The Character Karaoke Tag

I took this tag from Catherine because she said it was free to take. So I did. 😊 Technically you are supposed to thank the person who tagged you, so thank you Catherine for having free range tags.

Here's how this tag works:
1. Thank the person who tagged you. (Thanks, Catherine.)
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1. It's your OTP's wedding day. What's the song that plays during their first dance?

This one was kind of hard because technically, my two MC's (Reagan and Peter) aren't together. They're just friends. And I know you're doing that little smirk at the screen saying, doing this.

Image result for kronk gif right

But I'm serious. They're best friends. End of story. So, you may ask why I chose them as the OTP. That's because I really didn't want to pick any of the other characters because of reasons. I mean, there are a few other couples in the book, but no spoilers. So, Peter and Reagan it is. (I also ship them, so there's that.)

If I had to pick a song for them, I would choose Hollyn~ All My Love

2. What song describes your protagonist?

I'm going to change this to what song describes your WIP because I don't think there's a song that describes my protagonist. I have this one character who's a side character and I can't remember the song I had selected for him, but I heard it and I was like, "Yeah, that describes him." But he's not my MC, nor will he ever be. So, song that describes my WIP. Silence You ~ Hayley Orrantia

3. Any instrument players or characters with ties to instruments? 

Nope. No one can do instruments, though my one character, Spencer, probably would play guitar. He's like one of those silent, brooding types with a backstory that even I don't have all the details of yet. He's pretty quiet.

4. Go-to songs for battle, romance, or intense scenes?

Well, if you really wanted to know, I have a whole folder for songs for my books. Since you asked, I'll go ahead and give you a look.

Matthew Parker~ I won't look back

Zayde Wolf ~ Walk through the fire

Fleurie ~ Hurts like Hell

Plumb ~ God help me

Beckah Shae ~ Wolves

Colton Dixon ~ Never Gone

Colton Dixon ~ Limitless

Just to name a few. This isn't even half the folder, peeps. (I'm obsessed.)

5. What song matches the first scene of your book?

No song, really. I mean, if it were a movie, you'd see the town first, and I would think a quick country song would probably describe it, despite my lack of interest in country music. (I know, a Texas girl who isn't all that into country music. Don't throw tomatoes at me yet.) I think, with the tone of the beginning of the book, an upbeat country song would be good. Something about a small town.

6. If your book was made into a T.V show, what would the intro be?

I have no idea. I mean, something catchy, slightly dark, and meaningful lyrics. This is hard.

7. If you received a call from an agent saying you're being published, what is your celebratory song?

Hmm, let me think. I don't know why, but Invincible by Skillet came to mind. That doesn't even make sense. Being who I am, I would probably jump and down like a crazy person with or without music. It wouldn't matter.

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The Character Karaoke Tag

I took this tag from Catherine because she said it was free to take. So I did. 😊 Technically you are supposed to thank the person who t...