Writing Wednesday #3: Pen Names + Character Q&A

by - June 14, 2017

    Okay, y'all, I want to tell you my journey with finding my Pen name.

    So, some of you might know that I had a hard time finding a pen name. You might remember me from Go Teen Writers as PT. I would use that as my name because those were the initials to my previous pen name.

    I wasn't completely sold on my prior pen name, which was a pun. (I love puns.) I was worried it wasn't professional enough. For those of you wondering, my original pen name was Paige Turner.

    I had thought I was so smart to come up with that name. It had meaning to me and it sounded nice. Well, I watching a video on pen names by Vivien Reis. She's a YouTuber who talks about writing. Y'all should check her out. Anyway, I was watching that video and I scrolled on down to the comments section.

    A person had mentioned that before you choose your pen name, you should google it to make sure a murderer or some other criminal doesn't have your name. So, I decided to hop on over to my google chrome feature on my computer and type in the name Paige Turner.

    It was probably the best thing I could have done because had I not done that, I would have regretted my pen name forever. I looked up the name and found out that there was a drag queen with that name. Yep. 😒

   (If you are under the age of fourteen, I'd advise you not worry about what a drag queen is if you don't already know. Don't look it up.)

   So, my search was on for a new pen name. I had gone through trying to figure out if I would use a pen name or maybe part of my real name. For privacy and safety reasons, I settled on using a pen name. It was finding that name that proved to be a challenge. Your pen name is your brand. You want it to be fitting and professional.

   I'm terrible at naming. I have a bunch of naming websites to help me name my characters. A pen name was ten times harder to find. I had thought about the name Ivy. When I had a dream with my pen name being Ivy, I knew it was what I wanted to do. Coming up with a last name proved to be difficult as well.

   My mom (thanks Mom!) came up with the spelling of Ivie. She was brainstorming some ideas for my blog the week before I made one. I saw the spelling and loved it. I love odd spellings.

   As for my last name (pen name) I don't plan to reveal that just yet. It isn't a set name, but it is definitely one I'm strongly considering.

   So, that was my journey with a pen name. Comment down below if you're using a pen name. How did you get to your pen name? And if you're not using a pen name, did you ever consider it before deciding on your real name?

   Character Q&A!!!!
   So, seeing some bloggers talk about their characters has inspired me to do something with my characters as well for the next Writing Wednesday. You'll ask me questions in the comments section of this post and my MC (main character), Reagan, will be answering your questions. She'll be "taking over" my blog for Wednesday.  You can ask as many questions as you'd like. Get your questions in by Sunday because I'll be going through and selecting questions for the next Wednesday.
   With all that being said ...

   God bless y'all. 😁

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  1. Aw, that's unfortunate about your pen name. 😕
    I went through a few pen names, G.C., G.M.C., Gregory Cotton, etc. Finally, one of my friends accidentally missed pronounced my name because she talks fast and she called me Gray. That's when I found my pen name.

    Character questions:

    How did you meet your best friend?

    What is one mystical animal you wish was real?

    1. Yeah, but it happens.
      Your story is cool! I can totally relate to fast talking, lol.
      Love these questions! They'll definitely be in my q&a.

  2. I've never considered a pen name before. I never really thought I'd need one, but, now that I think about it, it sounds useful..... XD

    Character Questions: What is your favorite book? Have you ever fallen in love?

    Oh, so it's going to be like your character is actually answering the questions!?! Yay! I love that kind. I do that kind of interview with my characters all the time! XD

    1. Nice questions! Keep your eyes peeled for next Wednesday because I'll be answering the questions.

      Yes, pen names can be useful, but some people don't prefer to use them. For me, I would rather use a pen name, but one day, my real name may be out there anyway. It just depends on the writer and their preferences.

    2. Well, Reagan will be answering the questions.

    3. Thanx! lol! I will. XD
      I just don't know..... It's better for privacy, that's for sure. I probably will use my real name.
      I can't wait! XD <3
      I wish I had a blog so I could post my interviews!!!! *cries*

    4. Maybe you and LHE can make a joint blog. You don't have to put any personal stuff on there. You could even go by the initials you use now or just your first names. Then you could post interviews. Or even if you two did separate blogs, you wouldn't have to put personal stuff on there except your writing.

  3. I do use a pen name, mostly for the same reasons you do. But it's technically part of my name.

    You see, in the Catholic faith, we take on one or two names at Baptism and another one at Confirmation. Catherine is my Confirmation name. It's not my legal name though.
    I do have a random surname that goes with it, but that will be revealed if I publish something.

    Character Q&A:

    Did you have any pets? If so, what type and what was their name(s)?


    1. I've never heard of that tradition before. I'm not very well versed with Catholic tradition. Hopefully you get published. :)
      Thank you for your question! I'm super excited to do this.

  4. I was thinking: "I LOVE the pen name Paige Turner", but them I was like...."Oh darn".
    That's unfortunate. *cringe*
    I thought of taking a name that meant my middle name in Indian, but now I'm not so sure. I'm NOT going to look up a pen name ideas so I don't get...jumped. Lol (who wants to?)

    I love Q and A's—
    What's his\her worst memory?
    What's his\her role model (this one might be too revealing)
    What is one thing he\she wants to do when they are older (or now), but think it impossible.

    Hope that's not too many. Lol
    God bless you. :)

    1. No, you can ask as many questions as you want. Doesn't mean "Reagan" will be able to answer them all, but she'll do her best. *hehe*

      I'm happy I looked up the pen name I chose. I would regret it later if I hadn't. Besides, now I have the name Ivie. I would never have gotten to this point without all of that happening.

      God bless you, too!

    2. *cackle* I can't wait. :)

      Oh, yes. It's a very good thing you did look it up. Plus, I like the pen name, Ivie, a lot. It seems to suit you for some reason. I mean, I haven't met you or anything ( wish I could sometime), but you're a Christian, and the Ivy plant grows like we do as Christians. Though, Ivy grows on poles and fences, and we grow in Christ. Lol <3

    3. You make an excellent point.
      I'm looking forward to doing the character q&a, too. I've been so excited for this post to come out. Also, I'm doing an extra post tomorrow, so watch out for that.

    4. Thank you. :)
      Oh, is that the post you were telling me about in GTW? I'll look out for the post. <3

    5. I might have said something to you already on GTW. I don't even know.
      *steps away to check*
      *comes back after searching for a few seconds*
      Yes, it is. It will be about my writing system.


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