Honoring Those Who Gave Their All

by - May 29, 2017

   Hey, y'all.
   If you live in the United States like I do, then you should know today is Memorial Day. On this day, we celebrate the men and women who have fought for our freedom and didn't make it back home. They have given their all to protect and serve. And those who do make it back, barely get anything in return.
   Now, let me expand on that for a second. These men and women fight hard, sometimes dying for us, but a lot of people in America don't give them the respect they deserve. These people see things we can't even begin to comprehend and we do nothing for them. They aren't really taken care of upon return.
   The V.A, which stands for the Department of Veteran Affairs, doesn't take care of these poor people like they should. To make matters worse, they are changed when they come home and sometimes, families don't make it. A lot of veterans end up homeless.
   With all that being said, today is Motivation Monday. I didn't want to bring anyone down with an article that was sad, but I felt the need to shed light on what is done for us. God gives us freedom and these men and women protect it. They fight for us so we can be free. A free nation under God.
   Pray for peace. Pray for the veterans, that they can receive better care and that they can heal. Pray that God gives them strength to overcome their struggles.
   Today's the day we honor those who fought and didn't make it back. They are loved and missed. If you are related to someone in the military, make sure you express how much they mean to you. God has great plans, but sometimes we can't always see them.
   And thank you, lovely reader, for spending time with me today. Thanks to all the men and women who fight for us everyday on and off the battlefield. Let's all do our best to show more respect to the men and women in uniform.

God bless America and God bless y'all. 😀

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  1. God Bless America!!! <3
    My grandpa fought in the Vietnam War, and my other grandpa fixed planes in the Air Force during the war.
    My pastor works at the VA Hospital, and he met a veteran that fought in WW11 even at D-Day. He met another man that survived the Pearl Harbor attack. At church yesterday, he reminded us not to take these soldiers for granted. <3
    Lovely post, by the way! :D

    1. Thank you! I really love America and the veterans. I felt the need to write about this for Memorial day. Thanks for your support! It means a lot to me, :)

    2. Also, thanks to your grandpas for their service. <3

    3. You're welcome! I do, too! <3 You're very welcome. I'm glad that I can encourage you in any way. XD
      Thank YOU. I'm so thankful and blessed to have those awesome guys as my grandpas. <3 ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Gray. Your support means a lot to me. :)\
      God bless you. :)

  3. My grandparents were both in the war. One was in the air force (fixing planes), and the other fought in the Vietnam war. I look at them as heroes. God protected my grandpas. One of them has so many miraculous stories. God protected him in the fight, and brought him back safely. He had so many times where he could have died. I thank God that he's home with us.
    Thank you for the post! It would be so hard to fight like that, but they did it for us! God bless 'em all. You're so right. They don't get the respect they deserve. Today's their day. Our day to celebrate them, and honor them for their bravery.
    God bless you, Ivie!

    1. GJE was telling me about your grandpas. God watches over them all and He has a plan. We should respect the men and women in uniform, be it military, police, or firemen. Today is the day for the military, those who didn't make it back and who served bravely for our freedom. I'm glad you liked this post.
      God bless :)

    2. Yes, we most definitely should. ;)
      Yes, I'm sorry for the ones didn't make it and God bless those who have right now lost a loved one. I commend them for their bravery and love for our country. <3

    3. Amen to that. They are the true patriots. :)

    4. They truly are. <3


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