Time For A Change

   Morning, y'all. I have an important update for you, so keep reading.

   It's time for a change on here. I'm not enjoying some of my blogging experience. I've decided to do something different. My posting schedule is going to change. My content is going to change. The layout of my blog might even change.

   First off, I am supposed to do book reviews every first Friday of a month. I just didn't enjoy that as much as I thought I would and I'm dreading the next one. If I can't put my whole heart into something like that, I don't feel right doing it. So I'm just not. Book reviews will still be a thing, but not right now. They will be on indefinite hiatus until I read some new material.

   Second, I think I might take a break on talking about writing. I mean, writing is still a huge passion of mine and I know I'll still talk about it at times, but right now, I just want to do something a little different. I'm still a writer and love it wholeheartedly. I even have a tag going up next week that Catherine from Rebelling Muse tagged me in. I still love writing and it will forever be a part of my life.

   I started this blog not just for writing, but because God wants me to talk about things happening in my life. Experiences I've had and faith based posts. I want to do more of that. I want to encourage and work toward finding my full purpose in life. I'll be happy if y'all want to come along for the ride.

   I will still rant about current events because I need an outlet. I, as a person, have not changed. I just need something different to happen. The people I've met because of this blog are so encouraging and I enjoy every moment I have talking with them on the blog and on their own blogs.

   So, to recap, no book reviews for the time being, less writing posts (probably), and more encouraging posts coming from my heart. Of course, not everything may be happy-go-lucky, unicorns and rainbows because the messages on my heart aren't all happy. Some might be downers. Life can be a downer. But just because we fall, doesn't mean we can't get back up again.

  Thanks, y'all for your support. I appreciate every sweet comment and every conversation I have with y'all. God bless y'all and have a wonderful weekend. 😁

Writing Wednesday #5: Character Q&A

   If y'all are new, I'm doing a series of character question and answers from characters of my book, Truth Seekers. (Title subject to change.)

   Last time, I did a Q&A of my protagonist, Reagan. If y'all haven't seen that, I recommend you go check that out. Today, I'll be answering questions about one of Reagan's best friends, Peter. But first, here's a little about Peter.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 147
Age: 17
Skills: He can shoot a gun, bow and arrow, and is skilled in self-defense
Favorite Food: Beef
Favorite Drink: Probably water
Career: Student. There's something else, but it would reveal too much
Normal Clothing Type: Jeans, t-shirt
Skin Color: slightly tanned, I guess. Caucasian.
Eye Color: gray
Hair Color: blond, but a dark blond
Favorite Animal: tigers
Favorite Quote: Doesn't have one
Ever been in love: Nope
Likes: Hard work, exploring the outdoors
Dislikes: Hypocrites
Weapon of choice: Gun, probably, if he had to, though he'd rather not have to use it.
Favorite Color: Blue
Talents: Compassion is a talent, right?
Hobbies: hiking
Brief Character Summary: Peter is the other main character, but not as much as Reagan is. He is more outgoing than she is. He can be tough when he needs to be, but is otherwise friendly. He can be spontaneous when it comes to having fun.
   Peter is loyal and brave. He's willing to face whatever danger is thrown in his way. You'd want him on your side in any argument or fight because he'll defend you through it all.

   I asked for more questions and received many great ones. In no particular order, here are the questions.

   LHE asks: 1. What's their worst memory?
                     2. Are they dependent or independent people?
                     3.Are they Christian or will they become Christian?
                     4. What kind of person are they personality wise?

   Peter doesn't have a worst memory I can reveal without giving too much away. Sorry. He is an independent person, but he can easily rely on others if he has to. He can do well on a team or by himself. Peter is a Christian. Most of my characters are. Peter is extroverted, the opposite of Reagan. He likes to be the life of the party. He's very outspoken and can talk to pretty much anyone as if they're already friends.

   GJE asks: 1. What's your full name?
                      2. What's your favorite animal?
                      3. What is your best childhood memory?

