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Writing Wednesday #5: Character Q&A

If y'all are new, I'm doing a series of character question and answers from characters of my book, Truth Seekers. (Title subject to change.)

   Last time, I did a Q&A of my protagonist, Reagan. If y'all haven't seen that, I recommend you go check that out. Today, I'll be answering questions about one of Reagan's best friends, Peter. But first, here's a little about Peter.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 147
Age: 17
Skills: He can shoot a gun, bow and arrow, and is skilled in self-defense
Favorite Food: Beef
Favorite Drink: Probably water
Career: Student. There's something else, but it would reveal too much
Normal Clothing Type: Jeans, t-shirt
Skin Color: slightly tanned, I guess. Caucasian.
Eye Color: gray
Hair Color: blond, but a dark blond
Favorite Animal: tigers
Favorite Quote: Doesn't have one
Ever been in love: Nope
Likes: Hard work, exploring the outdoors
Dislikes: Hypocrites
Weapon of choice: Gun, probably, if he had to, though he'd rather not have to use …
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Please Take Care of Your Pets

I love dogs. They're my favorite animal. But, considering most of y'all have probably seen my about me page, y'all know I love dogs.

   Here's what gets me mad about dog owners. I've witnessed a lot of them not caring for their dog. When their dogs get out, they barely try getting them back. They don't care if their dogs get out. They just stand by and watch. (This may seem dramatic, but I've actually seen someone let their vicious dog roam and not really try to get it.)

   I've also seen dog owners let their dogs roam around and do their business in other neighbors' yards. (We have a leash law, which makes this just as illegal as it is rude.)

   If you aren't going to care for your pet, why do you have one? Dogs are amazing. They can be more loyal than people. They're there for you.

   I'm not an animal rights activist. I don't think that animals have more value or even equal value to people, but I love my dog. When he got out on…

Motivation Monday: Jesus is Enough

I want to expand on my post last week about faith and the church. Obviously, the church is a great way to learn more about Jesus. But there's also something else. You might have heard of it. It's called the Bible. There's also this other thing called praying that might help you out.

   I know, I'm being a little blunt about this. Let me explain something I strongly believe about faith and Jesus. You don't need the church to go to Heaven. You don't need the church to have faith. The church is supposed to be where you go to celebrate your faith. It's where you're able to go to share your faith and dive deeper into the Bible.

   I've seen so many Christians look at the church as the only way. They focus so much on the church that they're eyes aren't on the Creator of everything. Isn't God supposed to be the point of church?

   In Ephesians 5, the Bible talks about Jesus loving the church as a husband loves a wife. I know, weird reference…

I Shouldn't Have to Say This

So, here we are again. I mentioned before that there were horrible actions of a certain celebrity who decided to act like she had killed President Trump, not to mention the plays that go on acting out an assassination against our president.

   But now we have some actor who doesn't even live in America talking about how it might be time for an actor to assassinate President Trump. This is illegal and it shouldn't be happening. I don't care who the president is, this is not okay.

   Johnny Depp has recently come out and said this:

   "When was the last time an actor killed a president? I want to clarify, I'm not an actor. I lie for a living. But maybe it's time."

   Those last four words weren't put in every article about the actor's supposed joke. They try to act like this okay. It's not okay. Why do I have to say this? I shouldn't have to say this.

   This isn't the last time something like this will happen. It needs to stop. We ne…