Something That's Been On My Mind

   Hey y'all. Welcome to the second Motivation Monday.
   There's been something on my mind about the world in general. Something I think we all need to hear.
   This might get a little rant-y and some of you might not like what I have to say, but I need to say it. This message is something that's been on my heart. Motivation isn't always positive quotes and happy messages. Sometimes it's just something that makes you think. And that's what I intend to do today.

   On November 8, 2016, America elected Donald Trump as president of the United States. This sent a lot of people into protest, protest that only happens when a Republican is elected. Now, I'm not going to state my side of the political spectrum here, mostly because instead of conforming to one party or another, I like to make my own opinions and decide things for myself.

   There were many marches and each protest left destruction, whether it is believed or not, there is proof of destruction. Everyone has been hateful to the president.

   What the nation has failed to realize is no matter what, he was elected. Our morality as a nation is terrible. We're doing things that shouldn't be done. We're trying to disrupt the natural order that God made.

   Just recently, some things have taken place that are against President Trump. Some things you might have seen in the news that are honestly just too disgusting to mention here. No matter who the president is, this act is not okay.

   And I know there will be people who don't agree with me. That's okay. I want us all to think for ourselves, not conform to something society wants us to conform to. And if you do agree with me, again, these were probably already your opinions that you made with your own mind.

   As teens, we are assumed to rebel against what our parents believe. Or its assumed that we will agree with everything our parents say because we don't know otherwise. How about we break that barrier? Sure, there are things we will agree with and believe because of our parents. But we might also form our own opinions. We are separate people.

   Society today conforms. Most younger people conform to what others want us to believe. Schools don't teach the necessary things anymore, nor have they really ever. And homeschoolers, like myself, are looked down upon and thought to be stupid or sheltered from ever knowing the cruel facts of life.

    My heart is heavy because of the violence and disrespect. Hollywood thinks it can set the standard and have us worship the actors and actresses. The government has gotten too corrupt with power and wants to control every aspect of our lives.

   Everyone wants to run around saying #notmypresident when in reality, unless you're not a citizen of America, President Donald Trump is your president whether you like him or you don't. People who didn't like Obama didn't act like this. They didn't destroy property, hurt others, or riot out on the streets all the time.

   Again, I'm not saying what my side is. I'm stating what I see and how I see it. I'm not against protest. I'm against violence and looting. I'm against the evil that people become as they gain too much power.

   God is the ruler of the earth. Not President Trump. Not any of the foreign leaders. Not you. Not me. God. He sent Jesus to die for us, to make us new. He didn't send Jesus to die so we could riot and kill. He didn't sent Jesus to die so we could destroy.

   The Dial of Good and Evil is pointing way to close to evil and it's becoming a big problem.
   I guess what I'm trying to say is people are going out in the world believing everything they're told instead of researching or forming their own opinion. It's about time we start deciding for ourselves what we believe. And some people like to say they keep their religion and politics separate.

   There is no way you can do that. Your beliefs affect everything you do and say. Sometimes we mess up. A lot of times, we mess up. We're human, but we have to repent. We have to realize when we're wrong. Part of becoming teens and young adults is realizing it's time to own up to our own actions.

   I believe in y'all. I know you can do it. You can think for yourself. Lead by example and show the world you don't need its standards. You set your own standards according to God. Or, if you aren't a believer, you can at least take away from this to think for yourself.

   So, tell me in the comments what you think about all the stuff going on lately. As I said in the first post of my blog, fighting, cursing, and ugliness will not be tolerated. However, I encourage healthy debate. Having a difference of opinions makes us unique and brings a different perspective to all of our eyes. No rude, snarky comments. No negativity. Lift each other up.

   On that note, I'll end my rant here. Hopefully you've taken something away from this. Let me know in the comments what you've taken away. Thanks for sticking with me.