   Peter's full name is Peter McGregor. I didn't give him a middle name. I don't think I gave middle names to anyone. I should probably think that up, but it wouldn't be relevant right now. As for his favorite animal, I would say he loves dogs as well. If it was a wild animal, then it would be a zebra. The best childhood memory he has is something that would probably give too much away. It has sentimental meaning in the book. But, it's really sweet.

    Gray Marie asks: 1. What are his hobbies?
                               2. What does he want to be when he's older?
                               3. What is the weirdest thing he ever ate?

   I didn't really give him a hobby. He likes to be outdoors, so hiking maybe? He isn't sure what he wants to do when he's older because life has him busy right now. (Technically, I already picked out his career for later books.) The weirdest thing he ever ate? Now I have to get creative because I've never thought of these things. I'll say sushi. (Sorry sushi lovers.) He didn't like it very much.

    Anna asks: 1. What's your biggest dream?
                       2. What are you most scared of?
                       3. You're happiest moment?
                       4. You're most trusted friend/family member?

   His biggest dream would probably be for the government to stop putting a bunch of regulation on things. He's most scared of losing the people he cares for. His happiest moment would probably be moving back to his home town of Bent Ridge. (Bent Ridge is a made up city in the state I live in, so I haven't said the state yet, but I might eventually.) He trusts Reagan, her family, and his parents the most. He has a trustworthy group of people.

   Thanks, y'all, for the questions. I love how unique and deep the questions really were. That's it for today. God bless y'all. 😁

Please Take Care of Your Pets

   I love dogs. They're my favorite animal. But, considering most of y'all have probably seen my about me page, y'all know I love dogs.

   Here's what gets me mad about dog owners. I've witnessed a lot of them not caring for their dog. When their dogs get out, they barely try getting them back. They don't care if their dogs get out. They just stand by and watch. (This may seem dramatic, but I've actually seen someone let their vicious dog roam and not really try to get it.)

   I've also seen dog owners let their dogs roam around and do their business in other neighbors' yards. (We have a leash law, which makes this just as illegal as it is rude.)

   If you aren't going to care for your pet, why do you have one? Dogs are amazing. They can be more loyal than people. They're there for you.

   I'm not an animal rights activist. I don't think that animals have more value or even equal value to people, but I love my dog. When he got out one Fourth of July, I freaked out. We couldn't find him. When we did, I was so relieved. I hugged him. Literally hugged him. (There is a controversy on whether dogs like hugs. Mine just so happens to love hugs. He actually will jump up and hug my dad.)

   Why don't people worry when their dog gets out? Why don't they care? I know this rant may seem kind of pointless to some, but seeing some recent actions toward a dog I know and care about (not my dog) has gotten me mad. I don't feel like going into the whole story on here would be appropriate. I feel like that would be gossip and that's not something I ever intend to do on this blog. I just want dogs to have loving homes.

   So, if there's anyone out there who wants a dog, really consider the responsibility. It's a lot of work. It can be worth it, but if you aren't up to it, don't get a dog. Or any animal for that matter. Know what that animal requires and make sure you can provide that. Don't get an animal to just to say you have a pet. They deserve more than that.

   God bless y'all. 😁

Motivation Monday: Jesus is Enough

   I want to expand on my post last week about faith and the church. Obviously, the church is a great way to learn more about Jesus. But there's also something else. You might have heard of it. It's called the Bible. There's also this other thing called praying that might help you out.

Image result for picture of a cross
   I know, I'm being a little blunt about this. Let me explain something I strongly believe about faith and Jesus. You don't need the church to go to Heaven. You don't need the church to have faith. The church is supposed to be where you go to celebrate your faith. It's where you're able to go to share your faith and dive deeper into the Bible.

   I've seen so many Christians look at the church as the only way. They focus so much on the church that they're eyes aren't on the Creator of everything. Isn't God supposed to be the point of church?

