So, it's no secret that California has some pretty messed up politicians. However, this news story takes the cake. California's Attorney General, Xavier Beccara, has decided that any business trips will not be made to the states of Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, and Kentucky. He says taxpayer money will not be put toward states that still discriminate against the LGBT community.

   First off, let's break down the hypocrisy. Isn't he discriminating against people who don't agree with that lifestyle? Some people don't agree. How is that a crime? Oh, wait, I forgot we're supposed to conform to society.

   The other hypocritical thing is California lawmakers were angry when President Trump made a ban against the refugees coming here. He was trying to protect us from the people coming to harm us. People who don't agree with the LGBT lifestyle aren't typically going to hurt LGBT people.

   The attorney general is being ridiculous. Last year, he made a ban for business trips to go to Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Those states, from what I read last, are still on the list.

   Businesses will be harmed by this. Of course, I'm sure that's what the guy wants. He wants people to conform to his own beliefs. He wants us to follow the wide road in life.

   I'm following the narrow road. The road with many trials and heartache, the road with joy and success. The road that leads to Jesus. I won't follow what this guy wants.

   Lawmakers in many other states that tend to lean left also show the same hypocrisy. They want what they want, but they aren't willing to give. We need compromise. I personally don't agree with the lifestyles they want to promote and I have no intention of traveling to California any time soon, but it doesn't make it right for their lawmakers to ban business travel.

   It's the states choice and right to decide what they want. It should have always been that way. Not the other way around. That means, yes, this guy can choose to do that, but he should really look into the fact that if the rights hadn't been given back to the states, he would not have been able to do that.

   With all that being said, I'm out. God bless y'all. Have a great weekend. 😁


  1. Wow. That makes me really angry. California just has a really messed-up, liberal attorney general. :/

    1. Yes, he is very liberal. I think a lot of the politicians there are messed up. It's all a bunch of hypocrisy. I had a plan for a different post today, but after seeing an article yesterday about this, I wanted to talk about it.
      God bless you!

  2. Cali needs a come to Jesus. That's very sad, but not surprising.

    This is off topic, but when you do these posts, you remind me of Hunter Avallone, minus the swearing and the YouTube channel! XD Good job!!

    1. You watch Hunter Avallone, too? I like his older stuff. I don't like his new swearing and the fact he decided he's no longer Christian. (It's not that I mind atheists, I just feel sad that he lost his faith.) Cali does need Jesus. Thank you for the compliment. It means a lot to me.
      <3 God bless <3

    2. Yes! I've been with him from almost the beginning!! I wish he hadn't started swearing, and I saw that video and it made me very sad for him. :(
      But I do love his voice and how he stands up for the conservative side, he's one of our strongest voices with his sarcasm and wit!

    3. I agree. He definitely stands up for what's right. I just watched his Johnny Depp video after I posted my post and he made similar points, even better ones. I don't like the swearing and I cringe slightly when he does, but I don't think he did in the Johnny Depp video.

      God bless you. <3

  3. Ivie speak out! I am so happy someone is actually addressing this issues! We need people to do it, your posts always hold my attention from beginning to end and I couldn't agree more with all you have to say! All of these things are constantly simmering under my brain/

    California is in a miserable state, the Sodom and Gomorrah of our time. Some of the things I have discussed with my mom, that these lawmakers let pass still leave me haunted. (child prostitution laws that basically put the blame on the children not the abusers).

    Anyway thank you for speaking out Ivie, it's really important and you have eloquence which I greatly appreciate. So many reports these days are filled with swearing and ugliness, even christian professing ones. <3 God bless you friend <3 :)

    Anna - www.worldthroughherheart.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much! I always look forward to your comments, Anna. You're always so kind. Yes, California is suffering and I hope they turn to Jesus. All we can do right now is pray. Thank you so much for your kind words. They always make me smile.😁

    2. <3 Yours do too :D <3 I confess that I always look for "Ivie B." comments on my blog XD.

  4. Discrimination against people who don't agree with the LGBT+ community does not exist. Period. Will you be killed for your beliefs? Will you be denied basic human rights? Will you have slurs thrown at you in the streets? Will you have to come out to your parents who will potentially throw you out on the streets, because everyone is straight until proven otherwise? And contrary to popular belief, being gay is not a 'lifestyle choice'. It is a valid thing that people cannot change about themselves. Talk to me when your vice president believes that who you love makes you a perverted, gross part of society.

    1. Wow, thanks for quoting the liberal media talking points. Looks like you need to educate yourself about what lifestyle means. A lifestyle is how you choose to live. Being gay or whatever else you identify as is choice. Sure, you may "feel" that way, but that doesn't make you that way. Not agreeing doesn't equal discrimination. I'm sorry you feel like you're a victim. You're in America and have basic human rights just like everyone else. Don't come on here if you don't plan to have healthy, constructive debate.
      God bless you. :)

    2. I am not quoting the 'liberal media talking points'. I am speaking about people's personal experiences, and even from my own. And speak to me about basic human rights. You're trying to make out that my sexuality is a sin and my president is against the LGBT+ community. I don't have the same basic human rights that you do as a straight person. Do you choose to like men? How can you be sure that you do until you kiss a woman? I can't adopt because of my sexuality. And don't you dare try and tell me that 'all children deserve to have a mother and a father' - most children of gay parents will tell you that they feel no different if they did have a mother and a father. And no, we don't have equal rights in America. That's easy for you to say as a white woman, but racism is DEEPLY entrenched in American society and there are statistics to back me.

    3. When on here did I ever say I was white? Are you assuming?
      Your facts are wrong, but I'm not discriminating against you. You're not going to change my mind and I'm not going to change yours. That's okay. You are going to feel the way you do and I'm going to feel the way I do. Look, we can agree to disagree and leave it at that. I do believe your sexuality is a sin, but I sin, too. I'm not perfect. I don't think of myself as better than you. You may very well be speaking from experience and I never said President Trump disagrees with you. He went to a gay wedding. Last I checked you could vote, get a job, and more. That's considered basic rights. And I know for a fact that there are children saying it hurt them a lot not having a mother and father. It also seems you were waiting around for me to comment. If you are so confident in how you are living, you don't need to constantly defend yourself. I'm not attacking you.
      God bless you.


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