Meet Joseph

   So, on the Forth of July, dogs are more likely to bust out of their yards. Before it was even close to being dark, fireworks were already being shot off. I'm very sensitive to this as my dog escaped a couple years ago. We sort of knew the lady who found him, but not well enough for her to know it was our dog. My dog had some sort of tag that people could call so the owners would be alerted.

   We got our dog back and learned her dog escaped. Whenever we would go on walks, her dog would bark at us from the backyard. We could see he was a brown color like peanut butter. So we called him Peanut Butter. We found out his real name (a human name) was the name of my brother, so we always call him Peanut Butter. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car. He recovered and now jumps a six foot fence to get out of his yard and come here.

   When I saw a dog out this past Forth of July, my instinct was to find the owner. We didn't know his name because he didn't have a collar. We walked around, but no one had ever seen this dog, except for that day when he walked around with people. Earlier in the day, he would follow anyone outside.

   We couldn't put him in our backyard for the night as our dog doesn't do well with other dogs. A neighbor took him in and tried to feed him, but he wouldn't eat. Later the next morning, this large dog jumped a six foot fence.


   We thought he was pit bull, which terrified me. He might have actually been Chow and Labrador.
   He stayed by our house despite the fact we were inside. He would lay by our front door and peek in to see us.

   We called animal control and the lady came out. She checked for a chip and luckily he had one. However, he was from somewhere about thirty minutes away. When she called, they claimed they were looking for a Mastiff. We figured he was abandoned here.

   Animal control took him where he would be checked up and in seven days if no owner could be found, he'd be put up for adoption. We don't know what has happened to him, only that we sometimes miss him. Though he kind of terrified me, I miss him.

   My little sister named him Joseph. She claimed he seemed like a Joseph and for some odd reason, the name fit.

   The website where his picture should have been posted for adoption never showed him, so I assume his owner was found. The Animal Control lady assured us that the lady who takes care of dogs brought in works really hard to make sure the owners are found before the dog goes up for adoption.

   So, this is the dog I told some of you about. This is Joseph.

   That's all I have to say and if I find out where he ended up, I'll update  y'all.

   God bless y'all. 😁

Writing Wednesdays #8: The Writer's process

   Today, I thought I would do something lighthearted. We could all use a little humor. Here is a typical writer's process through gifs and short videos. Enjoy this peek into a writer's mind.
*Have the volume on for the videos as that adds to the humor. :) Also, which shows did you recognize?

   The first draft:
Image result for gif of hiccup flying toothless correctly for the first time
   I'm soaring through that first draft. All is going great and those ideas are just flowing out of me

   The reread:
Image result for gif of hiccup flying correctly for the first time
   What did I write?

   First Round of Edits:
Image result for gif of krunk this by all accounts doesn't make any sense
   Okay, time to scrap most of this.

   The Second Draft:
Image result for gif of toothless drawing
   This is better. And my sanity is still in tact. Sort of.

   After a bazillion rereads, edits, and rewrites, I'm done. I've got the draft I approve of.

   Approved Draft

   Now its time to decide. Traditional or Indie (self) publishing.
Image result for gif of decision making

   Congratulations! You're published:

   There's people who love the book and there's people who don't. Then there's the haters. 
   You're response to haters:

Image result for gif of trump fake news

That's about it. Hopefully y'all relate to some of this. This was fun to make. I might do something like this again soon. Let me know in the comment section if you laughed or smiled and which one made you laugh the hardest. God bless y'all and happy writing! 😁


   Hey, peeps. I wasn't going to post today, but this is special news that must be shared with the world. That's right people. World domination.

Image result for gif of evil laughter

(Okay, I know I said I didn't like cats, but I make an exception for this image because c'mon! Emperor's New Groove is hilarious.)

   I'm just kidding about the world domination part. For now, anyway.

   Today, I'm sharing a special video made by one of my peeps, Catherine. (Seriously, go check her blog out. She's awesome.)

   As some of you might already know, Gray Marie (check her out also because she rocks) started a wonderful rebellion against the low standards of YA books. For too long have YA books been filled with smut, drugs, abuse, and more. We don't want to read that anymore. 

   This video is part of the YouTube channel and Website (coming August 9th) and are important to the Rebellion. Okay, enough of me talking. Here's the video.

It is amazing and Catherine stayed up late to finish it. 
Subscribe to their channel and mark your calendars for August 9th because the Rebellion is coming. Will you join?

My (Overdue) Closet Project

   What is the best thing to do when you finish school and you're bored? Redo your closet, of course! I had a lot of stuff piling up in my closet and decided it was time to clean it up. I had just finished school and my summer vacation had started. This was in June. I meant to do a post about it sooner. Priorities, am I right? (I forgot.)

   Anyway, The first thing I needed to do was pull everything out. My closet threw up in my room. I had so much energy. I was like, "I'm getting this done, people."