   In Ephesians 5, the Bible talks about Jesus loving the church as a husband loves a wife. I know, weird reference, but stick with me here.

   The husband is the head of the house. While both husband and wife are equally important, man and woman are not equal. They are unique. The fill different purposes. If Jesus is referred  to as the husband, wouldn't that make him the head? So why do people act as though the church is everything.

   The church is a tool. It is meant to deepen your faith. Too many Christians focus on it as though it is faith itself. They look at the church as though that is their savior.

   I know, I'm getting a bit redundant here, but this has really been on my heart for a long time, even before I started this blog. I finally have a platform to share my feelings. I know y'all might not agree with me and that's okay.

   I'm still standing up for what I believe. You don't need the church to have faith in Jesus. Faith comes by actually believing and focusing on our Creator. The church is simply there to help us deepen our faith

   So, y'all let me know in the comments below what you think. Do you agree? Let's have meaningful and healthy discussion down in the comments section.

   God bless y'all. 😁

I Shouldn't Have to Say This

   So, here we are again. I mentioned before that there were horrible actions of a certain celebrity who decided to act like she had killed President Trump, not to mention the plays that go on acting out an assassination against our president.

   But now we have some actor who doesn't even live in America talking about how it might be time for an actor to assassinate President Trump. This is illegal and it shouldn't be happening. I don't care who the president is, this is not okay.

   Johnny Depp has recently come out and said this:

   "When was the last time an actor killed a president? I want to clarify, I'm not an actor. I lie for a living. But maybe it's time."

   Those last four words weren't put in every article about the actor's supposed joke. They try to act like this okay. It's not okay. Why do I have to say this? I shouldn't have to say this.

   This isn't the last time something like this will happen. It needs to stop. We need to unite as Americans. This is our country. It doesn't matter what political party you're apart of. Make your own opinions about things. Don't follow what anyone says, just form your own thoughts about something.

   I know this was short, but it really needed to be said. I usually don't post two in one day and I usually wouldn't post at an odd time like this, but if I wait, this will be old news and I wanted to say something about this.

   Pray for America. America needs Jesus.

   God bless y'all. 😁


   So, it's no secret that California has some pretty messed up politicians. However, this news story takes the cake. California's Attorney General, Xavier Beccara, has decided that any business trips will not be made to the states of Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, and Kentucky. He says taxpayer money will not be put toward states that still discriminate against the LGBT community.

   First off, let's break down the hypocrisy. Isn't he discriminating against people who don't agree with that lifestyle? Some people don't agree. How is that a crime? Oh, wait, I forgot we're supposed to conform to society.

   The other hypocritical thing is California lawmakers were angry when President Trump made a ban against the refugees coming here. He was trying to protect us from the people coming to harm us. People who don't agree with the LGBT lifestyle aren't typically going to hurt LGBT people.

   The attorney general is being ridiculous. Last year, he made a ban for business trips to go to Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Those states, from what I read last, are still on the list.

   Businesses will be harmed by this. Of course, I'm sure that's what the guy wants. He wants people to conform to his own beliefs. He wants us to follow the wide road in life.

   I'm following the narrow road. The road with many trials and heartache, the road with joy and success. The road that leads to Jesus. I won't follow what this guy wants.

   Lawmakers in many other states that tend to lean left also show the same hypocrisy. They want what they want, but they aren't willing to give. We need compromise. I personally don't agree with the lifestyles they want to promote and I have no intention of traveling to California any time soon, but it doesn't make it right for their lawmakers to ban business travel.

   It's the states choice and right to decide what they want. It should have always been that way. Not the other way around. That means, yes, this guy can choose to do that, but he should really look into the fact that if the rights hadn't been given back to the states, he would not have been able to do that.

   With all that being said, I'm out. God bless y'all. Have a great weekend. 😁

Character Q&A

   Okay, y'all, this will be a quick little post. Nothing fancy. I'll be doing another q&a with another character and I want questions, but this time I'll be answering the questions for the character. It was kind of weird having the character answer the questions, so I'll be doing a similar set up, but I'll just be answering the questions.

