For When You Feel Run Down

Don't stop. It can be hard to press forward. You can feel overwhelmed and the pain will seem too much to bear, but don't stop. No matter what, you can get through this. With God, all thing are possible. He will pull you through this.

Whatever mountain you're climbing right now, you will reach the top. It may take going back down a little and finding a new path up, but you will reach the top. And the view from the top will make all the struggle, all the pain, worth it.

Don't give up. You can press forward. There will be days you say I'm giving up, but don't do it. You aren't weak for wanting to give up. Pressing forward makes you strong. It will feel like a tremendous weight on your shoulders, but once you give up that weight, you will feel lighter than you did before.

You are loved. You may feel alone, but you're never completely alone. There is a Savior who loves you, who wants the best for you. This obstacle you're facing might trip you up a few times, but keep getting up. Show that obstacle who's boss. You've got this.

You will get through this. Some days will be harder than others, but focus on the good days. Find one blessing, one little thing you can be grateful for in a day. Just one thing, no matter how small. Nothing is too small. Nothing is too inadequate or too trivial.

Spread love. You may be in a low point, but spread love to others. Encourage others. Even if they don't realize you're having a low point, spread love. Because love will bring you out of this point and make you all the stronger.

Be truthful to yourself. Probably the hardest thing we can do is be truthful. When we want to tell ourselves we aren't worthy, we aren't loved, it's hard to counter the lies with truth. But do it. For every lie you say to yourself, say a truth.

You are loved. You are worthy. You are smart. You are strong. You will get through this.

Whatever mountain, whatever obstacle, whatever path you're walking in life, this moment is a page in your book of life. And your book has so many blank pages that still need to be filled. Don't let this obstacle stop you. Embrace it. You will get through it. You will be stronger, wiser, and you will know what to do when someone else comes to you, feeling the same way.

You. Are. Loved. 

I don't usually say this because my writing isn't about this, but
please share this post with someone you know who is down.
Please, if you are hurting, let this be a reminder
that it will get better. 
You may feel like you're at the lowest of lows, but you can only go up from here.

God bless you.
With love,

Writing Tools to Get You Through Your Manuscript

We all struggle with feeling unmotivated to write. It doesn't matter how much or how little is left in the current draft. We just don't feel like writing. There are many ways to get the motivation to write back. Here are some fun tools to get you through whatever's left of your manuscript.

We all have a notebook for our writing. Maybe even a special pencil. I have both. No, I don't write my books by hand. I tried that for about a week before I realized it just wasn't happening. But beautiful notebooks are a writer's weakness. And we should put them to good use.

What are your goals for your book? Write them down in your notebook. Write a little about your characters. What do you want to see happen in this book? Write that down as well. Sometimes, writing by hand helps us establish something more than writing it with a computer does. So write your goals for your book and get started.

I have one word for you: Spotify. Its a free music app that allows you to create playlists that correspond to your book. I think we all imagine what it would be like for our books to be movies. So what songs are in that movie? It's extremely helpful to have a playlist that plays in the background as you write.

Sometimes, music distracts us. I go through phases of wanting absolute quite to needed music playing in my ear at all times of writing. Whatever phase your in with music, playing a little bit of your playlist before you write can help motivate you to accomplish whatever goal you set for yourself today. You can pay for Spotify premium, but honestly, the free version is already pretty awesome. There will be ads that play randomly, but they usually aren't bad. I have yet to stumble across an inappropriate ad.

I hear a lot of writers go on and on about Pinterest. I personally don't have one as I think it might be too distracting, but I understand what they're saying. With Pinterest, you can gather images that fit your book, maybe even pictures of how you imagine your characters, and then you can make a board for your story. Looking at pictures that make you think of your story might be something that inspires you to get back to writing.

If you're like me and don't want to get Pinterest at this point in time, no worries. There are plenty of ways to still find images that inspire you. I usually look for images of what I think my characters will look like and scenery on websites like Unsplash, Pexels, or even just Google images. Then I save them to my computer. Just remember that you can use images from Unsplash and Pexels because they're royalty free. Google images might bring up copyrighted images. If you just have them to your computer, it's no big deal.

