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by - June 12, 2017

   Hey, y'all.

   Today, I wanted to talk about being home-schooled. I know a lot of you are home-schooled and I wanted to talk about something I think we can all relate to: questions you get from people who don't understand home-school.

  1. Will you be able to function in the real world?
  2. What about social skills?
  3. How does graduation work for you? Do you get a diploma?
  4. Do you graduate with a group of students?
   I have answers to all these lovely questions. Yes, I will function just fine in the real world. I may be shy and introverted, but there are a lot of public school kids who are shy and introverted as well. What's their excuse?

   I can be very social, actually, once I warm up to people. Even though I'm introverted, I talk a lot. If I know you well enough, I'll talk forever. There is no shutting me up. I just have to warm up to people and I typically take a little time to do so.

   Graduation for every home-school student is different. For me, we're going to add up my total points for every grade and order my diploma. We have to add up the points because a certain number equals an honors diploma. The diploma I'm getting comes with a cap and gown and a diploma case. We plan to take pictures at places around where I live and my mom and I are going to go shopping for a dress because, despite me being girly, I typically live in jean shorts or yoga pants. So yes, I do get a diploma. However, I know some home-school kids who didn't because their family agreed it wasn't necessary. It's different for everyone.

   I will not be graduating with a bunch of students. I was not part of a co-op. We joined a co-op when I was younger, but didn't know it was geared toward older students about to graduate. At the time, I was far from graduation, so it wasn't really a fun co-op. We never joined another one, but I don't feel like I missed out on that. I'm sure co-ops are fun, but like I said, every student is different. That's what's so awesome about home-school. It's tailored to the student and not the other way around.

   So tell me in the comments below if you've ever been asked any questions like this. What are the worst questions anyone has asked you because you're home-schooled. 

   God bless y'all.😁

Here's one of my favorite videos from Blimey Cow. Enjoy!  

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  1. I LOVE Blimey Cow!
    And yes, that is so true, most public schoolers I know have these crazy notions about homeschoolers and I'm just here like, "Where did that come from?!?!?"

    1. I love Blimey Cow, too. I like their older videos.
      I have a neighbor who loves to bring up "the real world" in many conversations. I'm just like, "Um, I'm living aren't I? Isn't this the real world?"
      So many myths about home schooling.

    2. I know that feeling.
      One time I was talking to a friend, who happens to be public schooled and he randomly said, "too bad you're homeschooled, you haven't been in the real world yet."
      And I just looked at him and said, "I'm sorry, but I wasn't under the impression that sitting in different classrooms for hours on end classified as the "real world"."
      That shut him up real fast. 😆

    3. BUUURRRNNNN!!!!
      I love this so much! I might have to use it some time, lol. This made me smile so much. Thank you!

    4. You had the perfect answer, Gray. Lol
      People have stereotypes of homeschooling. It's kind of hurtful. I'm HUMAN, not some...creature from under the earth who has no understanding of the world and what goes on around me. I mean, really, people.
      Though, I have had people talk to me (public schoolers), and say that they wished THEY were homeschooled. Then, I have others who say I should go to public school because it's fun. People are different. *shrug*

  2. I loved this! I usually get the question "how do you have any friends?" And I say "well... I do other things? Like activities and hang out with other homeschoolers or do social internet stuff (like blogging) and actually family can be really good company too" xD

    audrey caylin

    1. Lol. I always say, "I talk to do you make friends?"
      Public schoolers don't realize how funny their questions are sometimes!

    2. I can't stand when people think we're like aliens or something. We're humans and we all make friends the same way. WE TALK TO PEOPLE! I love people who don't understand homeschool, though. They give such good laughs. :D

    3. *they give me something to laugh at.
      (my last sentence didn't make sense.

  3. When people act all weird when you tell them you're homeschooled, just think, "you're missing out". I mean you don't really have bullies when you're homeschooled....unleeeessssss...let's just skip that.
    Annnyway, someone at the dentist heard that my sister was homeschooled and she asked: "Are you social?" TO HER FACE!!! I mean, REALLY?!?! Your child might be shy, but we're all human beings with different personalities. I might be a shy type, Benjamin Franklin might have been shy...OR he could have been seriously extroverted. I mean, that's a crappy example *cringes*, but to sum it all up, everyone's different. No matter if they're homeschooled or not.
    I don't know what I'd do if someone dissed me like that...xD
    Good post. I could say so much more, but I'll just end it here. Lol

    But I have to admit, I've seen some homeschoolers do the same thing to public schoolers, (although public schoolers don't seem to care as much).
    One time a girl I know met one of my public school friends and she literally stared at them open mouthed, and said, "You're a public schooler?! I've never met a public schooler before!!"
    Like he was some exotic, rare animal!!! XD
    And I'm just over here like, no wonder public schooler's think all homeschooler's are weird, they meet fruitcakes like this!!!! XD

    1. I love the use of the word fruitcake, Gray!
      GJE told me about her experience with the dentist. I just can't believe things like this happen. My dentist is pretty cool about it. Actually, he's one of the few people who actually don't act weird. The dental assistant sometimes acts weird, but not extreme like some people. She just asks questions more so to get an understanding. (She's been seeing me since I was six, so I think it's all good.)
      I'm glad I wrote something we can relate to. I just get so tired of people asking me if I feel like I missed out. I really don't.

    2. Aww, no wonder. Lol
      Yeah, most of my friends are public schoolers, though they don't really bother me about being homeschooled much.
      Poor, dude. Lol
      I mean, different people are different. There's no way around it.
      Stereotypes are unfair.
      Not all public schoolers are the same though. (We can't gang up on 'em.) xD

    3. @Ivie:
      My Church is so sweet about it. They don't act weird about it with me. I know, if anything, THEY are missing out. Of course, there are pros and cons of homeschooling AND Public Schoolers, but all in all it's just that we as people think differently and want diff things. That doesn't mean we're missing out on the world. We LIVE IN IT for goodness sakes. W don't miss out.

    4. EXACTLY! We live in this world. We aren't completely oblivious to things. I know people who knew things at too young an age and it seemed to mess them up. We aren't sheltered, but we're protected and allowed to just be a kid.

    5. I mean, I know things that are going on, and I live in this world. I agree with you, we aren't oblivious.
      Aww, I think it's sad when that happens to kids. I mean, I think it's wise to be told things a little at a time so it's not a big ball of hate that we feel.
      We have protective, loving parent who want what's best for us and don't want us to be scarred at too young of an age. It's not making us sheltered, it's protecting our minds so that we don't focus on those things.

  5. THANK YOU for this post I've been waiting for someone to get this out in the open. lol. XD
    Oh, I love Blimey Cow!! XD My mom laughs so hard at their stuff. XD XP

    1. You're welcome! I'm pretty annoyed at people who think we're uneducated and started writing this rant a while back because I was feeling mad. Plus, this is my favorite Blimey Cow video.
      So why not write about something I've dealt with and probably still will even though I graduated. I can only imagine what's to come. :)


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