   Have your questions submitted by Tuesday, June 27th, at around noon. After that point, I will be choosing some questions to ask the character. The character I'm doing next is one of Reagan's best friends, Peter.

   The rules are pretty simple. You can ask as many questions as you want. Even if you ask a question, you can come back later if you have another one. But make sure to get all questions in before the deadline.

 God bless y'all. 😁

Writing Wednesday #4: Meet Reagan!

   Hey, y'all. I would like to introduce you to my main character (MC), Reagan. I'm going to give you a bit of a character profile before I get to the questions y'all have asked. These questions were really great and I'm so excited for "Reagan" to answer your questions. For her character profile, I'll be using questions I've generated myself. Feel free to use the profile questions for your characters if you'd like.
All answers will be based of the first book and without any spoilers to the ending of said book. 😁

Height: 5'6
Weight: 126
Age: 16
Skills: I used this for fantasy characters, but Reagan is smart and hardworking
Favorite Food: Something with peanut butter
Favorite Drink: Water or sweet tea. She is from the south, after all.
Career: Home school student. She has a part time job at the grocery store
Normal Clothing Type: Jean shorts, t-shirt or tank top, her cowgirl boots
Skin Color: Fair complexion, but slightly tanned
Eye Color: Sky blue
Hair Color: Light brown. Very light brown.
Favorite Animal: Wolves or dogs. Tigers, too.
Favorite Quote: "Silence is consent" ~unknown person
Ever been in love: Reagan will answer this in the q&a
Likes: Her friends, family, her small town life, reading, working hard, good people
Dislikes: Being betrayed, rude people, big cities
Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow or gun
Favorite Color: Teal or other vibrant blue
Talents: She can shoot a gun or bow and arrow with accuracy
Hobbies: Reading
Brief Character Summary: Reagan is very shy with strangers, but is kindhearted. She is quick witted and very intelligent. She's home schooled for the first part of the book, but something happens and she has to go to public school.
   Reagan is slow to anger, but if you mess with the people she loves, she will blow up on you. She is a southern girl and loves her small town of Bent Ridge. She never plans to leave. She fights for what she believes in and gives her all.

Q&A Time!

How this works is these questions will be answered from my MC's point of view. She will answer the questions you asked me last week.  Enjoy!

I asked y'all to ask Reagan questions in my last Writing Wednesday post and she got a lot of good questions, so I'm going to let Reagan take it away.

Gray asks: How did you meet your best friend and what is one mythical animal you wish was real?
Well, Gray, I met my best friend, Peter, in the church nursery. It was my first time going to the nursery, but I'm glad I did. We became best friends from that point forward. Even when he move to Idaho, we talked on the phone a lot. We never lost contact.
   As for a mythical animal, I would have to say a unicorn. I know, that seems silly, but I love horses, so a horse with a horn would be awesome.

GJE asks: What is your favorite book and have you ever fallen in love?
   I read a lot of books. Obviously, the Bible is number one, but as for fiction, I like anything that is plot driven with great characters and amazing setting. I want something I can picture and feel like I'm there. I read so many books that my favorite always changes.
   I've never been in love. There's no need to rush that right now. I'm just sixteen. I'm happy to just hang out with my friends and live a great life.

Catherine asks: Do you have any pets and if so what type and what was their name(s)?
   I've never had any pets before. I love dogs, but my mom has an allergy to pet dander, so we can't have animals. When I move out, I'll probably get a dog. I just love animals.

LHE asks: What is your worst memory, who is your role model, and what is one thing you want to do when you're older or would like to do now?
   Well, I think my worst memory so far is the day Peter moved to Idaho. I was ten and it was really horrible. But, we were young, so the worst things in life were loosing a friend. I don't think I have really any role models. Jesus, obviously, but we should all try to be the best versions of ourselves. I don't really know what I want to do when I'm older. I love animals, so maybe veterinarian or something else dealing with animals. I'd love to have a farm or ranch of my own.