However, if you have a Canva account, like I do, you can make collages. For example, here's a collage I have for Truth Seekers. (Title will be changed)

By doing a collage, you can add in pictures that make you think of your story. These honestly don't really do my story much justice, but you get the idea. 

If all else fails, think about why you're writing this. What was your goal all along in writing a book? The world needs your book. Don't stop writing because inspiration isn't around. Writer's are always writing, even if it isn't on their computer or notebooks. Sometimes, we just write stories in our minds. Always brainstorm and don't be afraid to push to a new project if you aren't passionate about your current one. Never give up.

What are some tools you use?
What's helped you through the rough patches
of your writing?
Let's talk in the comments.
God bless y'all.
With love,

Random Recipe// Healthy and Delicious Granola

Hello, peeps. Last Sunday, I made some awesome granola by customizing a recipe I found online. Its healthy, quick, easy, and delicious. Its also easy to customize, which means you can add or subtract whatever you'd like. I will leave a link to the original recipe and also the ingredients I used for mine.

Easy Healthy Granola|Original Recipe
(I used the first recipe. Also, since I don't know the full contents, I don't endorse this website.)

Without further ado, here's the recipe I made.

2 cups raw oats
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup dried cranberries
2 tablespoons of honey
2 tablespoons canola oil
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch of sea salt. Just a pinch. (If you get that reference, let me know.)
Dark chocolate chips.

With all the ingredients, I eyeballed it. While I measured it out, I did add more of some things when I felt it was needed.

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Combine all the ingredients in the bowl and mix with your hands. Just make sure your hands are clean first. It is sticky, but that's the fun part. Spread a thin layer on a cookie sheet and bake for ten minutes. I ended up doing a little more time, nearly fifteen minutes, but that will depend on the oven you have.

The granola can be stores in a mason jar in your fridge for up to two weeks. Between me and my mom, it wasn't going to make it past Tuesday. So, I made a new batch on Tuesday, which didn't even make it to Wednesday.

You can totally customize this. I didn't use seeds like the original recipe calls for because we didn't have them and I don't really like them. There are plenty of other dry fruit options. I actually wanted to use a mixed berry bag we found at the store, but unfortunately, it said it could have traces of almond, which I can't have. I used Ocean Spray dried cranberries, which were about the same price.

I mostly ate the granola like cereal. You can eat it dry or in milk. It almost tastes like a cookie. I'm hoping to figure out how to make it into bars instead of just plain granola.

So, totally random post, but I figured I'd share with y'all. I was pleasantly surprised, especially since the last oat recipe I tried was a disaster. Overnight oats ARE NOT what they claim to be.

What are some of your favorite snacks?
Do you like cooking up new foods?
Also, what do you think of the graphics on this post?
I'm trying new things.
Let's talk in the comments below!
God bless y'all.
With love,

Struggles of a Plantser// Type of Writer

I am a plantser. What's a plantser you might ask? Its the category of writers who like to plan but they also like to go with the flow of their story. And because they have two conflicting personalities within themselves, it often leads to a bit of struggle when writing a book.

A typical conversation with myself goes like this.

Plotter Me: We need to write an outline and some character descriptions. Then maybe write out the setting and figure out the placement of buildings.

Pantser Me: We'll start with the character and see where she goes.

Plotter Me: Well, it doesn't work that way. We decide what happens.

Pantser Me: It could be an adventure we've never had! Come on. We can just start writing and see what happens next. That's how you found the ending of the first book, right?

Plotter Me: *defensive* Yeah, but we should really plot out an outline. We came up with one for the first book to get through the recent draft and now its being read by the Alpha reader. So, really, outlines help.

It just keeps going on and on. As you can see, I often argue with myself over what I should do for a book. Sometimes, I write multiple drafts before I write an outline. Recently, I've been going through an outline phase, so that's what I'm doing. I'm outlining my book and deciding what will happen. Of course, this is only after multiple drafts.

