Writing Wednesday #1: My Story of Becoming a Writer

by - May 31, 2017

   Hey, y'all. Welcome to Writing Wednesday.
   Today's the day where we talk about writing and the life of a writer. First off, let me start by saying I'm sure some of you found me thanks to the lovely lifesaving blog, Go Teen Writers. But for those of you who have stumbled upon my little blog by accident or for other reasons, I want to recommend goteenwriters.blogspot.com. They've been a huge aid to me in my writing and will definitely aid you in yours as well. Go Teen Writers is run by three lovely ladies who are authors themselves, sharing tips on the writing industry. The community is wonderful and I've had many great conversations on their website.
   All that being said, I want to talk about writing, obviously. Writing and breathing are synonymous to me. They haven't always been, though. I used to hate writing, especially for school. I loved to read, though. So I read a lot of books. I started writing on a website for kids and teens. The story idea I had was great, but the stories I wrote were terrible. I was inconsistent and changed names accidentally because I wasn't organized.
  Also, the rules of the website were you had to write your stories to be website related and their couldn't be really any romantic love. At the time, this was fine. I was just getting into writing and it was good practice. I started to enjoy it and getting that acceptance mail was awesome. (By mail, I mean the email system they had on the website.)
   So, I submitted nine accepted stories for the same story line and it all went pretty well. I don't know if anyone actually read them, besides the person who accepted and rejected stories, but I know I didn't do so well in technique.
   I decided to take the idea, a story about a princess who's home is threatened and she's the only one who can save the kingdom (cliche, I know, but I'm telling you my story was unique) and turn it into a real life thing.
   I began writing and was set out to make it a trilogy. (I've got a thing for trilogies.)
   It was going to be in the genre fantasy, though I had no idea at the time what genre really was. I knew that genre applied to music, but didn't really know that it applied to books. I knew there were mature books, juvenile books, and kiddie books. That's what I knew.
   Of course, I'm working on a different story idea now. A dystopian trilogy. There's a little bit of a backstory of how I got to that point, but I'm saving that for another Wednesday.
    But this is pretty much my story. It's probably a little boring. No big thing really made me write. I just started out of curiosity and here I am now. I've been working on my trilogy (book one) for almost three years this coming summer. It's crazy that I've been dedicated to it for that long.
  So, what's your story? Tell me in the comments below what inspired you. What made you began your writing journey and what genre do you prefer/write at the moment? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from y'all. 

God bless y'all. 😁

   Quick little note: I'll be also adding another day to my posting schedule, besides random days I feel like posting. Every first Friday of a month, starting this Friday, I will be doing a book review of a book I own. It will be my own opinion that's honest. That does not mean how I feel about the book will be how you feel. So if you decide to read the book, you will probably feel different about it. So keep your eyes open for that. I like book reviews and I hope you do too! God bless y'all. 😁

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  1. My writing just...pops up. Lol
    I don't really remember wha inspired me to start what I'm writing now. It's so weird. My brain works overtime to please me.
    I like writing Realistic Fiction. It's my favorite genre and the only one I am the best at writing. Lol
    I have a goldfish brain, so I can't quite remember why I started writing. All I can remember is that I just did. I put pen to paper and started to scribble.
    Wow, you're awesome. It's ben so hard for me to stick with one thing, but I'm sure my WIP (as of now) is going to work out. I'm almost positive. When I like writing about a certain subject, I find that Im better at it.
    Hey, our stories are meaningful. Yours wasn't boring.
    I love to write and reading is a big part of that. If I didn't read other books, my writing would be crappy. ;)
    God bless you, Ivie.
    Oh, and I can't wait for the reviews!!! (You can prob tell how excited I am. Lol)

    1. Lol, some of my ideas just come to me. The last number I gave you was 35, but, I'm pretty sure that number has climbed. I'm glad you're excited. Hopefully you'll like it. :)
      Thank you for sharing your story.

    2. Same here. Lol, Im still working on one of mine and I think I've done like...8 pages. I'm pretty sure. That's pretty good for me. ;)
      Books are usually happy times for me. Lol
      Thank you for sharing yours!

  2. Your story is not BORING!
    I've always loved reading because, come on, books are THE BESTEST! But I used to hate writing. It wasn't until my sister started writing when I got inspired. I wrote a little in notebooks here and there. Nothing major.
    But when I got my laptop, it made things so easy, and I was like, "How about we try this again..."
    And I've been writing ever since. Have I finished a book? No. Have I stuck to a story idea for more than twenty pages. NO!
    Well, I have written a short story, tho. (It's about Peter Pan. X3) I'm working on another short story right now. I think short stories are my thing. lol
    Wow. That comment was a lot longer than I expected... :D
    Keep up the good work!
    God Bless!

    1. Thank you, GJE.
      I've always loved reading, too. I just love to read. I'm actually rereading the book I'm reviewing for Friday to make sure I don't forget anything. This will be the third time and I'm just starting today to read it, which means two days to read it. But, I can do it. I read really fast, lol.
      I love Peter Pan. The cartoon movie is cool. I'm sure your short stories are great.
      God bless you, too! :)

    2. You're welcome!!
      Reading is better than movies, in my opinion. There are so much to books!
      I can read a novel in a day, and my mum thinks I skim a lot. BUT I DON'T!!!! *cries* lol
      Yay!!! Another Peter Pan lover. The original book by J. M. Barrie is SO GOOD! I've highlighted four to five pages straight on my Kindle. lol

    3. Yeah, I find Peter Pan stories cool. I'm not sure if I've read the original and honestly, I haven't seen the movie in a while, but I think it's cute. Back in the days when Disney was descent and had good content. *sighs*
      Disney just isn't what it used to be. T.V in general isn't what it used to be. Anyway, I like reading a lot, too. I like movies, but certain movies and I don't watch much T.V.
      My favorite movie of all time, hands down, is the Wizard of OZ. The original Wizard of Oz. I just love how it goes from black and white to color. And I love dogs and understand Dorothy's connection to her dog. With books, my favorite's change all the time. It just depends on what I'm reading.

    4. The book is SO GOOD, and you understand Peter a lot better. You should read it. It's my favorite next to Narnia... XD
      *sighs* I know what you mean. Some of their movies for littler kids are okay (even then, not always), but some of their other things are...... Yeah. They're strangely weird/bad. WHY?!??!?! (Tangled, a few new ones, and most of the old ones are pretty cute, tho. ;D)
      Aww, I love the Wizard of OZ!!! It's definitely one of my fav's. LOTR has to be my favorite, though. ;D
      I like most books by Jerry Spinelli and Roland Smith. The ones for teens, anyway. :) Have you read Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli? It's easy reading, but it gets pretty deep and is SO FUNNY. It's about twins, tho, and I'm a twin... I understand it a little better than most. I guess I'm a little biased. XD

    5. Oh, Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess! Yeah, the definitely have strayed from what their original goal was.
      No I've never read that, but I like things about twins, lol. I've tried writing them in some other side projects I have. I'll have to look it up. :)

    6. She's cool, and Flynn is adorable. ;D It's sad...
      YOU SHOULD!!! I love it. <3

  3. I get inspired by names! I'll be doing something and a name with pop into my head along with a face, and I'll start thinking about what their backstory is.
    And by the way, I don't think your story sounds boring!

    1. Thank you! I thought it was pretty boring, but y'all are just so sweet! I get inspired by events. Or settings. I have a harder time with characters since I don't do well naming people. I have to use a lot of naming websites, lol.


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