   So that was "Reagan's" Q&A. I've loved seeing blog posts where people do that with their characters. I'm hoping to do it again, soon. Thank again to everyone who sent in questions. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Q&A.

God bless y'all. 😁

The Wrong Way To Use The Bible

   When a website you really like does something you don't like and you can't comment because the comment section does something weird, what do you do? You rant about it on your own blog, of course.

   Yesterday, I went on to The Rebelution, a website that tries to get teens to fight against the low standards of society. I know some of y'all have heard of it. This website always talked about faith and trusting God. It was a website I trusted. Until yesterday.

   Now, this next part I'm going to say, we might not agree on and that's okay. But the article I read was about climate change. Personally, I don't believe climate change is a real thing. This article was trying to tie Bible verses to proving climate change and that's not okay. The Bible is the Word of God. We shouldn't use it to push our own agendas.

  The article talked about how President Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement. The writer of the article, which I won't name here, started to praise former president Obama for what he said about climate change.

   Then, this person made a list of steps we, as teens, need to take. Unfortunately, this wasn't a teen spreading his own a opinion. The man was in his thirties and he's trying to influence teens in the wrong way. Y'all know I advocate thinking for yourself and forming your own opinions.

   The first step he gave was to recognize climate change was real and man made. Look, we do have an impact on the environment we live in, but ultimately, God controls the climate, not us. He controls the weather. Some years are hotter and some years are colder. It just depends. He went on to talk about the 97% of scientists who have proven it to be real. Yeah, that's not scientists across the board, that's 97% of scientists who take federal funding. If their money is coming from the government, who wants them to find that climate change is real, what do you think they're going to say?

   The next step he gave was to study the Scripture for clarity. He puts Bible verses in there to prove his point, but they didn't prove his point. He was grasping at air. He uses Psalm 24:1-2, which states the earth is the Lord's. How does that prove his point? This guy tries to use other verses, especially some about the end times, which is a little fear mongering, if you ask me.

   The last step he gives is what you can do to get involved. Now, I'm all about being a good steward of the earth. We turn off lights in our house that aren't in use. We recycle. We take care of our environment. A lot of people do.

   What made me mad is the fact that this guy uses God's inspired word to push his own agenda. If someone wants to believe in climate change, let them. I don't care if they believe in it or don't. I care when you're using God's Word for your own selfish reasons. Most of God's Word is plain and simple. Other parts are poetic. But there isn't a commandment that says,"Thou shalt prevent climate change." Jesus never gave a parable about that either.

   On that note, I'll end this here. I ranted long enough for y'all. Like I said, I don't care if someone believes in climate change. I care about the misuse of God's Word.

   Tell me in the comments below what you think about climate change. Do you think this guy should have used the Bible to push his own agenda?

   God bless y'all. 😀

Motivation Monday: Religion Does Not Equal Jesus

Image result for quotes about thinking for yourself   Happy Motivation Monday, y'all.
   I have a message on my heart that might be a little controversial and y'all might not agree with me. That's okay. We all have a right to think differently without conflict.
Something that's been eating at my heart is religion. When people ask you what religion are you, what do you say? Well, I know a lot of you will either answer Christian or Catholic.
   I have a different answer for myself. Sure, technically, I'd be called a Christian. And there's nothing wrong with that title. My problem is the people who say they're Christian, go to church religiously, but don't act how the Bible says we should act. They're two-faced. They act like Christians at church, putting on a facade for the church family, then once they're not in church, they drop the act. No one should be two-faced.
   If someone were to ask me what religion I am, I would say I'm a believer in the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. I'm a believer in what the Bible says.

   No, we aren't perfect. We aren't going to get it right all the time. We will fall from perfection because we just aren't perfect. We're human and we're sinners.