Pantser me usually wins the battles. But lately, Plotter me has an upper hand.

The true struggle is knowing if I outlined first, I'd save myself A LOT of headache and heartache, but I still keep moving. I just wait to see what happens next and often end up surprising myself with plot twists and cliff hangers that will no doubt make my reader angry. (Yes, I do enjoy that thought.) 😁

Having the two personalities of a writer combined within me is frustrating at times, but I do have a few tips for my plantsing friends.

When I do outline, I write it in one of the many spirals and notebooks dedicated to my writing. I outline in pencil so I can go back and change details as needed. Keep an eraser handy and outline as you feel necessary. When you're also a free-spirit writer, you can't set anything in stone for your writing because you also follow the wind when it comes to writing. NOTHING IS SET.

Coming up with something on the spot is sometimes more effective than plotting everything out. When you're at a loss for what comes next and you don't know if you should plot it out, improvise. See where the story takes you. I do this most of the time and that's how I came up with the ending for Truth Seekers. (By the way, the name will be changing.) The ending for the first book is so evil and sinister that I'm pretty satisfied. Readers will throw the book out of anger before begging for the next one. 😁

You don't have to fit yourself into a box just because your writing style relates to any one type of writer. You should find a system that works for you and stick to it. You don't want to delay your progress because you try to copy the system of someone else. If you need to make a basic outline, do it. If you need make character journals, do it. Whatever you need to do to get through the rest of your manuscript, do it. Don't conform to any one type. We were all made uniquely and we have to treat ourselves as unique individuals.

Plantsers are complex writers. But we have the best of both worlds when it comes to writing type. 

Are you a plotter, pantser, or plantser?
What works best for you?
Commenting might help with your process.
No guarantees, but it might. 😁

As always, God bless y'all
With love,

You Are More Than a Writer


All these names mean something beyond what first comes to mind.

A writer does more than write. A writer bleeds the words onto a page. The words flow out of them like a waterfall.

A story teller does more than tell stories. They live them. They believe in them. They tell these stories because the words live in their hearts, begging to come out and be told.

A wordsmith does more than shape words into sentences and paragraphs. They write the words with personal meaning. They make the intangible seem almost tangible. Their words will transform you.

A poet does more than Rhyme. A poet breaths creativity in and exhales it out onto a page. They write with words in ways that fit aesthetically together.

Inside us all is a creative soul begging to be released, to be able to pour out their hearts and make the unreachable, the impossible, become reachable. You just have to find it through whatever medium makes your heart soar. Let your creative side flourish. Feed it. Let it free and don't look back.

The creative part of you will be the most unique and amazing part. Your inner creative will create things you never thought possible. It will take you places you never imagined going. Its more willing to take risks, more willing to take that leap of faith.

Don't discount your rational side. But don't starve your creative side either.

This post is shorter than most that I write.
I wrote this by hand while on hiatus over Thanksgiving break.
It was something on my heart and flowed right out onto the page.
I hope you find it encouraging and helpful wherever you are in
your creative life.

Be unique. 
Be creative.
Be you.

God bless y'all.
With love,

November to December// Monthly Wrap Ups

I'M BAAACCKKK!!!! Did y'all miss me? And...

WHAT THE HECK! How is it already near December? How is the year almost over? What happened?

Well, in case you missed anything, here are my posts from November.

October to November// Monthly Wrap Up
I Reached 10,000 Views// Your Questions Answered
My Blogging Process// How I Write Posts// Blogging Tips
Writing Advice// When You Should and Shouldn't Listen
Thankfulness// Hiatus

This month, I took a two week hiatus from posting and a near two week hiatus from the blogosphere completely. It was nice and I felt happier not constantly being on the internet. I did miss talking with y'all, though. I hope y'all had an awesome Thanksgiving.

This month I had quite an array of books I read and books I did not finish.


