine got chewed by a dog, so it has a spot of honor hanging from the drapes above my window (so now I just ride in a ball cap). Honestly, I love painting. :)

    1. Thank you! That hat is my bro's, but it fits my head better, so he gave it to me. We still have to take graduation pictures, so he thought I may want to use it since we're doing a country theme. (I'm from Texas.)

      Gotta love dogs, right? What kind of dog do you have?

      I like painting, but this was my first time doing something like that. I was definitely sore the next day. XD

    2. I love cowboy hats, but I can never seem to find one that fits my head and stays on when I'm riding fast. It's not fun having to stop horses from fast speeds to get off and grab your hat off the ground...

      This dog was a Husky puppy, but we eventually gave him away because he was food aggressive and we had a toddler and a baby. And that doesn't mix well. :) Right now we have an older Lab/Beagle mix who is just wonderful!

    3. My dog is a beagle mix! He's a coonhound beagle with other breeds in there. He's a mutt, really. He's my southern hound dog.

      I'm sorry that happened with the husky. That's too bad. When I was young, my parents got two dogs, thinking it would help me with my fear. We don't usually like pit bulls and the shelter lied to us and they turned out to be pit bull labs. They really wrecked a lot of stuff outside, so we had to take them back. I just remember being terrified of them. (I had a bad experience with a dog when I was really young. Now I love dogs.)

  2. That looks amazing. I need to clean out my dresser and closet for sure. Nice color choice :)

    1. Thank you! The cleaning part can be hard since it means your clothes are all over the place, but the result feels awesome. <3

  3. *Claps* That looks awesome, and well worth the work! Peach is one of my favorite room colors, that's why I painted my room peach!

    1. Peach is my favorite color and flavor and scent. I have peach perfume, I had a peach slushie yesterday from sonic, and now my closet is peach. My room is actually purple and blue because those used to be my favorite colors. I still like my room, though. My closet was the first room I ever painted. <3

  4. I LOVE DIY projects!!! I think they are so much fun (and yes, definitely saves money). I really should redecorate my room and closet, dirty white walls are so....bleh.

    You did a great job with it! (I will admit, peach is not one of my favorite colors, but it looks really good with the stuff in the closet!)


    1. Thank you! My favorite colors used to be purple and blue with emphasis on purple. It recently changed to peach just because I really like anything peachy. :) <3

  5. Turned out great! Almost makes me want to clean my closet...yeah, no. :p I'm not that ambitious.

    But I did get a life lesson out of this. Don't settle for second best (green), when you can have peachy perfect. God wants the best for us, after all!


    1. Lol! I'm glad you took something from that. It made me smile. You make a great point and this is super inspiring. Thank you for that! <3

  6. You're getting stuff together for a hope chest too?! That's awesome!

    And the closet looks amazing! Very tidy.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I've been collecting stuff since I was about fifteen or sixteen. Just to be prepared for whenever I move out. I don't see it happening anytime soon, though. I'm still not mentally or emotionally prepared for it, lol. :D

  7. Looks lovely! Good job! My sister and I are in the process of prepping our walls for painting, and I'm excited! Our walls have been baby pink and lime green for far too long. lol

    1. Lol. Have fun. Its a lot of work, but it feels so good to have something done. Good luck! :)

    2. I'll try! LOL. It does. LHE and I have lots of plans. XD <3

  8. Great job on your closet! We're in the process of painting too.....picking out colors will be fun!
    Ooh, a hope chest? What really is it? (It'll probably be something obvious and I'm just being dense. lol)

    You can learn a life lesson from this: Make progress when you have no clue where to move on. Sometimes the things that seemed the best for us before, need to change now. Change can be a good thing!
    See, you did make us think! lol
    God bless you and your family! It sounds like your mom is a very nice and helpful person.

    1. She is. She's always there for us no matter what. <3
      Thank you! I really like my closet now.
      A hope chest is when you collect items for when you eventually move out so you won't have to buy everything such as pots and pans, cooking utensils, things of that nature.
      I'm glad I made you think. :)
      Good luck with y'alls painting. It can be fun. :D

    2. That's great! Sometimes it's hard to believe that there are good parents out there when you hear of all the awful things that have happened. ;\

      You're welcome. My closet was....a sad case. lol

      Wow, that's really cool. I should make one. I mean, I guess I kind of do an untidy, messy fashion. lol For me, I have some baby clothes somewhere that are so cute. It's in a little bin.
      Thanks! I hate prepping though. Sanding and washing the walls are my least favorite part. *sigh* But, I'm glad i can change things up a bit, even if I have to prep a bit beforehand.
      God Bless. :D

  9. I love that color Ivie! Peach is one of my favorite. I really need to start a hope chest. I've wanted to for years, just haven't gotten around to it.
    Great job, Ivie!


    1. Thank you! Starting a hope chest is fun. All the stuff I have is either gifts I got at Christmas or hand-me-down plates from my mom. It's really fun to know I'll have some things ready for whenever I move out. :D


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