   I've met so many "Christians" who give me dirty looks because I don't fit the description of what they think a Christian should be. Imagine if I wasn't a believer and I had come to the church to find peace. It wouldn't have been found there.

   Churches these days seem to lack a welcoming spirit. No, I haven't been to many churches, but it's something you see by observing people. So many troubled people may try to go to a church and find peace, but when they're welcomed with judgement, they won't come back.

   I guess what I'm trying to say is church doesn't equal Heaven. Heaven equals someone who believes in the Bible, that Jesus is our Savior, and did their best to be the best version of themselves.

   I'm not saying all the people who go to church all the time are like this, but I've met quite a few.

   God said He will judge us. Christians were called to be kind and welcoming to everyone.
   Key word: Welcoming. That doesn't mean you agree with their lifestyle. Love the sinner, hate the sin. At least, that's what Jesus taught.

Image result for quotes about thinking for yourself   Of course, there are people I don't agree with. I don't agree with their lifestyles and opinions. But I don't wish any ill will. I just go about my way and they go about theirs.

   I know this was kind of long and ramble-y. I just felt like I needed to say this. Bottom line: Jesus does not equal religion. A relationship with Him is what's important, not going to church day in and day out.

   Now you may ask how was this motivating? Well, like I said before, motivation may not be some cheesy quotes that encourage you. Motivation can be something that makes you think. That's what I wanted to do today. Of course, I'll be doing the encouraging posts as well. But I'm a big advocate for people making up their own opinions without outside help. I'm a big believer in getting people to think. So hopefully I've accomplished that today.

   God bless y'all. 😁

   Seeing as I know some of y'all might not agree with me, I encourage you to talk to me in the comments below, but please keep the comments nice. We can have healthy debate. I totally respect your opinion and would like that you respect mine. 

Extra post!: Writing System

      Yep, y'all have an extra post this week. Since I have a little more time on my hands, I was thinking about trying to do extra posts, but we'll see if I'm able. This week, I wanted to talk about the process of writing a novel.

      I've been writing my WIP (work in progress) since I was fifteen. But, my process was to write it, hate it, and scrap it. This cycle kept going on and on because I wanted it to be perfect. I'm a perfectionist. While that's not a bad thing, my book is never going to be perfect. I know this in my head. But yet I still aim for perfection.

     Anyway, I've recently found a process that works for me. The funny thing is, not every book you write will have the same process. For my WIP, which is a contemporary dystopian trilogy, I have to write the first draft, then outline, then edit. That's how I work. I can't outline without a skeleton of what my manuscript will be. It's too hard and I don't exactly know what I want until I write it.

    But, I know as we mature as writers and authors, we change. That may mean one day, I don't need an outline. Or it may mean I outline first. My mind is constantly writing and creating new stories. This is great because I'm never short of ideas. But, it's not so great when I need to focus on my WIP.

   Also, I write many different genres. That means I may have to change my process to fit what I'm writing at the time. I write dystopian, medieval, fantasy, mystery, some nonfiction because of my blog, and a mixture of other genres. With fantasy, it might be easier to build the world before you throw in characters and other elements.

   Writing contemporary, I already have present day to work with. Writing dystopian, I take influence from dictators and over-controlling government. Smash that together and you've got an angst filled, adventurous world.

   Not everyone will be able to have the same system. I finally found mine by listening to what other writers did and just picking and choosing what worked for me. So maybe this will help those of you who love to write, be it for your dream of being an author or maybe you just write for yourself.

   All that being said, tell me in the comments below what works for you. Have you found your system or are you still on the hunt for one?

Quick note: I updated my Writing Adventures page with a book cover and snippet. The book cover is one I made myself and is subject to change. Anyway, go check it out if you want. Thanks, y'all for your support.

   God bless y'all. 😁


Writing Wednesday #3: Pen Names + Character Q&A

    Okay, y'all, I want to tell you my journey with finding my Pen name.

