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by - June 23, 2017

   Okay, y'all, this will be a quick little post. Nothing fancy. I'll be doing another q&a with another character and I want questions, but this time I'll be answering the questions for the character. It was kind of weird having the character answer the questions, so I'll be doing a similar set up, but I'll just be answering the questions.

   Have your questions submitted by Tuesday, June 27th, at around noon. After that point, I will be choosing some questions to ask the character. The character I'm doing next is one of Reagan's best friends, Peter.

   The rules are pretty simple. You can ask as many questions as you want. Even if you ask a question, you can come back later if you have another one. But make sure to get all questions in before the deadline.

 God bless y'all. 😁

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  1. Can I do it now? Lol
    If are my questions:
    What's their worst memory? (I just want to get an idea of the character. Past and present.)
    Are they dependent or independent people\personalities?
    Are they Christians, or will they be Christians later on?
    What kind of person are they? (ex: kind, polite, rude, unkind, scared, anxious, nervous, jittery, eccentric, etc.?)
    Sorry if that was too much!
    God bless. <3

    1. Awesome questions! I look forward to answering them.
      It wasn't too many questions. Keep an eye out for Wednesday's post.
      God bless you.

    2. Thanks, I tried to rack my brain for some. It's been busy. Lol
      I will. :)
      This is so random, but there's this song I LOVE. It would have to be my favorite. It's called Elohim by Hillsong Worship. It's such a cool song. I love the second verse and the bridge the most out of the song. The guy's voice is so soothing to hear. I think it's because he's praising God. I feel like he's praising God with his all. It's so touching to me. <3

    3. Hillsong worship is so beautiful. They make a lot of nice music. I like some of their stuff. Especially What a beautiful name. In Christ Alone.

    4. Oh, yes. I remembered we talked about it once. Whenever I look up Christian playlists, Hillsong What A Beautiful Name pops up. Hillsong talented. :)
      it's so weird. Whenever I hear Elohim, I feel like God is so close. I listen to it when I feel frustrated and alone, and it's so soothing. The words are so sweet. <3

  2. OH, YAY! Another one! XD
    What's your full name?
    What's your favorite animal?
    What is your best childhood memory?

    1. Great questions. Glad you like the idea. Watch out for Wednesday's post. :)

    2. Thanks! XD I will!
      I LOVE these kinds of posts because I LOVE characters. They're my favorite of books - usually. <3

  3. Okay!
    What are his hobbies?
    What does he want to be when he's older?
    And what was the weirdest thing he ever ate?

    1. I love these! I don't even know if I have an answer for the last one, but I think I'll have to find one. XD

  4. Yay! I love these!

    What's your biggest dream?
    What are you most scared of?
    Your happiest moment?
    Your most trusted friend/family member?

    Sorry if I repeated any asked questions, I was just too lazy to read through and see what others said XD

    1. I don't think you repeated any.
      I love these, too. Character descriptions are my favorite.


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