Please Take Care of Your Pets

   I love dogs. They're my favorite animal. But, considering most of y'all have probably seen my about me page, y'all know I love dogs.

   Here's what gets me mad about dog owners. I've witnessed a lot of them not caring for their dog. When their dogs get out, they barely try getting them back. They don't care if their dogs get out. They just stand by and watch. (This may seem dramatic, but I've actually seen someone let their vicious dog roam and not really try to get it.)

   I've also seen dog owners let their dogs roam around and do their business in other neighbors' yards. (We have a leash law, which makes this just as illegal as it is rude.)

   If you aren't going to care for your pet, why do you have one? Dogs are amazing. They can be more loyal than people. They're there for you.

   I'm not an animal rights activist. I don't think that animals have more value or even equal value to people, but I love my dog. When he got out one Fourth of July, I freaked out. We couldn't find him. When we did, I was so relieved. I hugged him. Literally hugged him. (There is a controversy on whether dogs like hugs. Mine just so happens to love hugs. He actually will jump up and hug my dad.)

   Why don't people worry when their dog gets out? Why don't they care? I know this rant may seem kind of pointless to some, but seeing some recent actions toward a dog I know and care about (not my dog) has gotten me mad. I don't feel like going into the whole story on here would be appropriate. I feel like that would be gossip and that's not something I ever intend to do on this blog. I just want dogs to have loving homes.

   So, if there's anyone out there who wants a dog, really consider the responsibility. It's a lot of work. It can be worth it, but if you aren't up to it, don't get a dog. Or any animal for that matter. Know what that animal requires and make sure you can provide that. Don't get an animal to just to say you have a pet. They deserve more than that.

   God bless y'all. 😁


  1. This is so true!
    My family has an ENORMOUS guard dog, and he takes so so so much work to handle. He is our first dog and we've had him for three years now...He is a tough dog to care for but we all work hard to take care of him. :) I love to see people caring for what God has given them, creatures great and small.
    Great post Ivie <3

    God bless you :) <3

    1. Thank you! The picture above is my dog. We've had him for four years this August. He is a lot of work. He has a lot of anxiety (like his owner), but he is so worth it. Honestly, this dog and I have such a special bond.

      I love enormous dogs. I want to get a large lab one day.

      I just get so tired of people not actually caring for their pets. It makes me mad.
      God bless you. <3

  2. I have a cat and he's my precious little thing, and if he ran out, I'd freak. He's not...the smartest cat you could ever have, but i love the little guy. <333
    A lot of people who have pets don't deserve them at all. If you didn't want the responsibility of a pet, then why'd you buy it? It's the same thing for kids. If you didn't want the responsibility of having a child, then why'd you have one. People are sick.
    Leaving your dog' on the sidewalk (I'm serious. ON THE SIDEWALK!) is just rude. I mean, really people?!
    Thanks for the post, Ivie.

    1. We had a neighbor that would just let their dog go on the sidewalk. The dog was old, so it would just go while it walked. They didn't care. I'm thinking since we haven't seen the dog lately it might have gone to be with the Lord, or they stopped walking it.

      I agree. If you can't take care of the pet, don't have one.
      (BTW, the dog in the pic is mine. <3 )

    2. That's...weird. Poor dog. Aww, that's sad. I mean, if the person loved the dog, then I feel bad for them. I can't imagine loosing my precious cat. <3
      I mean, what's the point if you just let them starve?
      Aww, your dog is SO adorable. What kind is it? A wiener dog? I'm not the best with dog and cat types.

    3. Beagle coonhound. He's much bigger than the picture makes him out to be. I had a better one, but his collar was on in the other one and I wasn't about to let creepy stalkers trace me. (Paranoia at its finest.)

    4. Also, he might have some other breeds. We rescued him from a shelter. They just called him a hound dog. He's crazy sometimes, but I love him.

    5. Aww! Beagles are adorable dogs. I never knew people could do it that way...oh my.
      That was sweet of you guys to rescue him. In the animal shelter commercials, they always have sad eyes. Poor things.
      My cat can be...naughty, but I love the little boy. If he could talk, he'd probably be cussing me out, though. Lol

    6. Oh, if my dog could talk, he'd get us in trouble with the neighbors, lol. I know he would be sarcastic and would probably say stuff that's not nice. Sometimes, its fun to just imagine. :)

    7. xD Exactly! I know, right? Well, then you'd be like..."Please, don't ever talk. Please!"
      My sister's writing now, so she hasn't been on here much. She's so excited because she finished her first short story. Her writing made me cry. She's so happy that she got me "emotional". She's hyped. Lol

    8. OHMYGOSH, tell her I said congratulations. That's so amazing. To finish feels so good. When you can get the reader to feel what the character feels, you've done a good job. I'm so happy for her!


    9. I will! It does, doesn't it? It feels so refreshing. I hope to accomplish that, and you never know, I could make my reader sob. I am happy for her as well! <3

  3. Very true! I can't say that I like dogs much myself (I have bad memories from when I was really young), but people should consider this with basically any pet. Cats, dogs, horses -- it's a responsibility. These are live animals, God's creations, and we should care for them.

    Great post! <3

    audrey caylin

    1. I'm sorry. I totally get it. I was afraid of dogs up until recently and I still have a slight fear of strays. I was almost attacked by a dog. Granted, the dog was small, but I was small, too, and any dog baring its teeth trying to bite is a threat.

      But, I've realized that not all dogs are like that. I was also nearly attacked by German shepherds when walking my dog. Two large German shepherds. They broke out of their fence and started circling my mom and our dog. My mom had me run my siblings home since the dogs weren't focused on us.

      Very scary. I've never seen my anxious dog so calm before. It was like he knew what to do.

      All that rambling and I lost my point, lol. Dogs can be good and they can be bad. I don't really trust German Shepherds and pit bulls. Those two breeds scare me the most.

      God bless you! And thank you for the sweet comment.


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