    So, some of you might know that I had a hard time finding a pen name. You might remember me from Go Teen Writers as PT. I would use that as my name because those were the initials to my previous pen name.

    I wasn't completely sold on my prior pen name, which was a pun. (I love puns.) I was worried it wasn't professional enough. For those of you wondering, my original pen name was Paige Turner.

    I had thought I was so smart to come up with that name. It had meaning to me and it sounded nice. Well, I watching a video on pen names by Vivien Reis. She's a YouTuber who talks about writing. Y'all should check her out. Anyway, I was watching that video and I scrolled on down to the comments section.

    A person had mentioned that before you choose your pen name, you should google it to make sure a murderer or some other criminal doesn't have your name. So, I decided to hop on over to my google chrome feature on my computer and type in the name Paige Turner.

    It was probably the best thing I could have done because had I not done that, I would have regretted my pen name forever. I looked up the name and found out that there was a drag queen with that name. Yep. 😒

   (If you are under the age of fourteen, I'd advise you not worry about what a drag queen is if you don't already know. Don't look it up.)

   So, my search was on for a new pen name. I had gone through trying to figure out if I would use a pen name or maybe part of my real name. For privacy and safety reasons, I settled on using a pen name. It was finding that name that proved to be a challenge. Your pen name is your brand. You want it to be fitting and professional.

   I'm terrible at naming. I have a bunch of naming websites to help me name my characters. A pen name was ten times harder to find. I had thought about the name Ivy. When I had a dream with my pen name being Ivy, I knew it was what I wanted to do. Coming up with a last name proved to be difficult as well.

   My mom (thanks Mom!) came up with the spelling of Ivie. She was brainstorming some ideas for my blog the week before I made one. I saw the spelling and loved it. I love odd spellings.

   As for my last name (pen name) I don't plan to reveal that just yet. It isn't a set name, but it is definitely one I'm strongly considering.

   So, that was my journey with a pen name. Comment down below if you're using a pen name. How did you get to your pen name? And if you're not using a pen name, did you ever consider it before deciding on your real name?

   Character Q&A!!!!
   So, seeing some bloggers talk about their characters has inspired me to do something with my characters as well for the next Writing Wednesday. You'll ask me questions in the comments section of this post and my MC (main character), Reagan, will be answering your questions. She'll be "taking over" my blog for Wednesday.  You can ask as many questions as you'd like. Get your questions in by Sunday because I'll be going through and selecting questions for the next Wednesday.
   With all that being said ...

   God bless y'all. 😁

Homeschool Rant

   Hey, y'all.
   Today, I wanted to talk about being home-schooled. I know a lot of you are home-schooled and I wanted to talk about something I think we can all relate to: questions you get from people who don't understand home-school.

  1. Will you be able to function in the real world?
  2. What about social skills?
  3. How does graduation work for you? Do you get a diploma?
  4. Do you graduate with a group of students?
   I have answers to all these lovely questions. Yes, I will function just fine in the real world. I may be shy and introverted, but there are a lot of public school kids who are shy and introverted as well. What's their excuse?

   I can be very social, actually, once I warm up to people. Even though I'm introverted, I talk a lot. If I know you well enough, I'll talk forever. There is no shutting me up. I just have to warm up to people and I typically take a little time to do so.

   Graduation for every home-school student is different. For me, we're going to add up my total points for every grade and order my diploma. We have to add up the points because a certain number equals an honors diploma. The diploma I'm getting comes with a cap and gown and a diploma case. We plan to take pictures at places around where I live and my mom and I are going to go shopping for a dress because, despite me being girly, I typically live in jean shorts or yoga pants. So yes, I do get a diploma. However, I know some home-school kids who didn't because their family agreed it wasn't necessary. It's different for everyone.

   I will not be graduating with a bunch of students. I was not part of a co-op. We joined a co-op when I was younger, but didn't know it was geared toward older students about to graduate. At the time, I was far from graduation, so it wasn't really a fun co-op. We never joined another one, but I don't feel like I missed out on that. I'm sure co-ops are fun, but like I said, every student is different. That's what's so awesome about home-school. It's tailored to the student and not the other way around.