Image result for my double life Image result for Caraval Image result for The divine guide to creating a daily writing practice Image result for 5 secrets of story structure Image result for Writing a page turner

1. My Double Life by Janette Rallison
It was free on kindle and I thought why not? So I read it and it was pretty good. Not one of my favorites. I've been told by one of my goodreads buddies that its not the author's best work, so I may check out some of the author's other books in the near future.

2. Caraval by Stephanie Garber
This. Was. Awesome. While not completely clean, it is still a cleaner book and I loved it. Liv Fisher was the one who convinced me to read this. Also, go check out her blog, its awesome. 

3. The Divine Guide to Creating a Daily Writing Practice by Pernille Norregaard
I didn't like how this book implied that writing comes ahead of family and friends because you have to write. You just have to. Even if its a chore. No. That's not how writing should be. Yes, there will be days you don't enjoy it as much, but it should never come ahead of responsibilities. Some information was helpful, but it is probably not a craft book I would read again.

4. 5 Secrets of Story Structure by K.M Weiland
I've seen many books by K.M Weiland, but haven't read any of her books. I found this free on kindle and loved it. I mean, she mentions How To Train Your Dragon. This has become my favorite craft book and I hope to buy more from her in the near future.

5. Writing a Page Turner by Mark Dawson and Elizabeth Bailey
Technically, as I'm writing this, I'm still reading this book. However, what I've seen so far is really good and has much useful information. But, the downside is there is some swearing. That won't be apparent until chapters two or three. 


Image result for water princess fire prince Image result for Dorothy must die

1. Water Princess Fire Prince
The cover is stunning and I've talked to the author on goodreads before. She's very kind and I'm not hating on the book. It just didn't keep my attention and I couldn't relate to the Water Princess, who is the main character for a while. I will have a review on Goodreads which you can check out if you'd like.

2. Dorothy Must Die
A retelling of my favorite story, I got this from the library as a shot in the dark, knowing nothing about it but the obvious. Big Mistake. I didn't get far before the curse word laced sentences and the immorality of what had a lot of potential. Its too bad that it had to be that way. 

Writing Progress

I finished the newest draft of Truth Seekers and my Alpha reader (Aka my mom) is reading it. She says she loves it so far and I know its not just because she's my mom. She would tell me if it stunk. So, stay tuned for more about Truth Seekers.

As usual, I've come up with more WIP ideas and have them stored away to wait their turn. I need to finish Truth Seekers first if I want to reach my goal of publishing next summer.

Also, if you check out the Writing Adventures Page, you'll find a description for Trapped. I'm thinking of renaming Trapped to Broken, which is the book two title. Trapped is a novella I've been working on during down times of Truth Seekers, which will get a name change. Anyway, go check out the description if you're interested. *wink wink*

Lessons Learned

I learned that being away from the internet is very nice. I totally recommend that you do it. It can be hard to stay away from blogging, but it was also helpful to just not have to worry about posts or comments. I love writing posts and talking with y'all, but we all need breaks sometimes.

Upcoming Changes

I will be limiting my time on the internet much more than I have done before. I will only be on the blog the day of posting to reply to comments and catch up on y'all's posts. Sure, I may pop in here and there, but I need to not be on the internet so much. It has a very negative affect on me and I have to do what's right for me. I love reading every comment and ever post y'all have, but I can't keep up like I want to. So, if you tag me for something, you might have to come and let me know. 

My posting schedule is staying for now. I've contemplated going to one day, which I might have to do when I'm working, but for now you still get me for two days a week. 

Also, my color scheme. I'm going to be doing some color scheme changes again. I have an idea and I'll be working behind the scenes a bit more to get this idea in motion. The color scheme is a surprise, but you might be able to pick up on it in coming posts.

Also, in December, I do this thing to annoy my family called 25 days of Christmas puns. So, if you have any good Christmas puns, comment them down below so I have some fresh material for my family. 😁

How was your month?
Did you read any good books or get some writing done?
What's been going on with y'all?

As always, God bless y'all. 
With love,

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