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      Yep, y'all have an extra post this week. Since I have a little more time on my hands, I was thinking about trying to do extra posts, but we'll see if I'm able. This week, I wanted to talk about the process of writing a novel.

      I've been writing my WIP (work in progress) since I was fifteen. But, my process was to write it, hate it, and scrap it. This cycle kept going on and on because I wanted it to be perfect. I'm a perfectionist. While that's not a bad thing, my book is never going to be perfect. I know this in my head. But yet I still aim for perfection.

     Anyway, I've recently found a process that works for me. The funny thing is, not every book you write will have the same process. For my WIP, which is a contemporary dystopian trilogy, I have to write the first draft, then outline, then edit. That's how I work. I can't outline without a skeleton of what my manuscript will be. It's too hard and I don't exactly know what I want until I write it.

    But, I know as we mature as writers and authors, we change. That may mean one day, I don't need an outline. Or it may mean I outline first. My mind is constantly writing and creating new stories. This is great because I'm never short of ideas. But, it's not so great when I need to focus on my WIP.

   Also, I write many different genres. That means I may have to change my process to fit what I'm writing at the time. I write dystopian, medieval, fantasy, mystery, some nonfiction because of my blog, and a mixture of other genres. With fantasy, it might be easier to build the world before you throw in characters and other elements.

   Writing contemporary, I already have present day to work with. Writing dystopian, I take influence from dictators and over-controlling government. Smash that together and you've got an angst filled, adventurous world.

   Not everyone will be able to have the same system. I finally found mine by listening to what other writers did and just picking and choosing what worked for me. So maybe this will help those of you who love to write, be it for your dream of being an author or maybe you just write for yourself.

   All that being said, tell me in the comments below what works for you. Have you found your system or are you still on the hunt for one?

Quick note: I updated my Writing Adventures page with a book cover and snippet. The book cover is one I made myself and is subject to change. Anyway, go check it out if you want. Thanks, y'all for your support.

   God bless y'all. 😁



  1. Wow THIS IS ME! I struggle so much with getting it done because of my perfectionism.

    I basically used to think I was a pantser but now I have started to take all those ideas in my head and put them out as bulleted list, its so much easier and enjoyable than an outline! Using those loose guidelines I write my first draft.

    1. That sound fun! I don't mind outlines, but my problem is being too excited to begin the actual writing process. Sometimes, I have a hard time outlining because I need to get my ideas out first.

      Perfectionism is a blessing and a curse. In one sense, it can help you do things to the best of your ability, but in another sense, it can drive you crazy because you want whatever you're doing to be completely perfect.

      God bless. :)

    2. Oh yes! We are alike on many levels! :)
      At some point I just realized that I shouldn't worry about being perfect to other standards, to strive to do my best. We don't all write in the same way after all...the variety is what makes reading fun in the end. :)

    3. Exactly and God gave us varied gifts for writing. He's using us to better His kingdom with our writing, but He's doing it in different ways. It's so amazing to see.

    4. That's so true, beautifully put <3

  2. I'm still on hunt for one, but yours made me think. Hmm, for me, planning first, outlining in this case, seems to help me write better, but I'm not the best at outlining. I feel so stuck all the time no matter how hard I try to grab for something to pull me up (or my characters up). It's crazy.
    How's everything been working for you? That's cool that you can write all those genres. i just stick to realistic fiction. Lol

    1. Well, Anna's comment above is another way to write without having the traditional outline. It might help you.

      I just get so many ideas in different genres, it's really a problem, lol.

    2. I do make random lists....yeah, that would be more enjoyable than an outline. Hmm, I guess I'll use what I think'll help me most. *cringe*
      Well, it's the worst and the best. A bittersweet thing. I hear the plot bunnies are very aggressive this time of year. Lol

    3. Plot bunnies are aggressive for me no matter what time of year.
      *sees another one and runs away*

    4. Oh yeah.
      *one holds knife against my throat and commands me to carry out a story*
      It's brutal. Lol

    5. Very brutal.
      *sees the army of plot bunnies forming and hides*
      Lol. :D

    6. *pushes fluffy, fat plot bunny away as it barrels into my arm*
      Haha! xD

  3. I like to outline the basic skeleton for plot and go from there. I get the details as I write. XD

    1. Cool!
      It's awesome to see everyone have different styles of writing.

  4. I have only written one novel, I like novellas because novels are too much of a commitment for me! XP

    1. Yes, novels are a HUGE commitment, I get it. I just felt like I wanted to write something longer, but my word count keeps coming up short, lol. XD


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