   So tell me in the comments below if you've ever been asked any questions like this. What are the worst questions anyone has asked you because you're home-schooled. 

   God bless y'all.😁

Here's one of my favorite videos from Blimey Cow. Enjoy!  

June 9, 2017

  Hey, y'all. So, as you can probably tell by the picture, this is a special post, which is why it's not on a scheduled day or time.
   I graduated high school today. It has been a bittersweet day.
   First, I want to thank God. He brought me to this point and I know He has amazing plans for me.
   Thanks, Mom, for sticking with me for my entire school career. Thank you for teaching me, not only my school work, but life skills, and for bringing me to this point.
   Thanks, Dad, for providing a way for Mom to teach us. You work so hard every day and you've taught me a lot about hard work.
   Thanks to my siblings for being with me every day, annoying me every day, but also for all the fun times we've had. Enjoy the rest of your school because it goes by fast.
   That's something I want to express to all of you. Life goes by fast. I'm excited and sad to see high school over. For those of you still in school, please just enjoy it. It sounds cliche and overdone, but I'm serious. Before you know it, it's all over.
   Thanks, y'all for sticking around the blog. I look forward to the future of this blog and just my writing in general.

   God bless y'all. 😁

Writing Wednesday #2: Rebellious Writing

   Hey, y'all. I had a different plan for today, but that's going to wait because this is important. Gray from graymariewrites.blogspot.com started a movement called #Rebelliouswriting and is encouraging readers to rebel against society's standards for books filled with drugs, lust, and smut. I encourage y'all to check out her post before you continue reading mine.

       1. Sex, drugs, alcohol, swearing, or any other misbehavior by teens in a book
       2. A type of writing that authors think is edgy, but really makes the reader want to march to their house and smack them with the book.

Image result for gif of someone being hit in the head with a book

   Now, this will probably be another rant, because who doesn't love a good rant? Part of why I became a writer was because of books I was getting from the library that I would choose to put down once the cussing and other smut riddled the pages. It's annoying and no one wants to read books with such content.

   As teens, we don't want to read that. Society has been pushing that such things are okay, that they're normal. Well, it's not. We just want wholesome reading, something that excites us and takes us on adventures. We don't want all the lust, drugs, sex, and other awful things.

   We don't need anymore Fifty Shades of Gray. Trust me. We don't need people encouraging wrong behavior. We just want books that are pleasant to read. We don't mind romance, but there's no need to take it to the extremes. People need to remember every action has a consequence.

   Now, there might be some of you who read this that don't mind the cussing, the sex, the drugs, the underage drinking, and all the smut in between. Let me ask you something. Do you feel good when you read this? Really think about it. Do any of these books show consequence? No? Well, then rebel.

   We're teenagers and we rebel. But that doesn't mean we need to rebel against our parents. We should rebel against the things we know are wrong.

    I don't usually condone the use of hashtags (because they annoy me to no end), but this is a movement that needs to get up on its feet. We need authors to know that we're tired of the awful things they think are acceptable in teen books. We just want to read without having to be worried about what might be coming ahead on the next page.

   Post on social media using the #Rebelliouswriting, or if you're against the books filled with smut, use the #Rebelliousreading, along with an explanation about the book you're against. If you have a blog, do a post. Read Gray's post for all the details. She's the one who started this movement and this movement can use your help. No help is too small. We can make a difference one post at a time.

   If you don't have social media, no worries. I don't have any other social media, but that hasn't stopped me from speaking out here. Even if you just talk to your friends and family or to other people you know, you're making a difference.

   Remember to stick to your values and we can win this. We can show the world we won't back down. Most importantly, we won't read these terrible books. We're the new generations of authors, writers, and readers. Let's show them the best.

   God bless y'all. 😁

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