God bless y'all. 😁


  1. As a southern girl from the heart of Texas, I am with Trump. My parents weren't at first until it came down to the choice of Hilary or Trump, but I have always said if I had been eighteen I would've voted for him wholeheartedly. He is a strong business man and that is what America needs. I also hate all the trash he is getting, non of this really happened to democratic presidents, even though they themselves have done racist/sexist things in their past.
    The left has had control of too many things, our news, our music, our movies, our states, and even our country. It is time to put a stop to this political correctness foolishness. And if Trump can do that, I for one will support him.

    Also on the matter of gay rights, since I kind of felt you deluded to it, as a Christian I believe it is a sin to be gay. But key word: sin. Being gay in my mind is just like lying, or cheating, or stealing, so I can't stand it when other Christians freak out over it when they lie every day and we all known that in God's eyes sin is all the same. I think we as Christians should be supportive of our LGQBT+ friends, but not of their lifestyle. I think we need to lovingly get them help, like counseling or something. I do have a few gay or bi friends, and right now I'm not focusing on changing their minds about their sexuality, I'm trying to lead them to Jesus, because he truly is the only one who can change people.

    *looks back up* That was way longer than I intended...

    1. I love long comments. I agree with you on the gay lifestyle. I don't want to scream at them that they are going to hell or be mean to them. I'm not homophobic, but I don't agree with their lifestyle.

      By the use of the word y'all, I'm sure you've figured out I'm from the south, too. (Southern girls unite!) My mom liked Trump at the beginning. I didn't, at first. I felt like he was arrogant and I just can't stand arrogant people. I felt like he thought he was this big thing. I liked Ted Cruz. I still love what his tax plan was, to be honest, but he became very dishonest and I didn't like that.

      As time went on, I realized Trump was better. And when it came down to the wire, had I been eighteen, I would have voted him in, too.

      While there are things I think he can do better, he's doing the best he can.

      I guess I ended up stating my opinions here, lol. Honestly, if there are people who come on my blog who don't agree, I don't mind. I want healthy debate. Everyone out there these days want to fight over everything.

      This is getting long. Sorry. I get very passionate. Thank you for your support. It really means a lot to me. I'm thinking about doing more political posts since there's a lot going on and some things need to be said.

      God bless. :D

    2. Just to be clear, I'm sorry you thought I deluded to the LGBTQ+. I believe it is a sin and they do need counseling. Also, I wasn't really talking about that in this article, but more so the woman who posed with a fake Trump head. It scared Trump's youngest son, who thought it was real. To make matters worse, the lady (I use the term lady loosely) wants to keep going after Baron Trump. He's only eleven. It's wrong for her to do this and that's what made me want to write this article.

      My point on it was people like to believe whatever the govenment tells them these days and I just want people to make their own opinions, whether or not they agree with me.

      Again, thank you for the support. I really appreciate it and it means a lot. God bless. :)

    3. I didn't mean that as a bad thing! And I totally agree with you!!

    4. Okay. The definition of the word deluded made it seem like you meant I accepted that lifestyle. Sorry for the miscommunication, lol. I'm glad we can agree. :)

  2. Amen, girl!!!
    When the election first started, I was kind of..... idiotic about politics. I didn't watch the news or read the newspaper or ANYTHING, so I didn't really know what was going on. But I started investigating, and I made my decision - about two months before Trump was elected. I was for Trump. When he won, I was all happy because, even though he has his faults, I was (and am) praying that God would use him. (My whole family has been praying, too.)
    It's terrible how people go after him. Every day, there's a new story about some protest or someone that has been disrespecting or bullying him and his family. It's sad.

    1. Thanks for the support. I'm tired of people looting and robbing. All the stories of shootings and awful things happening just because they want to throw tantrums.

      Silence is consent and I won't back down and be silent. Even if people aren't with me, I won't stray from the values my parents and God has instilled in me.

      Your encouragement and support means a lot to me. I really do appreciate it. God bless. :)

    2. You're welcome! I am, too. It seems like there's a new thing every day. I wish people would give it a rest. :\ All we can do is pray and keep doing what we know is right.