   My mom and I had talked about me painting my closet. As I had everything out of the closet, I figured what better time than now to paint my closet? So, down the garage to find a paint color I wanted from our endless collection of Oops Paint. (Oops paint is discount paint from Home Depot. If you're planning on painting, look into Oops Paint as there might be a color that you like for a discount price.)

   First, we thought green. I have a couple of accent pillows in my room that are green and my comforter has a floral pattern with green leaves. As I looked at the paint, I settled on one. It wasn't really what I wanted, but it was what we had and I didn't want to clean my closet only to pull everything out again.

   Before I really began, we decided to check one more time for a tan color. Lo and behold, a peachy tan color. Y'all know peach is my favorite color. My excitement grew and I began prepping and painting my closet.

(Actually, these are more in-progress as my before pictures weren't great.)



   (Complete with a cowboy hat.)

 (The stuff on the top shelving is for my Hope Chest.)

   I painted the closet pretty much by myself. My mom helped me out with touch ups when I was too sore to move anymore and she helped me when I needed it. I love the paint color and how it turned out.

   So, to Gray and Catherine, whom I had talked to on my breaks between doing this project, here's the outcome.

   This is overdue since I started this in June and finished it in like three days. (Getting my closet back together took three days, including the day of painting.)

   My room was an obstacle course as I navigated through it just to get some sleep. I'm petty happy with the outcome.

  That's it. No rants. No life lesson. Wait, maybe I have a life lesson. *Ahem* You can do projects yourself and save money instead of hiring someone. Yes, it takes time and painting will cause soreness that you've never experienced, but it is so worth it. DIY is fun and keeps you productive.

   God bless y'all. 😁

Politically Correct Bibles?

Free stock photo of writing, blur, church, cross

   *Drags in soapbox and stands on it*

   Y'all, I'm very upset about something I recently saw on Amazon. I have a gift-card to Amazon and was thinking about using it to buy an NIV Bible. Currently, through the awesome website, Biblegateway, I'm reading the NLT translation, which seems to stick pretty close to the King James Version, but much more understandable. I wanted to try the NIV version next since it seemed a lot of people used that version and from what I had read, it seemed more poetic.

   I had my eye on a turquoise color Bible. It was really pretty on the outside, giant print on the inside, two columns, and red letters. It was what I wanted. It was more than what the gift-card had on it, but I have extra cash and thought I would just kind of wait and see more about it.

   As I was reading the reviews (again), I saw a review saying the text was a bit P.C (politically correct.) Where the Bible says man, this particular Bible says man and woman. Look, I get we're equal in this day and we have the same rights. We're all equal in God's sight and always have been. But changing facts isn't okay.

   Back in the time frame of when the Bible was still being recorded, women weren't equal. We just weren't. Its history. We have to learn from history, or we're doomed to repeat it. It made me mad and I decided I didn't want that specific Bible anymore.

   I didn't realize until that moment that words and even facts in Bibles were being changed to fit the culture. It got me thinking about how Bibles could end up in the future. Will they only get worse? I don't know about you, but I'd rather not have propaganda invading our Bibles.

   How is this propaganda? Well, it kind of pushes a feminist agenda by putting women equal to men in that time frame. I want a Bible that has the facts how they are, not how people want them to be.

   Yes, the Bible has some disturbing stories about things that happened. It isn't just a book to get deeper in your spiritual journey. It is a record of what was going on at that time. Some customs are very violent and brutal. But like I said, if we don't learn, we're doomed to repeat it.

   Tell me in the comments below if you've seen or experienced anything like this. I'd love to chat with you. God bless y'all. 😁

Email Subscriptions

   Unfortunately, the emails aren't going out to subscribers. I really don't know what to do. If any of y'all are skilled with FeedBurner, please contact me or comment below. I need to figure this out. Its kind of stressing me out.

   Until then, I've removed the widget to subscribe as it wouldn't be fair. Once I get this cleared up, I will replace it.

   If y'all know what I should do, it would be a big help.

   God bless y'all. 😁

Update: I contacted Google. I don't know if they'll get back to me or not. Hopefully they do. However, if they don't, I won't be replacing the widget. Those who are subscribed will stay subscribed unless they choose to unsubscribe. It won't hurt my feelings. I totally understand. This just frustrates me. But, God has a plan and this is happening for a reason, whatever that reason might be. Thank y'all for your support. I really appreciate it. Thank you for continually coming back and seeing what I have to say about life, writing, and everything in between. It means a lot that there are people who actually want to see what I have to say. Y'all mean a lot to me. God bless y'all.

Update number 2: I haven't heard anything back and I probably won't. Sorry to those of you who subscribed. But you know what? I'm not going to stress about it any more. God has a plan and He knows waaaayyyy better than I do. I was never about the subscribers. I was about the purpose that Christ set for me. It wasn't about a quantity, but a quality. I've met really awesome people on here that I'm so thankful for. Y'all are so supportive and nice. I look forward to every comment and conversation. Thank y'all for everything. I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. God bless y'all. 

Writing Wednesdays #7: The Early Writing Tag