Happy Fourth of July!

by - July 04, 2017

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   Forth of July. The day of our nations's independence. The day we decided we could survive on our own. Today is a day to celebrate. A day to come together as one nation and understand that we are all Americans. We don't need to argue our political points. We don't need to fight over opinions that won't likely be changed.

   Independence day is the day of the Red, White, and Blue. There are soldiers fighting for our freedom over seas and giving us this opportunity to celebrate.
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   For many, Forth of July is a staple of summer. Barbecue and getting together with family and friends. While all of this is fun (I'm addicted to hamburgers), we need to remember the reason for Forth of July.

   It's the day we became our own nation, under God. We were made free.
   I know this post was short, but I couldn't not write anything for Independence day. Remember your freedoms. This country is truly great, no matter what anyone says.

   God bless America and God bless y'all. 😁
   🎆🎆🎆🎆 (Y'all, it doesn't look like it, but these are fireworks.)

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  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome. I love Forth of July. (plus we're having burgers tonight :) )
      It's important we remember what it's truly about.
      God bless! <3

  2. Great post! Right now it's pouring outside, so thanks for reminding me what today is really about.
    Btw, love the new blog look.

  3. Thank you! The blog look is temporary, but I kind of like it, too.

    I'm sorry its raining. Hopefully it will stop soon. I used to get so mad when it would rain on Forth of July. Now we don't really have anywhere to watch fireworks. The place they used to do it isn't doing it this year and they haven't done it for a few years.

    Do you go somewhere to watch fireworks or do you shoot them off?

    1. Our community always has a big grill, dancing, and a firework show from five p.m. to 12 a.m. We always go to that and leave around ten.

    2. That sounds awesome! Your post was awesome, btw. I wish my community did something like
      Oh, totally unrelated, but my diploma came in the other day. *jumps up and down excitedly*
      And my mom took me driving in a parking lot and I did much better than the first time.

    3. Yeah, it's fun!

      Congratulations!!! That's so exciting!!!!!! ^_^

    4. Thank you!!! I'm feeling a little better about driving. I know I have the written part down. I've been practicing different tests to do it.

      And my diploma is beautiful. I'm excited and sad all at once because that chapter of my life is over and I feel like I'm in between chapters. I know the Author of the universe knows what He's doing and He has a plan. The waiting part is so hard, though.

      Overall, though, its awesome. I also get a cap and gown which is a beautiful blue. We're going to take pictures eventually. It might have to wait until it gets cooler out so we don't melt. Heat index is high. Almost 105 today, I think.

  4. Happy fourth of July Ivie! It's good to remember our roots <3 Today my family is going to friend's house to cookout

    1. Happy Forth of July to you, too! Have fun at the cookout. Today my mom's making hamburgers on the George Foreman Grill. (Too hot to barbecue. But my parents may change their minds.)
      Have an awesome day!

  5. Happy 4th everyone! Can you believe that the nation has existed for 241 years? I can't.

    Our skies are threatening rain too - that's ok, it doesn't sound like we have plans.


    1. We didn't have many plans for the day, either. I made some cupcakes, which I will be posting about soon. Red, white and blue, of course. And they're chocolate. You can taste the freedom.

      241 YEARS? That's a long time. I would have thought it was longer.

      It didn't rain for me. I live in Texas like Gray does, but probably a different part. Not saying where since I'm paranoid. But it is sunny, hot, and humid. It might rain tomorrow, but the weatherman didn't seem confident in that. But, Texas weather isn't something that's predictable.

      What do you usually do for Forth of July? Do you have a place to watch fireworks?

  6. Happy 4th of July!!!
    Our pastor had said Freedom isn't free. He's right. God's freedom is free fro us to have an accept, but not the freedom the world gives.
    I'm so proud of all our veterans and those who gave their lives for us. They give up so much for our country, and I'm thankful for their sacrifice. Very thankful. <3
    God bless you all.
    I think we may be doing fireworks tonight. Sometime tonight. Ahh, the joys of a dark sky.
    Lol, I wasn't sure what those were. I zoomed in and thought those were stars. Lol I love fireworks. I've been thinking. Those people who have been to war and are sensitive to loud noises now....we're not doing them any favors. *sigh*
    Today's a day to have fun, and I'm making you all feel bad. Sorry, guys.
    Have a blessed evening. :)
    *Thanks for the post, Ivie!*

    1. Glad you liked the post. Your pastor is right. Freedom comes at a price. We have a neighbor who has the loud noise problem. He's been overseas and doesn't like the noise, but last year, they shot off a few noisemakers. He doesn't like the noise, but he seemed to do okay last time because he was outside.

      I personally don't like loud noises, either. With people already shooting off fireworks past few nights, its been rough, but I know what they are. Same neighbors gave us a few firework thingies (I don't know what they're really called) last year because we helped them with something that night, so we shot off a few, but it is really illegal this year. We'll probably just watch from outside or from a window.

      Have fun. Today we celebrate our independence, though we should celebrate it everyday. (Not with fireworks, though. We can just be appreciative.)

      God bless you and have a blessed evening as well!

    2. We have these neighbors who set off these fireworks that I think are illegal and there was smoke. It was awful. It got in our yard. Good thing they didn't break anything. We had to have a talk with them though, and they haven't done anything yet. *prayers* It had scared our elderly neighbor so much. Poor lady!

      The fireworks here sound like cannon shots. It's crazy. it's like completely quiet and then you heard *BOOM*. Good gracious, it's a good way to give someone a heart attack. They've been doing it days before today and I've been like "Really, people? It's okay to be happy and enjoy July Fourth with fireworks, but it's not the special day yet and it's almost midnight!!!"
      Poor man. Maybe he'll do better this year. I feel so bad for them. We're only letting off a few small ones, so they won't be that loud at all.

      Thanks, you as well. :) We'll appreciate their sacrifice and the sacrifices they are making at this very moment.


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