      It's also frustrating how people don't just take things out on Trump - they harass his family, also. :(

      I'm glad I can encourage you! Are you getting used to blogging???


      He had to go to the ER again, yesterday, because his shoulder started bleeding. He woke up, and it was gushing blood. He almost fainted, but they got is stitched up. He's been staying with our grandma, and, talking to her yesterday, we realized that Noah could have DIED. He lost a LOT of blood... He's okay now. He's been doing exercises with his hands (flexing his fingers and arms) because, if he doesn't, his skin will grow back in one position - he won't be able to do it when he is recovered.
      He was in good spirits last night. My parents, sister, and I went over and watched a movie with Noah and our grandparents (and brought pizza ;D), and I think that cheered him up.
      Even though he's in pain outside, he's thriving spiritually. He realized that if he hadn't listened to God and come home, his family could've died. It was sort of a wakeup call. <3

      Lol. Sorry for the LOOOOONNNNNGGGG comment. Again. XD

    3. Yes, I'm getting used to it. It's all still a learning curve, though, lol.
      That sounds scary. I pray he gets better soon. I know God is watching over him and all of you. It's good you were able to go over there and cheer him up. I'm sure he appreciated it.
      God bless. :)

    4. lol! XD
      It is. Poor thing. Thank you so much for your prayers! They're helping a lot! <3
      God bless ya!

  3. There's so much violence now. It's so awful. I mean, people, get a hold of yourselves. Everyone acts like the world is ending because they don't get what they want. The reason everyone votes is so that things won't get ugly by people saying how unfair things are. Who wins, wins. You can either deal with this or go and do maniac things.
    I agree with you completely, Ivie. Now, I'm not saying that you have to LOVE whoever goes into office, but there's no need for disrespect. That's just rude and immature. I mean, just because who you wanted to be in office didn't win, it doesn't mean you need therapy. I leave my life to God. He's in full control. Now, no matter who's in office, God is my savior and he is my judge. Not the world. The world can kiss me goodbye. I'm with God, and whatever happens, I will STAY with God. He will always be my leader. I will respect those in office and those in the government, but I will NOT worship them.
    Now, going after the president's son is downright cold. HE'S A KID. How ignorant and immature can you get.
    Looting and hurting others who are full Trump, or full Hillary is not acceptable. It won't get you anywhere good or make God smile upon you. I don't care how much you like or dislike someone, but don't ditch your values and stop controlling your senses\actions because of it. Revenge is God's and God will judge the person. Not you. We all will stand before God and none of this will matter anymore. Remember, ya'll, you will give account for every idle word that comes out for your mouth. For every deed. Be the ones who have been paid for by the blood, and have loved those who you really don't want to love. Be like Christ.
    Good job, Ivie, and God bless you. <3

    1. Oh, and the terrorism in France is just sickening. I need to remind myself: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. God is their judge, not me or anyone else. Sorry, I thought I needed to add that.

    2. Well said, LHE. The terrorism in England is awful, too, but unfortunately, they aren't really trying to stop it. I'm not going to say all Muslims are bad, but if they follow the Koran and believe in what it says, they are just as bad because they condone the violence, even if they never commit a crime themselves.

      We need to love one another, but we also need to make it clear that our values and morals, which come from God, are of utmost importance. We need to follow what God says and pray the enemy sees their wrongs.
      God bless. :)

    3. Thanks. ;)
      I agree with you completely. All sin is the same in God's eyes, but we are different when we accept that we have sinned and repent. That decision makes all the difference.
      You're right, we need love the person, but hate their sin. Like I don't hate anyone, and God doesn't hate anyone, but he hates our sin, and we hate other's sins. We need to pray that their evil doings are seen by themselves, and that they don't lie to themselves anymore. That's what digs us deeper into the ground. Lying to ourselves.
      Thanks again, for your post. I think a lot of people need this. :)

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