Forth of July Cupcakes

July 04, 2017

   So, the designs didn't come out as expected, but they are delicious and patriotic. That's all that matters.

   In case any of y'all are wondering, these are chocolate cupcakes with red, white, and blue icing. I learned a lot from YouTube videos today about decorating cupcakes that helped me with them. Thanks Mom, for looking up those videos.

   So that's about it. Just wanted to share what I did today. Thanks, Mom, for all your help. I couldn't have done these without you.

  God bless y'all and have a wonderful Forth of July. 😁

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  1. Ahhhhh!!! I want a cupcake so bad right now. *Jumps in portal and grabs one*
    They look delicious. I can eat some chocolate cupcakes, but mostly's so sad because those are what I crave the most. xD The struggle is real. At least I'm not allergic to almost everything. *thinks of person I know* Poor people. :\

    1. *lets you take one*
      These are called devils food chocolate. Name isn't appealing, but the taste is awesome. It is sad to have food allergies. I can't have almonds, avocodoes, watermelon, and there's a few more items that I can't remember right now. Just odd stuff.

    2. *hugs you*
      Oh, I LOVE that kind. Ahhhh, it gives me the worst headaches, but it's so darn yummy. Lol
      You poor thing! Almonds aren't my favorite, but I indulged myself on guacamole on Sunday. Lol
      Allergies to watermelon is just downright sad.

    3. Eh, I don't worry about allergies too much. I just don't expose myself to the stuff by not eating it. I'm sorry that some chocolate gives you headaches. That's really sad.
      With my allergies, it only makes me sad because I get limited on healthy foods because all the allergies are of healthy foods.

      God bless you! Have a good night and Happy Forth of July.

    4. It's hard to ignore the staring chocolate bars I used to adore, but now that I haven't had them for so long, it doesn't matter so much. I just think of the other, healthier choices. Lol
      It is sad, isn't it. At least my body hasn't deprived me of dark chocolate! *I know, drama*
      Aww, I'm sorry. With being allergic to junk food, it makes you think of the healthy options, but in your case...Lol. I hope that maybe the allergy wears off the older you get. *If that's possible*
      God bless! The cops had to check out a couple of our neighbors because they were definitely letting off illegal fireworks. Sheesh. One guy let one off (It literally sounded like a bomb) right after the cop had talked to him. He got a talking for the other guys, they may have hid when they saw the cops because there were no more fireworks for a couple minutes and then they started up again. *sigh*
      Hope your evening's gone well. We got to see family and hanged with them for a bit. Todays been a good day. *nods*

  2. Those look really nice! Bet they tasted just as nice too!


    1. They tasted awesome. *hands you virtual cupcake*

  3. Fourth of July is always a fun holiday! Thank God for our freedom as a nation and also for our freedom from sin :D
    Can I have one of those cupcakes? Please??

    1. Today is a wonderful day. We are free.
      *hands you cupcake.*
      God bless you! And welcome to my blog. :)

  4. Hope your 4th was beautiful! These look delicious :) Thanks for following my blog!

    1. Thank you. It was a good day. You're welcome. Your blog is really nice. Hope your Forth of July was great, too. :)

    2. Oops, I forgot. *hands you cupcake*

  5. YUMMY. *drools*
    Happy..... Belated Fourth!! XD

    1. Happy late Forth of July to you, too. *hands you cupcake.*


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